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How to make Milk Bread Honey Buns

These honey buns are perfect for a special occasion, and easy enough for every day. The tangzhong makes these buns super light, fluffy and tender.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause]I’m cuisine and Bullock Prato I live inbeautiful Vermont and I am a bakerbaking can for some people seem reallyintimidating because it’s very precisebecause there’s a lot of stuff going onthat they can control so like in breadit’s doing all this rising outside ofyou you’re not making that happen andyou’re like ooh how do I know it’s gonnawork I think one of the things that Ihad to learn as a baker is patience thatwhen you decide to bake you say this ismy time this is for me and I’m gonna bepatient with myself and with the doughand allow myself to really enjoy theexperience because you know you’re gonnaenjoy it’s so much more when it comesout of the oven and it’s perfectwelcome to my kitchentoday we’re going to be making honeybuns it’s one of my favorite breads inthe whole wide world and there’s somereally cool techniques to making this tomake it super super super light fluffyand tender and the first thing specialthat we’re going to do is we’re going tomake something called a Tang song whichis like this cool paste we’re heating upthe flour some water some milk and thenwe’re going to gelatinize those starchesso it creates this really cooltenderness in the bread so the firstthing I have to do is weigh my flour I’mgoing to take my pot put on my scale and1 cup of flour is a hundred and twentygrams and this is a half a cup of flourthat I’m putting in so 60 grams so tothat 60 grams of flour I’m going to add1/2 cup of whole milk and 1/2 cup ofwater it doesn’t matter the temperatureat this point because we’re going to beheating them up together that goes alltogether and then back on the heatingelement now before I turn on the heat Imake sure that I whisk everythingtogether I’m thinking medium heat isbest for this you don’t want it to gotoo quickly and you whisk constantly ifyou don’t whisk constantly thepossibility of it scalding and burningthat milk is pretty high and then onceyou can feel that the thickening hasstarted to happenit almost looks like it start spillingat first like it’s lumpy which is notthe most attractive thing but justcontinue whisking get really vigorousand then it’ll smooth out oh it’sgetting foamy always a good sign theother thing I love about this recipe isthat you can make just traditional rollsI like to form the dough so that lookslike a bunny honey bunny get it but thenyou can make cinnamon rollsyou can make babka you can make so manydifferent things you can even makedonuts crazy so it’s starting to thickenright in the middle so make sure youtake some time to get to the sides ofthe pot and make it all thick andglorious now next we’re going to have tolet this cool you don’t want to continuebaking with this with it this hot so I’mgonna transfer it to the pot and let itcome to room temperature[Music][Applause]so now perfectly room-temperature so tothat I’m going to add some other veryspecial ingredients the milk I have hereis lukewarm so another half cup and tothat I’m going to add a whole egg alarge egg I always use large eggsroom-temperature but I’m not going toadd it directly to the bowl I’m going toadd it to the milk and whisk it so thatI break up the egg a bit your dough willbe so much better if you just take thetime to do little steps to that I’mgoing to add honey and it’s threetablespoons or 63 grams next I’m goingto add salt and then I’m going to addthe yeast to my flour and the reallyimportant thing is that you use theright yeast for the right product theright least is always platinum use fromRed Star and one of the things that Ialways tell students is instant yeastit’s incredibly easy to use but thisparticular yeast is always consistenteverything is incredibly consistent therise is consistent especially whenyou’re making a dough like this and I’madding three and a half cups of flourand a yeast to that I’m going to add twoounces of soft unsalted butter but I’mnot going to add it until I have alittle strength in my dough I want towork the dough to some degree so theyget some gluten developed before I addmore fat if I add the fat too soon it’sgoing to coat too much of that flourwith fat and making that glutenunavailable to create more strength weneed a good rise so we do need a littlemuscle in thereso two ounces or half a stick easy toremember that’s also four tablespoons sonow we have a little structure to thedough it doesn’t look great it’s stilllike rubley and kind of grungy but it’sholding together in a mass so now I’mgoing to add my two ounces of butter andit’s really soft so that it incorporatesquickly you don’t want it melted thoughif you add melted butter to this it’sjust going to get really sloppy and it’sgoing to coat the outside of the doughand not actually incorporate if it istoo cold it won’t incorporate at allyou’ll just get chunks of cold butterhanging out and once I no longer see anybutterfly around I’m going to turn upthe speed of the mixer maybe mediumspeed with on your mixer and set a timerfor 10 minutes it might take longer butafter 10 minutes you’re going to checkit and what