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How to use and store bannetons or proofing baskets when baking bread

Bannetons, or proving baskets, can be used to support the dough during the final rise before you bake. Here’s how to use and store the baskets so you get the best bake.

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Rhiannon from the Epson bakehouse and today I’d like to talk to youabout proving baskets how to use themand how to look after and store them ifyou’re enjoying these bread making tipsand you want to start making your owngreat bread at home you can download mytop 5 bread making tips I’ll let youknow more about how to do that at theend of this video so these are provingbrass gates or Banat ons and I often getasked about them because I have a wholestack of them to one side and whenpeople come for classes they I want toknow what they are and what you use themfor so I thought just thought I’d gothrough today a little bit more aboutwhat a ballot one is why you might useit in bread making and also how to carein store for it so either called ballotons or proving baskets these can be madefrom compressed wood pulp or cardboardor they can be made from wicker cane andusually where he came one comes with aliner and these baskets are used tosupport the dough as it rises onceyou’ve shaped it into the lo shape thatyou require they usually use for wetterdough’s or those where the flourproduces a week of gluten structure andneeds the support so often in sourdoughbaking but you can use them for anybread your baking and you can see forexample in this compressed cardboard onethat it’s got ridges all down the insideand those will transfer a print onto thetop of your loaf as it proves so itmakes a really pretty loaf so how do youuse one when you want to bake with aballot on or proving basket so the firststep is to do condition your basket alittle bit and all I mean by that isthat stop your dough sticking you willneed to heavily flour this and usually Iuse a dark rye flour but you could alsouse something like rice flourI wouldn’t use wheat flour because itgets very sticky so really heavily flourthe basket before you put any wet doughin there if you’re using one of theliner then you do also need to flour theliner before you pop anything in thereyou then shake your dough so this onewould be around and obviously this onewould be a more loaf shape and then popyour dough top side downso with the seem upwards into yourbasket and then cover with a shower capor other covering and leave it to riseonce your dough is risen and you’vepopped it onto a baking tray to bake inthe oven you will then need to leaveyour Benetton or proving basket to dryso let the flour dry out a bit justleave it to air dry and then I use nowbrush that I keep solely for thispurpose and brush the flour out probablyinto the sink with the water running -just stop clouds of flour so brush theflour out don’t get the Benetton wet butbrush it out into the sink and thenleave your banners on to dry beforeputting it away and instead of stackingdirectly on top of one another like thatI would put it an angle so you can allowthe air to circulate whilst these arestored in your cupboard you don’t wantanything growing such as mold on themevery once in a while you can sterilizeyour baskets by popping them into a warmoven so say about 100 degrees for 10minutes or so and that will completelydry them out you might be thinking wellI don’t want to get one of these orwhere can I get them well perhaps I’mnot gonna be able get my hands on onewell sometimes you can get them inlarger supermarkets and also if you havea look online you’re likely to find themso either type improving baskets orBanat on so BA NN e t– o– n Banat onsand you’ll probably find examples ofboth of these however you could makeyour own a couple of tips though if youare going to make your own from say forexample a bowl you could use a bowl butyou need to have one that’s slightlyporous so don’t be using a heavy metalor glass bowl instead use one with gapsin it so for example a colander and thenline it but you could use a tea towelbut it needs to be a really heavy linentea towel nothing thin and cottonbecause the dough will stick to that youneed to have it porous as well becausethat will wick away the moisture fromyour dough and stop it getting veryclammy and sticky and sticking entirelyto your bowl again you would need toflour whatever you use to make one ofthese at home so do let me know if youuse a ballot on approving basket and howyour bread turns out I love to see yourbakes and if you’ve got any bread makingquestions that youlike answered just put them in thecomments below and I’ll be includinganswers to them in future bread makingvideos otherwise I’ll say bye for nowand happy baking

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