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Let’s Bake Some Bread! Aggressive Sylvanas Teamfight & Yeast – Heroes of the Storm w Kiyeberries

We did NOT buy yeast on ebay ok omg! I do not want second hand yeast! But what I DO want is to own face with aggressive Sylvanas plays 🙂 rawr xd

Playing all alone with just me and my desire to bake bread.

Recorded April 24th, NA SL


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Video Transcription

why not this I do not do viewer games noguy legit first pick trigger oh my godme guard she likes she likes what shedoes she art she designed don’tcontaminate my good yeast with yourdisgusting ebay he’s like actually grosssomebody else had a Lili game to meaired redeemed rubber bands you knowwhat I don’t think you should be allowedto redeem things after the stunt youjust pulled I’m like I find this idealher idea like off-putting and gross andI’m not comfortable with it and yardslike I’m gonna do it anyway this doesnot fall under safe sane consensual buthe’s like yeast related yeah we gottaget Ally Lee Gaiman for Simon as well wecan compromise something you can’tcompromise on eBay East yeah either buyit or you don’tit’s one of those things me yard cankeep it for himself me or doesn’t knowhow to bake bread here doesn’t know howto bake bread what’s he gonna do yourpop apologized to meet yard about theeBay he’s oh you Oh bitch Igot got I got got alright here we golet’s think about it for a minutemeat yard I am sorry for giving you ahard time about purchasing a food itemon eBay clearly you were just trying tohelp provide for our home and our familyand I’m sure you put a lot of thoughtinto what you did and you were justtrying your best to do a nice thingand we should appreciate the effort youput forthI miss yours I miss when I miss I don’tsee another redemption past RedemptionI see rubber bandsoh I see complement eBay yeast Oh Godokay uh yeast on eBay is reallyaffordable and might have fast shippingtimes I don’t actually know because hedidn’t show me but really great forbeing in stock those are somecompliments compliment me yard for doingthe best thing I have to gooh oh wow guys the streams the streamscutting out I can’t I can’tOh what just happened oh my god backback everybody it’s not the one thatgets here in two weeksi nabel’s kak w last night unable tokick w Poggi and pepe hands yeah LouiseI didn’t have them on for some reasoncomplimenthi Barry is for being a complimentmyself for being a loving and supportivepartner just out here trying to bakebread for my family provide food andsustenance and just wanting safenon-contaminated non disgustingingredients for with which to cook it’sjust that’s all that I want you knowjust really just nice wholesomeingredients to cook it for my fam meanmeat yard dogs don’t eat bread all rightwhat tell them I’m gonna take a whole upI don’t think this is a stacking gameI’m gonna take this oneI think this abathur pick is weird butwe’ll do our bestno chain no timeeBay ease y’all growsno hell Babbitt their help our boy wabathir here hey and then I’m gonna rotateback up maybe I’ll try to do this camphabit they should have the Layden for aside great I can do this right 100 bitsthere’s no insult redemption no becausewe were trying to be wholesome when wemade those I was like what kind ofwholesome wholesome Redemption can wecan we set up here where the where’s myteam of the pinging if we don’t killthis stupid lizard okaywe kill the lizard I feel better who canbear to hold up this bitch’s well youget out of here steal my camp wait wegot the camp as well oh my god thanksguys nice job I take everything backthat I was thinking at that time we gotthe camp we got like three kills thatwas really good we good that was greatthat was a really good thing that we didthat’s what get me out of here you takeback the eBay East to stay no that’sgross like please insult eBay ‘yes Ifeel like I have thoroughly butseriously I would not buy a perishablefood products on eBay I don’t know ifthat makes me is snooty but like I’mwith TJ that that’s just not done likeit’s just not done I wouldn’t buy likemeat on eBay either let people likethings I said I wouldn’t do that I feellike there’s some health ramificationshere I don’t know though it’s just notwhat I wantyou’re done for not it’s just maybe moreso that I wouldn’t trust sellers on eBayto get food from them you know what Imeancuz it’s kind of like it could beanybody on eBaywho knows what you’re gettingand I’m not like big-time trustingokay I got the bear get this Pookieskeleton to think that I won’t I willwho is next our hos all right I’m gonnaget this really quick I’ll be rightthereI think Jeff and every is one of thoselike power bottoms who like talks backto Daddy so he gets punished I feel likethat’s what we’re experiencing here ifthat’s your kink though like I got youif that’s what we’re doing then sureI’m gonna be over here oh oh no thebuilding the building the building thebuilding I upset the building whoa okayI’m sorry are Tannis but we did get thefort so I’m gonna call it worth I’msorry that you’re dead I have to go homeokay how do you feel like I’m poppingoff this game the lake I don’t I don’tknow I’m not really a damaged person Icould use some assistance with thiscamper Reno thank you harming mydelicate undead buddy I need to get backout into the lane to use my awesomepossession stacks I got to possess somestuff you should play this game angryabout yeastoh man that’s this stream white girlyells about yeast yes white girl yellsabout baking bread like this is a wholegenre here you know okay I’m beingharmed by a bearwaha I was the big silence though theDark Lord does what what was that LordVoldemort what are you doingthe Dark Lord does what consumes whatconsumes these hands get out of heredoing stuff okay