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INSTANT POT – Make Banana Bread and use your INSTANT POT AIR FRYER LID to add some crunch.

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This video will lead you through how to make a boxed banana bread in your instant pot. It will also use the Instant Pot Air Fryer lid to finish it off and then compare them.

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Video Transcription

welcome to another episode of chuck itin the pot today we’re going to makesome quick fun Anna bread and we’reactually sad the bananas that we havesitting on our counter just for thisthis right here they’re white and fuzzyand we’re not just gonna use them chuckit in the pot banana bread style comingto you today we’re actually gonna useour instapoll we still like you it’sokay so we’re gonna follow thedirections so we’re gonna use 1 cup ofwater 1/3 cup of oil in 2 eggsso it says spray this which we’re gonnado that combine the water oil and eggsin a bowl I don’t know about you folksbanana bread is like one of our favoritethings on our birthday this is like upthere for the one of the number onethings too too big so if you want to getme a cool birthday gift make me somebanana bread folks just pour that injust like thatNelly so of course of course folks ofcourse what’s happening right here rightthere there he is Teddy Teddy spaghettiright here so we are going to take 1 cupof waterand we’re gonna take 1/3 cup 1/3 cupcooks let’s see 1/3 cup goes right theredump some of that in there and I’m justa little bit longer there we go there’s1/3 cup of oil and we’re so plumbed thatwe don’t have our bananas oh that waskinda like something we’re lookingforward to or one oh there goes theother and don’t worry just like someonecommented we’re tucking our eggs out nowwe’re not leaving them in here so now itsays combine and mix for about 50 to 75strokesall’s I know is but the smells amazingso far this just smells amazing holdthis all in to each otherokay folks so that looks like we’repretty much good there so what we’regonna do next is we’re gonna take ourfun pan we have not uses we’re soexcited the bundt pan came in this setright here okay so now we’re gonna takesome spray I don’t know how to primingsome more of this I’m gonna spray theheck out of this why are we doing thiswe’re doing this because we don’t wantit to stick whatsoever so that’s prettymuch gonna be good there okay we got ourawesome spatula we are so excited nowfolks you have no ideaget everything out this wooden spoon weprobably use a spatula to begin with butI don’t know sometimes you just don’t atleast for us sometimes you don’t thinkahead of time and so it just causes alittle chaos here in there okay andwe’re hoping that I’m just gonna be ableto dump this straight in here this islooking good and because we want to getall the goodness we’re just gonna keepkeep on doing this and we’re gonna takeour tin foil sheets here we pull out oneof them and we’re gonna cover it andwe’re gonna hope that it works as itshould cause we’re not so sure aboutthe center here so we’re just gonna pokea little hole in there because we don’twant it to like come up from the outsidein it’s very a little hole inthere see thatokey-dokey so the first thing we’regonna do is we’re gonna put in one cupof water this is your standard measuringcup and look at this folkswell how awesome is that they storereally quick really easy next what we’regonna do is we are going to put in atrivet and we are lucky enough to haveto have this trivet no we’re gonna justput this right down in there probably bea better bet is to put it on the trivetthen lower it in but we made it work sowe’re gonna cover this up like that sonow what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnahit the pressure-cook button and we aregoing to jump it up until twenty minutesand we are gonna cross our fingers thatthat’s enough time to make all thishappen then after that we’re gonna do aquick release and we’re gonna cross ourfingers so it just turned on it’sheating up its pressurizing right nowand then the counter that the timer willstart once it’s ready and now after thatthat’s it folks Oh see you back soonokay folks and since we love bananabread we don’t want to waste and evenadd bread so we just put it in some potfor 20 minutes okay now we’re gonna blowoff steamand you’ll click really and that’s whatthat meanswell quickly she’s a key speaking uphere you do not want to put your handsin that scene because steam is very hotbut as you can see it goes down reallyquick did you see that it went downright there so that means it’s safe toopen up so we’re gonna spin it makes thenoise oh that’s so steam folks so we’reactually gonna move our pot just alittle bit back for you guys so we canpull this up here and the great thingabout this is is you see with this typeof trivet we’re just gonna let it drip alittle bit and then put it down undercounter and we’re gonna take this offwhoo that’s hot so we don’t know if weshould let this sit for a few minutesmaybe we’ll let it sit for 45 moreseconds right because what’s happeningin here right now is it’s still cookinginside here because that’s covered thisteam’s not all the way coming out so wethe side of the pot is definitely hotand we are going to pray pray that thisis is done because there’s nothing worsethan getting your hopes up for somethingand then you try and make it and eitherdoesn’t taste right or it doesn’t turnout right especially if you’re bakingsomething it like falls flat or it getsstuck on the pan so then it’s just a bighot mess all over the place well folkshere’s your chance so you can pleaselike and subscribe and don’t forget toclick the little bell to get notifiedevery time a new video shows up now backto the scheduled programand we’re gonna use tongs because justin case there’s like steam that’s builtup down here we don’t want to burnourselves because steam is still reallyhot it needs more time look at folks itneeds more timeit’s no fun no fun okay so 20 minuteswasn’t lying enough what the heck doesthe box say oh darn it okay so I guesswe read the Box wrong our bed and we’regonna put that back down in there I’mgonna put the lid back on set it ceilinggonna hit it for pressure so we’re gonnado it for 20 minutes 20 minutes wellfolks we have two minutes here to go weare hoping that our 40 minutes in herewhich if we looked