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how to make bread pizza sandwich(bread pizza sandwich jwbwd gwrlwi banainw takai janaiaobw gwtaotar)

hello, bodoland people dnwi hai jg bread pizza sandwich kwo mabwrwi banaiyw bekwo swlwnggwn bekwo banainw takai only 5mints lo naggwo janwto jwbwd gwtao jakayw acha klalamw nwgtang mnha sanse banaina jagwn hnna🥰(hello,guys today we will learn how to make pizza sandwich which can be made in just 5mints that too on pen. trust me guys its really really tasty)😋
here are the ingredients you will required to make bread pizza sandwich
1) choppes vegetables like onion, tomato(you can add any toppings of your choice)
6)green chilly
thanks for watching guys love u all bye bye😘

Original of the video here

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