pick up moves right nowit was a nice silence I feel personallyI don’t know minging and Kel’Thuzad werelike in there like swimwear and I waslike nah I was like nah wait there’s athere’s a lizard over here what are youdoing doing hereoh there’s a whole team over here wemight have to run away from thisthis was spook yeah this is not the besttime to go time to not be naked leavingwith us though like we’re not coming outof that one on top but I’m kind of woundto that’s a glacial spike I don’t wantany part of that let me go home myplaces to be remorselessnessoh we are up 13 but we’re down ourhealer and our tank so like it’s kind ofspookyI want those those are mine I see you uptherespooky lizard iodized I’m not so much iton the boss call but I am in on the discamp you know I’m saying like this campfeels like something that we could dowith our time okay okay okay hmm whatare we doing I just hit 13 so we mightnot want to fight we don’t have anyadvantage to speak ofI mean okay I guess sure take your stuffman other people stuff is the best kindof stuff unless dese that you’re buyingon ebay then it’s weird fineyeah I wasn’t really ready for the bloodloss but it actually works really wellwith remorselessness I think I don’tknow mockery said it one so I’m justkind of repeating it to sound smartmy my my D is being right now Oh Nothank yousir get me out of here I don’t like thisI’m leavingah you’re dead you’re not alive anymoreI will mourn you I will remember you asyou once we’re but like I just see I seesome people coming I would rather not bealone fades just team up zag no there’sthere’s like a blur is it as web as I onour team doing stuff Life Drain allright um all right there at boss I’mjust gonna do this no no nopethat’s gone that’s that’s gone that’snot even a consideration anymore I couldhave used my healer I guesslike there was no possible way to dothat down our tennis so we should havejust channeled top and gotten like acamp but now I don’t know kind of didnothing productive with our time butthat’s fine yeah I don’t know why theythought going in there down art was anidea it’s not an idea it’s notMacLaren’s boss though save that moneywhat the what the Raigarh antium oh mygod that was like just that just the tipof the whaling arrow just gentlycaressed the feet area he doesn’t havefeet but the feet area Kel kel’thuzadand got that Kel like it was max range Ilet that thing go I didn’t even I didn’tpop it I let it go all the way just sentit out there into the universe positivevibes and also this whaling arrow justout get it okay pick some stuff hereall right where are we to work togetheragain like a family there’s all four ofus this feels really nice this is just areally nice thing to have all right wejust clear this out this is gonenownow outta there has a whole wave toclear with great all that first bag Idon’t know what we’re doing right here Idon’t know what this plan is aboutcourse of action all right well what doyou what do you different murderI don’t haymaker all rightbores are out too I kind of want to justclear this is that it is that cool I’mgonna just be up here and readyI’m waiting strike I don’t think they’recoming thoughno they’re just doing mids so this isone of those situations we’re really farahead on buildings so for them tradingis loss and for us trading is wind sowe’re cool to just hang out here andtrade and get level 20 this is anabsolute win right they’re not gonna geta keep and we’re gonna get at least onemaybe two cubes that’s sickif abathur has mule to like a super goodtrade don’t know if he does though itdoes not but it’s still bill good tradepress kind of you want to see getthat blizzard there we gohey coolnow where’s funny here and we justkilled two people Wowturning off this building we can keepgoing if you guys want okay never mindblack arrow is about to be over okay notI’m not even acknowledging you me andI’m not if I’m looking no I feel like wecould have been a little more aggressivethere I had D up I think we could’vegone for that last key but you know whatit’s okay sometimes you’re aggressiveand sometimes you take it slow it’s finethey were down to people and level 20and I could turn the key buff but it’sfine so sometimes be gentle we’ll get aMerdan I’m right behind youoh wowbright wings that was that was a goodsave by right wing I hate it I had thatman dead and then bright wing just suckI’m gonna get this really quickI like vision oh never mind okay why arethey are bores anyway because legit inthe lore his first pet or his other Patis Huffer who is a bore I know we’re allabout that Misha and here’s the stormbut Hoffer is like the like the og Rexour pet is is hoppermmm okay all right so we’ve killedalmost their whole team I’m gonna getthese cattle in yeah I’ve got somecattle oohafter the polls not cataclysms catapultsbehind me what is happening all of asudden excuse mesorry I just had to kill Kel’Thuzadreally quick he deserved it hey I got itI had to kill Cal tha’s not really quickbecause he deserved it and then I killedthe core but first first oh oh oh fivekills Oh fine fine don’t bite you soneBay I’d like to vote for myself but Ican’t but I don’t think anybody elsegets my vote so I’m just leavingyeah miss I helped you feel like Idid pretty okay yeah I think I did allright did I do okaywhat do you guys think about mydamage-dealing ability in that game I’mgonna put this on YouTube us still Vanison sky temple aggressive yeast now I’mnot gonna say that I don’t have a lot ofapproval to say about the yeast but so Iwas top damage on my team not in thegame this bitch right here got me in thegame but no deaths versus eight deathstake that yo eleven kills 14 assists Imean I feel like the numbers say that Idid an okay job right I get it okay

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