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How To Make Cheesy Garlic Naan Bread With Tara | Bake In

We’re back with episode 2 of our brand new series Bake In, where each week our master chef Tara will be talking you through how to make one of her favourite homemade baking recipes! This week, Tara will be showing you how to make a delicious batch of cheesy garlic naans!

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Video Transcription

i mean it’s stuck it’s not goinganywhere hey it’s tara welcome to baconwhere i’m bacon in my flat i’ve set up alittle kitchen studio to show you guyshow easy it is to bake with theessentials today i’m going to be makingyoucheesy garlic naans which are deliciousi love a good naan fresh off the oven solet’s get to it[Music]all right so first things first we needto make the naan doughand it’s quite simple not too manyingredients we’re going to start withplain all-purpose flourand then some salt as always and theleather that we’re using in this isbaking soda not yeast or baking powderbaking soda is a lot stronger thanbaking powder it’s pretty much oneteaspoon of baking soda to threeteaspoons of baking powder so we’re justusing a half a teaspoon of baking sodafor this and now we’re going to addour wet ingredients to the dry mix sofirst i’m going to add yogurt this isgoing to make the dough really soft andfluffyi’m going to add some milk some oilwhich will help also make it really niceand softand for a bit of sweetness just somehoney and if you don’t have honey youcan use icing sugar you can use castersugargranulated whatever you have on hand ijust like honey and it mixes in easilyso once it’s pretty much combined i’mactually going to transfer it tothe table and it shouldn’t really sticktoo much if it doeswe’ll just get a little bit more flourkeep leaving until it gets really sweetnice little arm workout although youguys have started doing push-ups i don’tthink i can do more than ten so thisright now is an extra onewhat i’m going to do is the windowpanetesting if theglute is worked enough right now andit’s ready to rest we do is we just takea piece of dough and stretch it out ifthe dough continuesfor the shape and not kind of stretchout and you can almost see through ityou know that it’sready to rest i can see it ripped soit’s actually not ready yetanother couple minutes so the other waythat you can test ifit is ready is by simply poking it andit bounces backthat’s good that’s ready so we’re goingto let that rise so we’re going to putit ingot a grease bowl here got some oil i’mgoing to coat it in the oil because idon’t want the top to dry out at all andthen i’m going to putplate on top and now we’re going to takeit over to the oven you want to keep itin a warmspace so that it rises i’m going to putit into my ovenright here there we go i’ve got a potand some boiling waterthat i’ve just poured i’m going to putthat in hereand that’s it so what we’ve done thereis we’ve created a moist humidenvironment where the dough will haveampleheat and stuff to kind of rise and workits magic we’ll leave that for about anhour to two hours let it double in sizeand then we’ll start making it down okayso while the non dough isresting i’m going to make the garlicbutter that we’re going to brush on thefreshly madenaan after and we’re going to add thisuncle butter to thesauce i’m going to add garlic to this aswelli don’t know you guys but i could putgarlic butter on everythingi absolutely love the garlic and butterall right so the dough is ready andit’s kind of doubled in size it’s reallynice and soft so it’s going to be reallynice to work with right now so what i’mgoing to do is i’m going to divide thisdoughinto six so you can make six knotssomething big some could be small havefun with it so what you’re going to wantto doform it into a ball just roll it niceand tightlyyou just pinch it to seal it and justkeep rolling and then we’re going toplace thoseon a tray while we do thisi’m just going to cover them[Music]so those dough balls have been restingfor a little bit i’m gonna flatten themout for thecheese you’ll see but keep them coveredif you’re not using themand that way they’ll stay nice and softi’m just going to press it gentlyand dough should be really soft nowbecause you let it rest for quite awhileso i’m going to do is put in a littlebit of cheese i’ve got amixture of mozzarella and cheddar yellowcheddar herefor some color use whatever cheese youhave on hand and then we’re going to dois bring it to the centerpinch that’s cool so i’m just going torepeat that with all of themlet them rest again because i want thedough to be nice and easy to work withand as you let the glutens relax afteryou’ve worked them it’ll be a lot easierto roll out don’t mind me you reallymakethe rest okay cool so now what we’regoing to dois we’re going to roll them out into anice notchesso i’m just taking one i’m just going topress it down as much as possiblei like mine long you can do it round youcan do whatever shape you wanton the base that’s going to go on thepan we’re going to brush that with alittle bit of waterto help it stick to the pan and get anice crustand repeat with the rest of them allright guys now for the fun part we’regoing to actually cookthe naan with the cheese in it and seewhat happens so i’ve got thepart with the water on the bottom i’mgoing to put that onto a preheated panwhich is quite hot because i want to geta nice sear on the bottom so here niceas wellokayso what i’m looking for is on the edgesi can see that the dough is starting tocook on the bottom it gives you somebubbles that are starting to pop up onthe top just a little bit just kind oflooks like it’s breathing a bit so whati’m going to do nowis grab a handy dandy mitt and be verycareful when you’re doing this this iswhat’s going to give us that really nicetoasty charmon top it is a bit dangerous but it’s soflat and it’s so delicious we’re goingto take itturn the heat up higher you just gentlyyou kind of flip itwhat the water does it helps stick tothe pan so it’s not falling off as youcan see like it’s got i mean it’s stuckit’s not going anywhere but what it’sdoing now is it’s bubbling up nicelyit’s getting a little bit of a charmso i’m just going to move it aroundbecause they want to get it even i don’twant just certain parts of it to getsharpi like mine quite charged so i’m goingto keep goingbut feel free to stop whenever you feelit’s readyoh my god so it’s got a nicejar on top i’m gonna take it off andall right so while the dinosaur popswe’re going to transfer it to the waterand brush it withthe garlic butter that we made beforeoh yeah slide that on chest get somefresh coriander if you wantif you don’t like it don’t put somejelly seedsand a sprinkle of fresh sauceand that’s it guys deliciousi can’t wait to dig in i am so proud ofthese i’m so excited to eat thembut look at this alreadydelicious what’s hotgarlicky cheesy delicious salty chewy sogoodall right guys thanks for tuning in foranother episode of bacon hope you guysliked itlet me know what you’d like to see memake next stay tuned[Music]you

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