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How to make MOIST VEGAN BANANA BREAD | Scientific Health Reasons behind Almond Flour and Bananas

Learn how to make vegan banana bread that’s sooo moist! While we’re baking, learn the scientific health reasons on why you should eat more bananas and use more almond flour in your baking!

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I’m a medical student (Doctor of Medicine VI) and a certified personal trainer. I’m currently on a pathway to a fellowship of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. I aspire to become a sports physician in the future. I have a passion for learning and researching things to optimise my life and I love sharing it with others! I believe in holistic living, especially the aspects of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and productivity.

About this video:
Bake a moist vegan banana cake while learning the health benefits of almond flour and bananas!

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Video Transcription

hi guys do you love banana bread todaywe’re going to take a healthy spin onbanana bread and bake one using almondflour and the best thing about it it’svegan so join me and learn about why youshould be using more almond flour inyour baking and how healthy bananas areseriously you won’t feel bad abouteating the entire loaf after hearingabout their benefits so for those whoare new to my channel my name is Karen Iam a medical student and certifiedpersonal trainer as well as productivityand lifestyle videos I make scientificand evidence-based content on fitnessand nutrition as part of my holisticlifestyle I am a big believer in foodand its impact on our well-being I lovecooking plant-based issues and sharingmy ideas with you guys if you like myvideo don’t forget to hit the like andsubscribe button so this banana bread isvegan meaning no eggs it’s dairy freeand because we’re using almond flour isalso gluten free I also try to rely onthe natural sweetness of the overripebananas and to reduce the amount ofextra sugar I add in my baking so thishas less sweetness compared to otherbanana bread recipes you may find butfeel free to add more if you have asweeter tooth so the ingredients listedare for a loaf tin of dimension 7 times14 times 24 centimetersso you need half a cup of cornstarch twoand a half cups of almond floura quarter cup of maple syrup you can usestevia or other types of sugars themaple syrup gives the bread and earthytone which I love but if you’resubstituting of other than just makesure you use the conversion tables foroverripe bananas you can use frozenbananas as well just make sure that youkeep the liquid from them falling as itprovides moisture to the bread you alsoneed 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 1/2 ateaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of bakingsoda and 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamonso as you already know choose reallyoverripe bananas I like to choose themreally really over right because thatmeans that they add more sweetnessnaturally to the bread rather than mehaving to add more sugars in and I foundthese in the sale aisle at my localmarket they were pretty cheap so justmake sure you check out these sectionsbefore you go and buy really fresh onesand then wait for them to overwrite justso they’re not wasting these before weget into it preheat the oven to 170degrees Celsius line the loaf tin withbaking paper and spray some oil to keepit in place[Music]now this is my favorite part of therecipe apart from eating it of coursebut mash the bananas with a fork untilthey’re a mushy Bunch there is somethingso satisfying oddly therapeutic effectdoing this I find[Music]okay so I know you know we all know thatbananas are pretty healthy for us rightbananas provide essential nutrients suchas potassium vitamin b6 vitamin C it hasa good amount of fiber and antioxidantsbut more specifically something toentice you to eat more bananas soseveral studies including one from theAmerican College of Cardiologydemonstrated that a high dietary intakeof potassium which bananas are a highsource of it’s associated with lowerrates of strokes and also have beenshown to potentially reduce bloodpressure and the risk of cardiovasculardiseasespour the banana mash into a mixing bowladd in the flouryou[Music]the maple syrup[Music]youbaking sodasalt[Music]cornfloweryou[Music]youthe ground cinnamon[Music]and the vanilla extract[Music]mix everything until smoothyou[Music]youafter two to three minutes you can addin the apple cider vinegar[Music]youyou[Music]you[Music]pour the batter into the loaf tin andsmooth out the topso while I’m trying to scrape all of thebutter into the tin let me tell you abit about almond flour almond flour is agreat alternative to normal wheat floursit’s gluten free so it’s popular withceliacs when you compare almond flourwith other wheat flours it is much lowerin carbs and higher in healthier fatsit also has higher protein and fibercontent almond flour is rich inmanganese magnesium and vitamin Evitamin E is a powerful antioxidant thatplays a vital role in preserving ourimmunity and the prevention ofcardiovascular disease and cancersseveral studies suggests that a highervitamin E intake lowers the rate ofheart disease and Alzheimer’s diseaseour bodies do not make vitamin E so werely on our diet to get our intake aquarter cup of almond flour providesaround 40% of our recommended dailyintake so a cup which is what I used inthe recipe is well over a hundredpercent of a recommended daily intakealmond flour has its own propertieswhich you kind of have to get a bit usedto when you’re starting to bake with herafter being used for two wheat floursfor so long but I believe that thenutritional content of it is so muchbetter than normal wheat floursyoubake the bread in the oven at 170degrees Celsius for around 40 minutesuntil the top is firm and there is somecracking at the topyouso when I took out the banana bread myheart drops because it was pretty brownand I was like oh no it’s burntbut the maple syrup tends to be brownwhatever you’re cooking but if you’reusing maple syrup it tends to brownwhatever you’re baking so don’t worryyou’ll still end up with a very moisttexture inside also with almond flour itdoesn’t rise as much as normal wheatflour because it doesn’t have gluten init to capture the air so that’s just aheads up if you’re wondering why yourbread loaf is a bit flatter than usualalso try to use fresh baking soda itwill also help it to rise moreif you guys really like this pleaseclick on the like button and subscribeto my channel I’d really appreciate itand also let me know in the commentswhat other things you would like me tomake[Music]you[Music]youyouyou[Music]you

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