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Video Transcription

[Music]hello hello everyone today I’m gonnashow you how I’m gonna make a bread ofmine now I started my sourdough it’slike over a week now and it’s doingbeautifully and I’ve been makingdelicious bread almost every day everysecond day today I want to make a breadfor an aunt of mine and unfortunately Idon’t have time for it to do the wholestep where you keep it in the fridgeovernight because that’s what you dowith sourdoughs when you make asourdough bread the longer it sits inthe refrigerator the more the flavor’sintense and the more delicious the breadis easier also to digest but because Iwant to get this bread to her earlierthan what the plan was I’m gonna add alittle bit of yeast just to get thebread going it’s gonna be deliciousbread no matter what so I’m excited overthat I’m gonna start off with since I’mnot using bread flour I want to add alittle extra gluten to my flour so Ihave a plate here that I am going to addhere we go one cup of flour now we’rejust gonna add I’d say about maybe atablespoon of look just a little extrapush to give those nice strands now youdon’t have to you can just leave itwithout the gluten if you don’t want itsince I’m making the bread I like thatextra gluten in the bread so I’m justgonna mix this up a little here we goand we’ll add this to our water laterand right now what I’m gonna do is I’mgonna take a little bit of my sourdoughstarter I’ve been pushing thismixture down the other day it was likeoverflowing but look how beautiful thatisI’m not sure if you can see it so I’mgonna put some of my starter this isgonna help with adding flavors and nowsince I took some of my starter out I’mgonna add more flour later on but fornow I’m just gonna start off with but acouple of tablespoons of my sourdoughand to this I’m going to add some warmwater and this is how I normally makebread I make it from scratch so it’s allabout filled and it’s very easy once youstart making bread this way just so muchbetter and I am going to use my hand Ijust want to give it a good restperfect and I’m keeping a little bowl ofwater where I can rinse my hands asneeded and to this I will add a littlebit of East because I want to get thisbrought to her faster then it wouldnormally take if I’d be making asourdough bread the sourdough bread cantake up to do two days even longer thelonger you keep it in the refrigeratorthe better the taste becomes so I’m justgonna get a little swirl I can even addmaybe just a little extra just a littlelook at the beautiful bubbles just alittle extra there you go and that’sanother trick if you’re a sourdoughfloats you know that see how it floatsaround you know that you’re sour you’resour starter has a good amount of yeastin it and don’t be afraid to use yourhands that’s what they’re there for andto this we’re going to add that one cupof flour and we’re going to add anothercup and because she loves cornbread I’mgonna add some corn flour to this aboutanother cup or so of corn flour and if Ineed more flour I’ve got it with me andif I need more water I will have thatwas awesome I’m just gonna fill it alittle bit of maple now get just alittle bit of maplethere we go and I put just a littledrizzle of olive oil there you go youdon’t need that much and we’re gonnastart we’re gonna put the salt later onbut we’re going to start in the middleand we’re just gonna slowly just squeezeand work that dough init’s gonna feel like a gooey mess whichit is okay we’re going to add anothercup of flour I’m gonna start off withjust a half for now and if we need morewe’ll add it and you’re gonna see asyou’re working this and hydrates okayyou get my blade there we golottie’s here this way okay I’m gonnajust with my hand it’ll just help mepick this up a little easier okay we’rejust gonna let this rest okay usuallysourdough does make your dough just alittle just a little stickier than ifyou would just be using some yeast sowe’re just going to let it rest and thenwe’re going to come back to it now againbecause I’m using added the east to thisrecipe it’s gonna rise a lot faster thanif it was just sourdough sourdough doestake longer for it to rise okay so I’mjust gonna cover it and just let it restand what’s gonna happen is that the theflour is gonna absorb all that water andit’s gonna be easier for me also to mixit again so I’m just gonna wash my handsokay so I’m gonna just put this asideand I’m gonna feed my sourdough so I’mgonna- yeah mix it in and by feeding it wekeep this going just a little drop ofwater you don’t want too much in thebeginning when I first made Mike I callit more of a slurry I did half in halfbut as it starts fermenting what youwant is you want more of almost like avery thick pasty notice how it’s niceand thick and all you do is just mix itin make sure all that flour mixes in andyou’re gonna feed the yeast and that isgonna be one happy starter now someonementioned that their starter is makingmold your starter should not make anymold it’s very rare that it happens butif it does happen do your best to tryand take it off if you can and if youfind that it just keeps making mold onyou and change the jar but if you findit still keeps making mold on you I sayscrap it put it in your compost bin andjust start overso there we go you’re gonna see in notime at all this is gonna be nice andbubbly I might have to change containerthat’s for sure maybe just a littleextra flour I like to have more than Ineed just a little drop of water mixthat inMima while i’m doing this my dough issitting and it’s resting and pulling inall that moisture and swelling everylittle bit of that flour there we goperfect so on goes my lid yeah Iprobably will have to change containerbecause I’m just getting more and moreall the time either that or I’ve got tokeep making bread okay and off to theside it goes where it does it’s magicokay I’m gonna keep the water you’re notthat I might need it I’ve got my spatulain my bowl of water in case I need thatwipe off the counter and I’ll see you ina few minutes okay I just found somebeautiful organic whole wheat I thinkI’m going to drink up some of that ontop just to give it that next step thatextra extra yeah you see how the doughjust just by resting it has a wholedifferent feel it’s less sticky have younoticed that this is perfect so I’mgonna let it rest a few more minutes andthen I’m gonna give it a good neatand into the water it goes get yourhands nice and clean