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How to Make Soda Bread | Easy Homemade Soda Bread Recipe | No Eggs No Milk No Yeast

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In this episode of In the Kitchen with Matt, I will show you how to make soda bread. This easy homemade soda bread recipe has no eggs and no milk in it as well. It also doesn’t have any yeast. Soda bread also known as “Irish Soda Bread” depending on the recipe relies on baking soda and baking powder and something acidic like buttermilk or vinegar to react with the baking soda. In this case vinegar and water instead of buttermilk. Soda bread is kind of a mix between an American biscuit and traditional bread, it is denser, but still very flavorful. It is super easy to make using a few ingredients. If I can do it, you can do it. Let’s get baking!

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4 cups all-purpose/plain flour (500g)
3 tbsp. white granulated sugar (37.5)
1 tsp. salt (4g)
1/2 tsp. baking soda (2g)
1/2 tsp. baking powder (2g)
1 1/2 cup water (I used filtered) (354ml)
2 tsp. of apple cider or white distilled vinegar (10ml)

Baking sheet with parchment paper

400 F/205 C Bake for 30 to 40 minutes

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Video Transcription

youhello and welcome to you in the kitchenwith Matt I am your host Matt Taylortoday I’m going to show you howmake soda bread soda bread is a memberof the quick bread familyit doesn’t require in a yeast there’s noeggs in this recipe no milk in thisrecipe just super easy to do if I can doityou can do it before I move on make sureto subscribe to my channel hit thatnotification bell so you don’t miss outon any of my new videos let’s get bakingdown in the description box you’ll finda list of the ingredients and theiramounts begin by preheating the oven to400 degrees Fahrenheit or it’s rightaround 205 Celsius I have 4 cups ofall-purpose flour and I’m going to add 3tablespoons of white granulated sugar ifyou want it more sweet add an extratablespoon if you want it a little bitless sweet then reduce it by atablespoon 1 teaspoon of salt 1/2teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 teaspoonof baking soda and that is where thename soda bread comes from the bakingsoda is going to provide a lot of theleavening along with the baking powdernow I’m going to take a whisk and we’lljust whisk this all togetherall right in a large bowl I’m gonna takeone and a half cups of water and I amusing filtered water because my tapwater doesn’t taste very good and then Iwant to add two teaspoons of apple cidervinegar or you could use the whitedistilled vinegar and the vinegar isgoing to react with the baking soda orif you do want to use buttermilk thenjust use buttermilk and don’t use thevinegar and now we’ll take our drymixture here and we’ll put about half ofit yeah but a good mix now I will addsome more of that dry mixture dryingredients I’ll switch to a siliconespoon or you can use a wooden spoon ofcourse just keep stirringone reason why I like the silicone spoonis it the sides of the spoon can actlike a spatula on this edges so juststirring this together we don’t want tooverwork the dough a ton what we do wantto incorporate this flour and I’m notgonna add it all in I’m gonna do leaveabout that much left okay and then whenit comes together like this we will justpour it out onto the surface and thenthat is let’s knead this dough togetherjust for about two to three minutesthat’s why I don’t I don’t want to dumpall that in there because it may notincorporate at all so that’s why I leavesome of that leftover and when it getssticky just add a little bit more ofthat flour that we have here in thisbowl just a tiny bit looks like it’s acouple of tablespoons maybe fourth of acup leftso you may or may not have some flourdry make sure left just dependsevery dough turns out a little bitdifferent and what I want to do is I’mjust gonna Pat it down into a disc aboutan inch and a half tall and I want tomove this over to my sheet pan linedwith a piece of parchment paper and thenI want to take a knife and just draw anX in there or you could do like thehashtag cut a nice little X in there nowwe bake it in the oven middle rackposition for about 30 to 40 minutesuntil it gets it’ll raise a bit andit’ll get nice and golden brown on thetop and when you poke it in the middlewith like a toothpick or a wooden skewerit’ll come out clean and if you want toat the 15 minute markyou can baste it the top of it with somebutter or some milk if you like and thatwill soften up the top and add a littlebit of color as well and when it comesout of the oven it’ll look somethinglike this it almost kind of reminds meof a giant American biscuit but it doestaste a little different than a biscuittype in between a biscuit and atraditional piece of bread you’re goingto let it cool for a little bit and thenwe will slice into it all right time tocut into it and show you what it lookslike there’s a nice crust on the outsidepretty awesomeoh yeahlook at that so awesome and what I liketo do is I’ll come in here with a littlebit of butter oh yeah butter butterbutter get some butter on there and thenI’ll come in here with some honey andput a little bit of honey on there aswellof course you can just leave the butteron there you could you can put all kindsof things on there jams jellies meatsand cheeses whatever you’d like to dothere we goeasy soda bread alright the soda breadis done and turned out fantastic keep inmind that soda bread is gonna be moredense than traditional bread made withyeast really easy to do simpleingredients if I can do it you can do itI’m Matt Taylor this has been anotherepisode of in the kitchen with Mattthank you for joining me as always ifyou have any questions comments orrequests put them down below and I’llget back to you as soon as I canthumbs up down the corner push it don’tforget to subscribe to my channel andcheck out my other videos take caretime for me to dive into this oh yeah

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