at the box we I don’tknow what the heck we were thinking wewere looking down here and we saw 20minutes and we’re like what we didn’teven take an account this part righthere so so we’re doing 40 minutes whichis basically in between here and here ifit needs a little bit more time we’regonna you know have to go another 10minutes but we’re hoping not we’re gonnapray okay ready three twoand there we go folksjust drop just drop right there pleaseplease please – the banana gods right -now can you please please please makethis happen let’s tip this a little tothe side to get all the condensation offthe top or as much as we can folks andthe cranes gonna put it down Oh babymaybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybemaybe maybe maybe maybe maybe we have alittle spatula yeah so what we’re gonnado is we’re gonna take our our one ofour little mitts here put it on so wecan hold this and we’re gonna hopefullysee oh my gosh I’m thinking this isgonna work I’m thinking this is gonnawork oh my goshI just don’t know about this part now Ican really smell it folks that you putit on you put it on there where this isactually hot oh and I felt it flip Ifelt it folksI felt it oh I’m so excited you have noidea folks yet you just have no clue howexciting this is for mehey guys this is awesome but this isawesomeWow oh you can smell it and it smellsyummy I feel like I should be incastaway Wilson I have made banana pridewell folks it’s all set and good untilwe cut it because if we cut it and itleaks out gooeyness then we blew itright because this is the maiden runwe’ve never made this before andactually it looks really goodwe’re not gonna put any and anything onit it goes nothing folks we hope this isgood because we’ll response that if itisn’t well let’s see because we have toremember that the insta pot cooks alittle bit different right so things aregonna be moisture things are gonna bedefinitely moisture as you can see herebecause they’re not gonna have thecrunch because we don’t have the ovenand that’s that’s part of the wholepressure cooking phenomenon here sowe’re gonna try this it looks prettygood doesn’t it you can see all thedifferentit’s good we’re just trying to get ourhead around all you know what I wonderif we should put this in the air fryernow okay folks so we’re gonna we knowwhat this tastes like right now we’regonna leave this piece out oh yeah thisdis will work this will work folks sowhat we’re gonna do is we are going outoh yeah oh yeah look at that folksoh yeah it fits right in there so now sonow we put it right in here we’re gonnatake our lid off right it might be stilla little wet okay we are going to takeour air fryer lid put it on here rightso what we’re gonna do is hit air firewe’re gonna try and do it per 5 minutdose at 400 so we’re gonna hit that andboom so folks now we’re putting it infor 5 minutes and we’re gonna check itout hopefully it’s gonna taste amazingif it doesn’t well we just wrecked somebanana bread folks we got one piece leftwell folks it says three minutes now andwe’re nervous we’re really nervous sowhat we’re gonna do is we’re gonna putthis we’re gonna take the two minuteswe’re gonna take the top off oh yeahokay so yeah I think we’re goodthree two oneokay enough goofing around we’re gonnatake this up sizzle sizzle folks rightthere okay let’s see can we oh boy thisis gonna be interestingis you have to remember the Deputy airfrying and the difference betweenpressure cooking pressure cooking isgonna be moist it’s gonna be reallymoist and dense air frying is likefluffy and light and we’re not going tocut this piece right here and you’reasking why because it was exposed so wewant to cut we want to cut because whenwe cut this other piece it was we’regonna try and cut them the same takethis take this off take these two offthose are the same so when you were alittle kid did you ever play that gameone of these things doesn’t look likethe other well that that’s kind of wherewe’re at here so this side air fryerthis side not air fryer I don’t know Idon’t even know if we could tell adifference at this moment can you it’sreally hard I don’t I don’t even know sothat it looks like that you can see inthe inside it looks the same right itlooks the same you can see there’s likelooks like banana in there but I knowit’s not because we didn’t add anybananas in there and look at the topsyou can definitely see that this one’s alittle bit crispier this side you’regonna chop off and you heard the crunchgo now is good if there was bananas inthere but very good so now no crunchwhen we cut that but remember this isjust from the instant pot there won’t bea crunch because it’s more it’s gonna bemore dense both are definitely good thisone because it’s more dense it’s like adifferent texture in your mouth this onebecause it’s it’s got the crunch herethat punch this was more what you’reused to but let’s just make sure it’seven down here so we’re gonna take thispiece of the insta pot only and as youcan see if you put them next to eachother you would have no clue which onewas which even if you flip it over likethis right if anything you would thinkthat this one right here wasn’t wasn’tas good it wasn’t cooked this much butthis was what after the instapass withthe air fryer on top of it so this wasanother episode of chuck it in the pottoday what we made was banana bread thefirst side is with the insta pop thissecond side is with the insta pie withthe airfryer what do we like best Idon’t know it’s hard to tell that’s whatyou’re used to this is almost it’s it’sawesome but it’s just different you justhave to get used to it like I reallycan’t tell the difference between thetwo after I’ve had a few of them manthis was just a quick and easy thing forthose who want to know that what therecipe was it was 1 cup of water 1/3 cupof oil and 2 eggs now mind you we werefollowing the vegan for the muffinsraksha’s that’s not gonna work we usedour bundt pan so we meet we baked it for40 minutes then in total and then whatwe did was we put it we air fried it for5 minutes yeah 5 minutes next time maybewe will try bake but next time we’regonna Chuck bananas in here so then wecan say shockedin the pot so thank you please likesubscribe please please please pleaseplease please subscribe and we will seeyou soon so thank you again for watchinghave a great night folks

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