there you go yeahthis is a perfect look at that andthat’s the whole thing a lot of peoplerush to breath or you can use a machineif you want but you know what I findthat when you use the machine and it’snot that I don’t use a machine I use amachine quite often because what itreally does is make my life a littleeasier if I’m in a hurry and I need tomake bread and I’m not gonna stand hereand loving my bread as much as I amright now but learn to make bread byhand because your hands are there for areason your taste buds are there for areason smell everything works togetherso you know if your bread is too sloppywhere you can’t even like if I dip myhands in water now I should be able topick this up and we know that this isthis is doing really well if I wet myhands and as I’m mixing it’s just likesloppy and everywhere you know you’regonna need a little extra flour so bydoing things by hand you’re justbecoming more knowledgeable of breadmaking you have more of a connectionwith your food and remember you loveyour food everybody else is gonna loveyour food with you so that’s the trickand the magic of good cooking so like Isaid I’m gonna just let this dress alittle more and then we’re gonna justgive it a little neat and we’re gonnaneed it more than once until we do thatfinal rise and then we’re gonna cook itand we have a nice loaf of bread so I’llsee you in a bitokay I’ve got two minutes left so I amgoing to just do what I have to do we’vegot a huge snowstorm they were saying upto 50 centimetres of snow my daughterjust went out my husband went out in themiddle of night he still hasn’t comehome and he’s not gonna come home tiltomorrow so my daughter asked if Iwanted to help her to clean outsidewe’ve got like two front entrances soit’s a lot it’s a lot of work so I’mjust gonna show her notice how if I usea spatula it just comes off so we knowthat the flour is absorbed all thatwater it could have stayed even a littlelonger but because I’m gonna rush I’mgonna rush it a little so I’m gonna puta little bit of flour on here okay sinceI found some whole-wheat flour I’m gonnause that and I’m just gonna kind of dropit on there and you don’t have to reallywork hard at this if you let the breadrest you really don’t have to work hardat making bread it’s just a matter offolding there we go just a matter offolding your bread in really doesn’thave to be overworked either there we goso now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonnacover this and I’m gonna come back andabout thirty five minutes and I’m goingto refold it we’re just gonna keeprefolding this bread until it does it’smagic so I’m gonna see you in about 35minutes okay guysthere you go cover it again see you in35 minutes we’re gonna put a nice amountof salt on this I could have put alittle earlier but with my daughtercalling me to clean the snowmy daughter could faint gonna come outand help me Mom so I kind of forgot toput the salt but when it was still inthe bowl was a good time after it restedlike for 10 minutes that’s a good timeto put it but I’m gonna make a workanyhow right you’re just gonna have toneed a little more often I was hoping Ididn’t have to need it that’s okay it’sjust gonna help me get that gluten niceand stretchy notice how that sloppydough became like such a beautifulbeautiful textured dough so when you’refirst kneading it sorry when you’refirst adding flour and water you don’twant it to stiff because then you’regonna have a very very stiff dough I’mjust trying to get that salt in therebecause I should have done this a littleearlier but like I said when I had it inmy bowl and I had mixed everythingtogether and I let it rest when I wentback for the first time to fold itthat’s when I should have mixedmy Salton it’ll be goodthe salt will work its way it alwayskeep a bowl of water in case you need itbut at this point everything is just soso put together that you really don’tneed that water make sure you have yourboard is all these flourokay so roll roll roll so I’ll see youin 35 minutesokay so at this point I am gonna put itin my cast iron and I’m gonna let itrise in there until I’m ready to cook itso there is my beautiful beautiful ballof bread and I’ll see you in a bit whenit’s time to when it’s time to cook itjust like a baby so if we don’t putbabies in the ovenoh you silly goose Erica there we go sowe’ll see you laterokay we’re gonna check this bread andsee how it’s coming oh my goodness isn’tit beautifulI’m just gonna let it rise a littlelonger and then we’re gonna put it inthe oven and I’m gonna show you how itlooks I’m gonna score the top later onand it’s gonna go into a 500 degree ovenfor 30 minutes and then I’m gonnauncover it and let it cook for at leastanother seven minutes with no lid on butI will put the lid on this but I will Iwill let it rise a little longer okayhere we go and now you’re gonna need arazor one of these razors and that’sjust going to help make just a beautifulsharp cut so we can decorate thisbeautiful bread and maybe let go some oftheseyeahOhand into the oven is going to go 500 for30 minutes with the lid on and thenwe’re going to uncover it and we’regoing to cook it for seven minutes tillit’s nice and golden so I’ll show youwhat it looks like at the end okay guysare you ready try and get this out I’llburn myself and here is my bread now Ican’t cut this open because if I cut itopenmy aunt’s gonna get a bread that was cutopen I’m gonna put some pictures of someof the breads I make and you have anidea what it looks like inside but thereyou go very easy very simple I hardlyhad to work the dough at all it wasbasically just waiting time so I hopeyou liked this recipe and if you give ita try come back let me know what youthink and I’m gonna post all differenttypes of recipes that I actually makefor for bread so I said 30 minutes inthe oven at 500 with the lid onyou will need a Dutch oven I’m using acast-iron pot with a lid remove the lidup to 30 minutes between 5 to 10 minutesit depends this took a little longer Iput a timer for 7 but in 5 minutes itwas nice and golden so I was ok to pullthis up let’s play it by ear30 minutes covered and then just uncoverit and just keep an eye on itbetween five to ten minutes so I hopeyou like it and if you do come back andthen we know what you think for morevideos like this make sure to subscribeto Connie’s Rossum kitchen give it athumbs up and share it with your friends[Music]you


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