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How to Make Bread WITHOUT an OVEN!

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Video Transcription

[Music]yeahmy way back home[Applause][Music]hello and welcome to Salem magic carpetnormally when a ladino and I are outsailing we can’t go to a bakery everymorning and get our fresh bread and so Ialways make our bread on board magiccarpet and I think now that the worldhas gone into this crazy time andeveryone is in quarantine learning howto bake your own bread is perhaps moreuseful than ever and so I’m gonna showyou how we bake bread because we do nothave the oven I just have a stovetop andI have a frying pan and I make reallygood bread with those two things so letme show you how I do it for this recipeyou will need some flour any kind whitewhole wheat whatever you can find atyour local store some yeast some dryyeast some salt some sugar some waterwhich I would assume you have and a thisis not the important part a thick bottomfrying pan you don’t want to thin bottomfrying pan because that will not workand you also need to have a lid a latinocan you pass me two lid of our fryingpan anyway a little so the first thing Ishould tell you is that I’m notparticularly choosy about what kind ofdough I make so bread is a lot moreforgiving that I think a lot of peoplethink it is so you can actually use anybread recipe and then you can cook it onyour stovetop I’ll show you my recipethat I usually use just because it’svery simple it’s two to two so thatmeans I use 2 cups of water 2tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons ofyeast to get everything started so I’llstart with two of these for water andbecause we don’t have any hot water Ialways warm it up on the stovetop just alittle bit and here is the Deenie advicedon’t use boiling water because I thinkthe first time I made bread the waterwas too hot and I killed all the littleyeast ease so they didn’t do anythingand he ended up having quite the brickbut yeah Maya knows better how to dothis[Music][Music]drive away the top-down[Music]so you want the water to be warm enoughto sort of just dip your finger intocomfortably right now this is too hot soI’ll let it just sit a little bit butwhile I let it kind of cool down I willadd the sugar so two big teaspoons ofsugar and just kind of stir this aroundand this helps the yeasts to activate[Music]so the water has cooled down enough nowfor me to add the yeast I just sprinklethe yeast on top of the water I don’tactually stir it in alright honestlythat was unexpected the yeast sinknormally it sits on the surface but Ithink this is like a heavier kind ofyeast that’s one of the side effects oftraveling a lot and changing countries alot is you can’t sort of have yourfavorite brands of things to buyso anyway I’m sure this will still work[Music]I also recommend making your bread inthe evening I find that I often end updoing this because I don’t usually getup early enough to want to make breadbecause by the time it’s finished itwon’t be until afternoon anyway but Imake it in the evening and either I bakeit just before I go to bed or I actuallyleave the dough overnight in the fridgeand then in the morning you can bake itboth are totally fine but also the plusside of doing the bread in the eveningis that you got to drink wine while youwait for the dough to rise which is nota bad deal Cheers amore news[Music]so the yeast is working very very wellactually I’m really happy so just waituntil it’s sort of foamed up and createsbubbles on the surface and when youwatch it you should actually be able tosee it kind of all bubbling up and thenwhen it’s created this sort of foamylayer on top then you know it’s doneit’s just a matter of adding flour andsalt so I just sprinkle in quite a lotif there’s any professional Baker’s outthere they probably hate me but trust meit works and it’s good okay and like Isaid you can have you can use any recipeit’s more a matter of how you cook itwhich we are getting to okay so I addedthat and then also as a first step Ialways add a little bit of salt one ofthose the next part is just to whizz itall up with a fork I know if you’re athome usually people will have like abread machine for this part but it’sreally not difficult to do by yourselfand the first time you add flour itshould still be pretty wet pretty wetdough and then you gradually add moreflour until you got to the consistencythat you would like[Music]so then I just keep stirring it andreally the goal here is to make a doughthat is able to be formed into a shapebut that is not too dry either you wantit to still be a little bit stickynow everyone makes bread a little bitdifferently and like the Italians Ibelieve make like a really wet doughevery time and other places will havelike a really heavy dough where you canstick your fingers in and pull them outand they come out dry like no doughsticks to it because we do is so dry Igo for something a little bit in betweenso right now we’re getting close ish butit’s still really tacky as you can seeso I’ll add a little bit more flourso now this is really looking like adough I don’t think I’ll add much moreflour because like I said I do prefer mydough to be on the wetter side and thisis looking pretty good so I just need itup with a fork a little bit more becauseI hate having to clean off my fingerswhen they’re sticky with bread dough themore you knead it the better but I findthat I don’t need it as much as maybe Ishould and it’s still on the stove so[Music]now it’s time to leave the bread doughto work its magic this usually takesabout an hour so when you want to coverit leave it in a warm place and let itrise now right now we’re in France andit’s actually starting to warm up forthe spring so I’m not too concernedabout the temperature when it was colderand we were coming up the canals we wereusing our engine and so in the eveningsthe engine would still be warm so I hadopened the engine compartment and I’dleave the bread to sit in there and tofluff up but now we don’t have to dothat so all I’m gonna do is cover it andthe only reason why you want to cover itis to prevent the top of the dough drynow and the next time I talk to you itwill probably be dark out and I willshow you how to bake bread in a pan onthe stovetop[Music]flower for so long[Music]in numbersso the dome rose quite a lot which isperfect and now I’m going to put someflour into the frying pan now this is avery important step to put flour intothe frying pan so it doesn’t stick I’vetried with oil and stuff in the past andit doesn’t really work if you have acast-iron pan I imagine that might bebetter than this thing[Music][Applause][Music]you want to kind of flip it over andcoat every single available surface inflower to try and prevent it sticking asmuch as possible so now we’ve got to thereal heart of the matter the real heartof making bread on a stove without anoven we have a dough and now it’s in thethick bottom two frying pans and now wehave to turn the stove on to the lowestwe can possibly make it go and we needto cover the frying pan with a nicetightly fitting lid and then you willput those two things together the stoveon low heat and the frying pan with anice tightly fitting lid and after aboutan hour so we should have a bread[Music]and now we wait so um I don’t reallytime it I’m a big proponent of justchecking frequently but usually I let itbake until the top part is a little bitit won’t really get hard like it wouldin an oven but it just looks a littlebit cooked kind of like when you’recooking pancakes and the top looks alittle bit cooked and then you flip itso it’s a similar thing with this andnow the behind-the-scenes we’re a Ladinogoes cleaned all the flour everywhere Ireally wish that you guys were here andcould smell this because it smells sogood and magic carpet right now I’m soyou can see at the top it looks a littlebit touch it’s not brown and it won’tget brown with this method until youflip it that is but I’m gonna have alook at what it’s what it’s like on thebottom and see how it’s going it’s beenhow long has it been I don’t know I kindof go until you start smelling that areal nut red and then once you startsmelling the bread then you know youhave to look at it[Music][Applause][Music]in[Music]ready ever taste the body mm-hmm[Music][Applause][Music][Music]I can’t help but notice you come in downthe streetsmiling so dearly whatever you want youneed I can’t help but notice youthrow-in me a bangs a wig telling methere’s chains