you’re going to seehopefully at 10 minutes could be 15 isthat instead of the dough sticking tothe size of the bowl it will startcoming together around the hook so whenI turn this up it’s going to spread outa little and it’s going to be a littlesticky and then after about 10 minuteswhat we’re looking for is for the doughto be shiny and smooth and it will be alittle tacky but it shouldn’t be wet andthen it will be perfectit is looking so good and this should bea very tender dough it’s telling you nowwhat kind of bun it’s gonna be it’s sosoft and it’s so tender I’m gonna get abowl and some spray neutral oil sprayand a very handy tool is a bowl scraperI also spray that with a little oil soit doesn’t stick and I make sure that Iget all this gorgeous dough out hi therehoney I’m gonna put it in I’m gonnaspray the top but then I flip it overagain cuz it makes me feel good I get tofeel my dough and it’s crucial that Icover this with plastic wrap and reallywell because platinum yeast from redstar is so good this thing will riserise so 4550 minutes keep an eye on ityou just want it to double in sizeyou can also refrigerate it to slow downthe rising process if you’re making inthe evening overnight it’s perfect it’sready to bake and form in the morningit’s so beautiful it’s gotten so big andso happy I’m sorry buddy and he has topunch you down so the first thing I’mgonna do I’m gonna punch this puppy downor degassing as it’s also called so Ican do you gas a little more still havemy scale on so 60-ish grams per bun 16buns total I’m going to use my benchscraper to cut them you don’t need aknife this is just the best little tooland I’m going to keep doing this andrather quickly I don’t want this to warmup too much I want to be able to startforming sooner rather than laternow the next part is actually forminginto the rolls and I take each piece andI almost do a second degassing of it Iuse my thumbsto flatten it a bit if they’re reallybig bubbles in there that I don’t getout now when this starts to rise in itsperfect little bun form it could causeair bubbles to form on the top of thebun and when that happens it kind oflooks like your buns gone throughpuberty when it comes out of the oven soI do gas it again and then I get it flatand I start creating this little seamI’m grabbing these little ends together- almost looks like a little dumpling sonow I’ve got my seam on top but waitthere’s more I’m going to turn this overand turn my hand into a claw and I’mgonna go around and round and round andaround with my hand almost like a cageand I’m rolling it around I’m reallysecuring that seam and tightening thatbun and creating a perfect little roundI am spacing them quite a few inchesapart because these grow I mean thisstuff is so buoyant and beautiful theyeast is magicI have honey buns that are perfectlyproved they are bouncy and happy anddoubled in size and that is somethingthat is so confusing when you are bakingwhat is double in size so I thought heyI’ve got three stages in my proofingarea I wanted to show you so you get avisual because this is a tray of honeybuns that I just shaped just now stillcold I have in the fridgeroll them these have been sitting outfor about half-hour they are not readybut if you just saw these two togetheryou think huh that’s double in size Ithink I’m not sure but enter this guythis is double this is beautiful andready to go into the oven I give agentle poke and I can still see myfinger print in there when I do this itgoes Beaton bounces back this is tellingme that it is so ready for the oven andthe great thing about platinum yeast byred star is that if you overproof whichis really easy to do because you’reconfused or you forgot you were proofingat all that it has dough strengthenersso any other yeast would just collapsein the oven this one keeps them asstrong large and in charge they’ll stillbe perfect buns so you’ve got some timeto play you’ve got time to play and tomake sure that they have actuallyexpanded to the right sizeso now egg wash which is just one eggwhisk together with a tablespoon ofwater and at this point when you jigglethem they go you also know they’re ready[Music]I’m finishing up all my egg wash meansthey’re ready for a 350 fahrenheit ovenI can’t wait to see how they do[Music][Applause][Music]honeyBun straight from the oven theysmell as good as they look now if you’reone of those people who’s unsure aboutwhen bread is done there are a coupletricks obviously golden brown number onenumber two it’s hot but quickly tap thebottom if it sounds Hollow usually doneusually so there’s a third way to ensurethat it’s completely done instant readthermometer gently probe in the middleof it if it reads 190 degrees or aboveit’s done inside that is a guarantee butwait there’s more I have honey bunniesaren’t they adorable they’re still alittle warm but when they’re cool I’mgoing to pipe ganache chocolate ganachetwo little eyes in an expert mouth butyou can also use edible writing pens andthis is something so fun for kids to dobecause they can just go to town onthose little faces so I know exactlywhat you’re gonna do you’re gonna go outand you’re gonna get some platinum yeastfrom red star and all your baking willrise to every occasion[Music]you

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