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Distraction News. Baking Bread

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Video Transcription

howdy folks it’s me againdistraction news your Action Newsreporter Connie reporting from thestudio but going to the field I knowwhat you’re thinking you’re probablythinking 1 what happened to her glassesI can’t find them I’m Velma from ScoobyDoo and you’re probably thinking wowshe’s sporting a new hairstyle no wedidn’t get makeup nor did we get hairwe actually just didn’t get anything weput a rubber band in our hair and we’regoing with it so on to the news of theday reportedly we’ve been hearing fromnews correspondents and sources thatbaking bread is by the way mm-hmmbaking bread is the new thing to do sowe’re going to go ahead and head to thekitchen and see what we can muster up asfar as breaking baking not breakingbread that’s a whole Jesus thing we’regonna bake bread which I think Jesus didtoo but I’m not here to be biblical orreligious so what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna okay what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonnacheck out what we have here as far asbaking bread goes I think we might havesomething in the refrigerator it’s aknock knock by the way super fancy seeit lights up okay anyway there’s a dogbecause now they think there’s somethingat the door so what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna go and this is how we bebaked bread here so turns out there’s anold saying called it’s the best thingsince sliced bread they sent it for areason people make this for uspeople we don’t have to bake it we canjust go to the store and grab it sothat’s what we’re gonna do from now onbecause who the hell has that kind oftime distraction news

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