17 Replies to “How to Make Bread WITHOUT an OVEN!

  1. Very nice method. Here is my tip (from experience): don’t “knead as much as possible” knead as little as possible to get a uniform dough. Kneading too much will result in angry bread. Leave it as wet as possible. As long as you can lift it by hand and it’s not dripping, it’s fine. After rising handle it with (olive) oiled hands so it doesn’t stick to your fingers. This will give you a relaxed and happy bread.

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  4. Oh My ! I bet that was good. I love homemade bread. You have it down for sure. Stay well & happy.

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  6. Thanks for answering my question in a full video, it’s just made me hungry, I think I will have to try this tonight on board! Stay safe, thanks for bringing many smiles! (sv calico jack)

  7. Must be good, i can smell it up to here .. doing the same here with much more equipment but hopefully the bakery isn’t that far away 🙂

  8. Yum! Heart warming video. Thanks so much during these challenging times. We have an oven but might just give the stovetop a try, just for fun!

  9. Great video! Thanks for putting the work in and sharing! I think you’re right that it’s easier than most people think and so much better for you than anything made in a factory.

  10. oohhh… I love the smell of fresh bread…. you told it so that I could smell it even at my laptop far north from you….

  11. That was magic! Lovely music choices, really set the vibe. I wonder can a person be so delightful as you? Cheers Warren

  12. When the power went out once I divided my dough up and rolled it out like flatbread and cooked it in a frying pan on the campstove. It came out so good I cook it that way all the time.

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