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Jalapeño Popper Monkey Bread – The Cooking Show

This was filmed the second week of March, 2020.

Farideh makes this cheesy and slightly spicy pull-apart bread in her home kitchen. Cheddar cheese, jalapeños, and bacon are the stars of this savory monkey-bread show. The dough comes together with just a few pantry ingredients and the fillings bring the flavors of your favorite bar appetizer to your home.

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Video Transcription

Sicily Sicily to start us welcome backto the cooking show at my apartment andI’m gonna show you guys how to makemonkey bread a how a paimio poppermonkey bread I love helping your poppersand we’re stuck at home and there’snothing better than cheddar jalapeno andbacon so we’re kind of combining thosethings monkey bread you know it’s a pullapart bread we’re making our own doughit’s really simple I’m adding into itcubes of cheddar and then I’m also gonnalayer into it like shredded gratedcheddar I would usually use like anorange cheddar but do the krona all Icould get was the white cheddar I didnot grow up eating monkey bread thefirst time I made it or even had it waswhen I was working at summer magazineand they were like can you develop arecipe for monkey but not suggest yourno problemand I literally have to go homeimmediately and Google what themonkey bread was saying no idea theorigin of the term monkey bread comesfrom the pastry being a finger food thisis awesome Wikipedia by the way just tobe clear so it’s basically I’mcrowdsourcing the consumer would pickapart the bread as a monkey would itseems so obviouswe got snack and cheese I’m eating somuch cheese today mmm mmmcheese if you notice yeah I am wearingsequins I hadn’t really washed my hairor put on makeup all week so I went onout for you guys had to wear my sequinsput my hair back a little bit did myselflook pretty but I’m still wearing adidasslides we’re cutting the bacon justslicing about a pound of bacon I’m gonnacook this and render out the fat this istechnically like a learn on this cuttinginto these shapes so we’re gonna cut upsome jalapeno I’m using two this is alsoI just wanna make sure you’re washingyour hands very well because anotherreason why not to touch your face cuzyou take the seeds out of one of them Idon’t want the too spicy but I do youwant a little bit of heat if you wantall that heat you can feel free to addin all of it okay I’m going to heat mymilk up it’s one cup of milk withbasically just two tablespoons of butterand you want to heat up your milk toabout 115 degrees as soon as my buttermelts that’s when I know it’s at theright temperature you’re gonna add in1/3 cup of water with this too and oncethis is all the butters melted it’sgonna be ready to go but while I’m overhere let’s cook our baconall right so pound of bacon right on inthe wok but you’re gonna let this cookand render out all the fat andeverything great this is basically doneinto our sand mixer we are putting twopackets of active dry yeast okay so twopackets right on him I’m adding twotablespoons of sugar and then our butterwater milk mixture and you’re just gonnadissolve look it’s already starting tobloom Sicily I’m just gonna grate somecheese second cheese god there’ssomething so beautiful about bacon justfrying[Music]strain this and I’ll save all that baconfat look at that’s a shitload of bakingtime should I show you all the bacon fatI already have yeahbacon fat right next to my hermit crabdude yeah she’s here I have a hermitcrab her name’s Larsen I’m gonna showyou guys what this is her food oh it’snot so gross but look it’s like a littletiny shrimp behind you we’re gonna addour flour I think our shits ready to gosee how it’s all bloomed it’s actuallylike over bloom now practically I’ve gota little bit of salt into this shot twoteaspoons worth here four cups of flourall-purpose if you please mix it for alittle bit and then I’ll add in theother ingredients the black is not whatto wear when you’re making flour stuffin my cheese that it’s in a CAF waymixed I’m gonna add in my cheese myjalapeno and this is cooled down enoughthat you can add it in[Music]what you say what Sicily Cecily[Music]just gonna need about hand just to kindof get it incorporated all these littlechunks and then we’re gonna let it restand rise for about 45 minutes an hourdepending on how hot your apartment isfor your house or wherever you’re livingjust a little bit last night most of thethings are incorporated into it gonnacover it with like a a towel and let itrise I’m gonna put it right over here bythe oven because it’s really warm overhere now we’re gonna beer ourselves takea little break come back roll some ballsour dough has risen enough it looksreally goodsee how much fluffier it is in therewe’re gonna grease our uh our bundt panso this bacon fat we have next right toget on your cute outfit this we’re gonnadump out oh look at that that looksbeautifuldrop your old sleeves a little bit andthen we are going to Pat this into justlike a little square and I’m trying notto like I’m just patting it like I wouldlike patty cake patty cake patty cakehey there’s monkey bread stretch so nowwe’re just going to cut it into nicelittle balls throwing them into here soone layers done I’m gonna put somecheese on so the idea to put the cheesein between here is that it’s gonna belike kind of a little bit gooey allright last bit of cheese on topgo into your oven 350 degrees for about35 minutes and I’ll be good to go it’scold I’m gonna invert it Robin was aweird way to say itokay I’m gonna invert it onto a coolingrack[Music]Novus bacony it’s spicy its cheesy thisis a kind of thing when you live aloneduring quarantine that you want to eatand make because it kind of keeps youcompany keeps you keep your warm insideI’ll shake it lower Sam Twitter shewouldn’t see even to the recipe forhelping you popper a monkey bread clickthe link below[Music]Cicely Cicely Laura Sam[Music]

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  3. There is a magnetism about her that is kind of intoxicating and the food always looks dope. Keep some more Farideh cominf

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  5. I heard that “Monkey Bread” was a way for bakers to use the bits leftover from the day. They would put the loaf on the counter for free samples.

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