yt 116821 Jake and Amir make bread part 1 - Jake and Amir make bread part 1
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Jake and Amir make bread part 1

Parts 2 through 4 coming never

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Video Transcription

okay we’re back we’re backall right now I need a mirror to join Coit is here I know that Cohen’s in I knowthat Claire’s hereokay Mars is herewhat’s up Mars I just need Blumenfeldthis is truly insane hey MarsAmir can you uh Marikaslack of urine tell him to join again Ohpeople are requesting to go live with methat’s niceI appreciate that if only Amir was oneof them that’s all I need there is I’mwaiting for a mirror yeah when he getshere let’s award him the dirty goodstuff but ten minutes late what did youhave to do today nothing I was trying torequest you didn’t accept me you werewatchingI was watching request that’s I I don’tknow what was happening it wouldn’t letme find you I was looking at my requestnothing was in there love it yeah but Iain’t blamin a half of all-purpose flourhold on slow down the first thing I needis all-purpose flouroh you haven’t gotten anywhere yeah wellI preheated the oven and I got aloaf pan let’s talk tell the kids whatwe’re baking uh banana bread for the endof days okaythis is bread flour sorry that’s notwhat I want rightyou look like all-purpose includes breadflour Jill does it oh this oneall-purpose flour how much do I needthere shouldn’t be any other flourbesides all-purpose like that is everyflourwhat does everything the other ones thatrecipe we focus should also beone and a half cups no problem okay dudepeople are tuning in really this isinsanestep one one and a half cups ofall-purpose flouryou guys were me I gotta gather breadbut no I didn’t meet you here from therewe’re making all-purpose or we’re makingbanana breadI have no recipe Amir’s giving me therecipe yeahone and a half cups of all-purpose flourthen one and a quarter teaspoon ofbaking soda what do you think that hedoes it I don’t baking sodayeah what do you think that’s madechills not that I’m using a liquidmeasurer everyone at home if you have anon liquid measurer that’s what youshould use what’s the differenceI’m gonna need a little bit more colorhang on use some like one perfect flourinstead of all-purpose I’m sure that’sright take some questionsthis guy glory thee baking soda is aslight mixture of carbon induced floursalt and sprite seems false okaygot some more flour it’s a veryinconvenient amount of flour that I havebaking spun yes yeah how many of theseguys do you have a lot oh I got I gotfive bananas that’s what just so we needit okay an eight Brown they’redefinitely very right not I wouldn’t saybrown brown that’s closebaking is more of an art than a sciencethey say a lot of it’s just like I’m allin yeah you’re you’re drooling you’redrilling it to the ball yeah you’vetested positive that’s a lot of thisit’s not watering ly good this flowerpowder everywhere yeah this is all rightthis is okay so what do I do with this Ipoured it what’s that um you know what Iwas just reading the what you need letme see what you should actually do withit okay number one is to lightly coatthe loaf pan with nonstick spray andlined with parchment paper leaving agenerous overhang on both sides okay dowe have snow spray Jill says this shejust uses butter I know about thatokay you told me we have all theexperience videos okay it’s weird thatyou need nonstick sprayand doesn’t the parchment paper sort ofcount as the nonstick spray you thinkbut let’s just be extra safe okay holdon for a little bit of butter in the panyeah I said butter won’t work and thenevery single comment was like clutterwill work use butter you should just usebutter butter sign yep every commenteris my wife oh no you should keep thepaper and I think that’s parchment fakepaper you’re peeling off that’sbasically parchment paperI have parchment paper okay so I’m justgonna butter this up that’s coolyou gotta butter the pan and then okayso I put it the pan lightly mm-hmmparchment paper try to so I can see myface there you goleave a generous overhang on the longsidesome people are calling for Gil to winthe golden mic gel does deserve theirgoal tonight does this look like enoughoverhang I think it’s just on the longsides really yeah you want to just beable to sort of like lift the tubealthough it’s a long sides the sidesthat are long that you want overhangyeah it seems like you just overhang allfour sides a lot of people are saying alot of people are saying you overhungtoo much the recipe says I mean that’s agenerous overhang but it’s too generousway too generous let’s see that overhangJim thoughts on that okay I haven’t seenit in the pan yetthis is oh interesting Jill with thegoat overhang right somebody Wow look atthat overhang that’s really generous ofyou too lucky I got aall right we’re ready for a flower theflower just goes directly into the pan no okay what does it do youput the flour the baking soda and saltin a medium bowl medium ball imagine abowl so medium is this a medium bowl isthis a large bowl I’ll do my head forreference I feel like that’s mediumenough if it’s too large that won’tmatter I don’t think unless I need alarge bowl later on yeah but then youcan just clean out this bowl okaywait do you have an electric mixer yeah- get that out your Oh Justin I canuse a whisk but maybe it Shana is itharder okayI’m gonna use that one my whisk it I’mgetting our mixer

18 Replies to “Jake and Amir make bread part 1

  1. Thank you! Thank you for not mentioning the ‘c’ word and thank you for your common sense and help. I say ‘Jack for PM’. – perhaps not, who would help us then! Seriously Jack I love your videos

  2. Awww this feels so good. So glad I learned from you last Dec, it made me feel in control more. My hubby and I are both immune-compromised, myself extremely, so we could never dream to make it in a grocery store right now. At least there is no worry whatsoever about bread 😀 So glad this will bring more people to the world of bread baking.

  3. Thank you for your videos Jack. Using them, I’ve started baking daily loaves for my small apartment building to help out where I can, and theyve gone over amazingly. I cant afford extras at the moment, (been out of work even before the virus hit us in the US) so I have no real tools (no bannetons, scrapers, dutch ovens, etc, but I’m doing what I can! Thanks again, and I hope you and your family are safe!

  4. Thanks, again Jack, bread flour is available here in my part of Spain, so I can keep on baking. Just as well this is day 13 of the lockdown. Keep safe.

  5. For years, I’ve been making bread that’s half white flour and half lots of different grains and seeds. That was about half the time. Now, all my bread is that way to stretch my white flour and have gluten. You can grind up the grains and seeds or leave them whole. I used to grind everything fine so my picky child wouldn’t know the difference. Just a tip to hopefully help others during this time.

  6. Jack, this is a cool idea! I’ve been watching videos of yours for the past year, you have some of the best specific tips of any resource out there, I always recommend your channel to other bread baking friends. Thanks for all you do, keep it up, be well!

  7. Your sourdough video on making it from start to finish allowed me to make my first successful loaf and understand where I was going wrong.Huge thank you from Wales hope your family remain safe and well.Regards from Sue a silver surfer!

  8. Oh god I’m so glad you’re not going away! I don’t think I could take it. Thanks for all you do to help us become better breadies!

  9. Amazing timing!! Just took my sourdough out of the fridge and things aren’t looking hot, I’ll email you later today

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