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Let’s cook- Star Wars banana bread

Hey there Hi there,
In a galaxy far far away there was a hipster gremlin that found a way to make awesome banana bread thru the art of baking and making cringy jokes… Nah just kidding but the bread did turn out awesome :). If you wanna hangout stay tuned and do some none social social interacting with me while you’re here why not become a member of that gremlin life subscribe and spread positivity and good vibes to your fellow human being ❤️❤️. I can’t take full credit for this recipe here is the link

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey there hi there hello there guys howare we doing today hope you’re doinggood hope we’re doing great and you’rein the headspace that you want to be inall while maintaining that precioussense of hydration because that’simportant as well if you haven’t guessedby the title today we are making bananabread not only banana bread but starwars banana bread how is it star warsyou ask well I am rocking an awesomeStar Wars tank top wearing braids andusing an empire spatula because nerdomis a thing and I just watched finally solate I watched a rise of Skywalker onDisney Plus because I had to it’s arequirement so let’s get down to bakingif you need to peep the ingredients thatI’m using here you go here you go mylovelies so how are we doing are wedoing okay are you in the headspace thatyou want to be comment down below whatis your favorite dessert also what isyour favorite Star Wars movie if you’renot into Star Wars I’m sorry what’s yourfavorite sagaultimate movie saga if you’re not in thestores if you are into Star Wars firstquestion still applies while you’re downin the comments why not hit thatsubscribe button and maybe that Bell soyou can get notified to hovering onsocial social interactions together seewhat I did thereso you can see what I did getting prettysmooth with those don’t you think assmooth as whisking the sugar and eggs inahcoz cheesiness to it Max and so cringy Iam not apologizing because cringe eNOSis awesome and it made you smile anywaysalrighty now that we got the wet stuffall mixed up we’re smashing bananas likeDonkey Kong hun barrels or just takingout her anger and making it look likebaby food alrighty now that her bananasare a smash at this time for one of myfavorite things which is sifting flourwhy you may askwell it’s because I like to think thatI’m like Willy Wonka making it light andfluffy and if you don’t get thereference please check out Tim Burton’sversion of a Charlie in the ChocolateFactory now after that check out GeneWilder’s version because it is superiorand Gene Wilder is a movie god rest inpeacealready now that we have all of the dryand wet stuff mixed in as well as ourbananas let’s get to itwell let’s mix mix it up also rememberthe butter I almost didn’t and it almostturn into that disaster but it’s inthere all the same and we made it workall righty so now that we are mixing allof the ingredients even the butter we’reabout to get fancy here and we’re addingsome nuts this is totally an optionalstep I understand allergies and Iunderstand people don’t like the textureof them but I do and I think it makesthe bread just that much better see heresee I’m using the forest date-date didyou see it no no hands no hands theforce all righty now that our mixture isall embodied together we are preppingour pan please grease your pan you’llthank me laterall righty now that our pan is all oiledup and prepped we are taking our lovelymake sure that we spend so much time onand putting it in the pan because that’sthat’s what you have to do right[Music]all righty after you get everything inthe pan and make sure you are in theclean bowl Club wash your hands becauseit is a messy ride and if you spilledsome on the counterwhy not taste test it you don’t have tothere’s well eggs in it so so just besafe guys all righty if it looks likethis you did awesomeif it doesn’t you still did awesome andyou’re still trying new things becauseyou are awesome all righty now the ovenis preheated to 350 and cook that babyfor almost an hour after an hour you geta thick loaf of yumminess goes down fora little bit the best part is you get totest it and try it and savor yourcreation and take all of the big bitesalrighty guys I hope you had fun I hadfun also don’t forget to subscribecomment and become a member that gremlinlike

3 Replies to “Let’s cook- Star Wars banana bread

  1. The labrynth is my all time favorite movie, I don’t watch Star wars unfortunately, but loved the enthusiasm i n this video. Thanks for sharing the recipe I’ve also been looking for a good one.

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  4. Wow, I’ll definitely try this recipe, I’ve been looking for a quick and easy banana bread!! Thanks,as for favorite show,movie,too many to pick! Sorry! Love your videos, you bring a smile to my face keep them coming

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