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How to make bread shawarma at home

Tastes like real shawarma
Pls try…

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello friends and assalamu alaikumwelcome back to the zest kitchen in thean ability to a little variety dishmight on bread Shama Shama murder Adagiolebretia mama nobody B Taylor than theeasy together yeah so thinking thatgarden I do dr. Bradshaw vomit I areafter many ingredients a bonelesschicken etiquette in the young mymanhood it did I behave you cheated onpin number of only spices cherryg-dragon by lazy rhythm kurumala-la-la-la-lee well surely carve a betaL acai pyramid of cudamalloc in thepodium we know to be snoring ate thetender Finau maka pulley laughter curdand the winner will Madonna be a mock ofa table set camera another channelcabbage tomato be lambda onion other myuncle culture homely spices etc jar likechilka well told him no irony imatraChittenden botulinum cordial automatayeah Marty gender yarmulke eat Alana andChilika put my mother homely spices andI’m Mariah shift it in the amoeba Lakeanomalous now I leave it to leisure toLinda Finnegan Beulah forest punecoder me a murder lemona query on themarginalthree the Ramadan the volume I’d Sitkaarum economy like the cheetah masala youknow tear it upall right cheetah masala we achieve thatshe kind of moving online it said it inthereyou know I’m gonna mine is channel IdolMLS right back up anything culturealready II mean I’m gonna murder my side at achurch aa number they’re cheap cutter onthat they look it up[Music]the mistletoeemanating with itoh man let’s see in this hitting I’mafraid a little cleaner you know littlenumber a vegetable solar yeah but you’rea visionyou have no immunitybut my German exhale only is thebuildingyou got vision and I am little bitexciting them here I’m sorry I did I’mgonna oh no matter how much I’m gonnamiss you without your head andeven starting that looks likecannula Department in our domestic timeI don’t imagine it lastedeven after the a cheetahwhen I’m gonna shower Meredith feelingstupid nadh and a you know to Ramallahionizes I’m not cheap to the idea I didI have my own expected look my ElizaI did itspider chorus :any family render well to little murderwell till they are Choya Milan andYamagata Shabalala you can put Tinasheeternal eternal fire in you run them onthe table spoon of fatherhey let me say that learner I’d tip topand I’m glad I checked out my own natureI’m gonna see level per radii gender forthe shovel murder they smell anopportunity – aka as before with thereal murder a salir para de tienda in amoccasin elaborate charade Jakobokay I will break if it is inside on thepatioside apparently adenomamy dear and lunch at the mixer on themRed Alert a teacher car in every deny ofToronto now on the side Lumina teacherdr. Badolato volcanoin Ramallah mama – Havemeyer Daffyletter culture you go to church ohbrandine I am selfish after cut off in amullah every date that is over I seerunning is a is like in the posture theymeet so nobodyin the end a movement eternal key breadis i eating at em with each other pushyouin an Ali Baba omelet with you are youshaking I’m a girl miss downloadingwe’re likely to see a little bit donelook what should I shower microdata gatetendonI love to Detroit and I’m ready soonerbye bye[Music]

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