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How to Make Brown Sugar Honey Wheat Soda Bread

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Brown Sugar Honey Wheat Soda Bread

Learn how to make soda bread. This recipe is for a honey wheat bread and easily to modify. Use more or less sugar, add in some nuts, or fruit. Put in some spices for an entirely different flavor.

When learning how to bake bread, quick breads are much easier to make than yeast bread as it’s a matter of stirring and dumping into pan. You let the rising agent do the work for you. It really is quite simple to make.

If you like muffins, give quick breads a try today. They are best eaten slightly warm and go well with soups, stews and even make excellent sandwiches.

Need a buttermilk substitute? Click this link:

Check out the baking powder version of this quick bread to compare the difference.

Happy Baking!

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