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How to Make Bread: Fast, Easy and actually Good

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Video Transcription

hey folks are another do another videofor more survivalists in this case we’regonna be preparing some bread it is arecipe I use it’s super simple yesthere’s 10,000 ways of making breadbaking bread that’s all fantastic theywant to use it’s the simplest oneeasiest one I know that gives you stillpretty good results you have a nicedecent bun of bread and let’s get to itfirst I start with a flour just threecups of it and I have a glass of andslightly it’s not hot or anything just alittle bit and template ml but lukewarmwater and yeast salt and a tablespoonwell like a teaspoon of sugar so thefirst thing that I do is cut maybe likea third of the yeast blog that you havethat kind of crumbles you can have it inlike small packets and you mix this withwater and add your sugar which is gonnabe feeding the yeast the yeast it’s likea fungi or something like thatI don’t don’t quote me on this I’m nocook guys you know that I just somewhatknow how to prepare up kind of decentbit of bread so you mix it because it’slike a living organism it likes the warmwater and sugar and a little bit offlour as well you can throw it in thereso as to start getting that nicereaction that you wantif you have similar recipe and willshare it there in the comments fantasticagain this is pretty simple and resultsare or quite decent so you mix this upwell in the meantime we’re gonna bepreparing our little yeah well so youneed flour yeast water a bit of saltolive oil and the sugar we already usethere I’m gonna be using a paper a someof this cooking paper which I have a bitof flour on there on top so as to avoidany inconvenience sticking and what arethese rags or cloths so we have thatit’s already foaming a little bit whichmeans it’s reacting that’s good makesure it’s not hotthis has to be you kind of roomtemperature or a little bit warmer thanroom temperature that’s kind of thething you want to not going on so we’regonna be putting the water here wellyeah kind of mess you let’s clean thatup a little bit there the sides just tonot have this yeah we go perfect and westart mixing this then it’ll be littleyou can do it with your hand right awaybut it’s a litte bit more sticky thisway you have just a tad more controlwhat’s going on I already did this videoin Spanish hitting for God half of theingredients it still went came out quitewell wasn’t too bad but let’s try to itright this timeand what I mean by this is notforgetting this salt so yeah let’s putthat before I forget about itsalt couldn’t be how much salt that’s upto youput a decent amount of salt unless youhave like very high blood pressure or noyeah of course if you have high bloodpressure you don’t want to overdo thissalt but a tablespoon not not singleSunnah a teaspoon teaspoon and a halflet’s go for it yeah enough salt goesnicely in your bread you know if if youadd this before at least this is whatI’ve been told if you add this before itstarts reacting with it it kills theyeast so yeah that’s not not goodreusing the hands heremaybe need a little bit more flour sowhat I have here just go just avoid isgetting too stickyand a bit moreyeah we kind of have our bread mixshaping into something decent now go tothe table the flour there and we’ll justdrop that right there like so removeevery any little bits still left inthere and now it’s time to start workingthis where’s the camera between my handsmaking things so much more interestingand now realizing that I forgot to addthe olive oil this would be a right thegreat time to do thathow much olive oil that’s up to you manjust put as much as you want I like itwhere that good bitter of it gives it anice taste and you start working thissomething like that the traditionalrecipe well there’s there’s no suchthing as a traditional bread recipe butI’m usually one of some of the thingsthat I’ve seen is a bit more what I likeit when it’s a more drier and not sosoft it just makes for nicer bread bunsat least the ones I like making justworks better for me so yeah let’s keepdoing thisa bit more there you go[Applause]and at this point we’re starting to seesomewhat of a decent okay this is almostwhen you start feeling it like Airy likelike there’s air inside that’s a goodstuff yeah that’s a good cue on on youare on the right trackokay yeah that’s that’s nice boom thereyou go now my little personal suggestionis try stretching this a little bit andthen we have spatula cut it like so andkeep stretching it in a couple morelittle buttons these are called likemaybe making those nice restaurant typeof little breads that’s what we’re goingfor hereyou know I clearly have some that arebigger than othersthat’s okay no problem you’re goodokay right morpho and here we sort ofare on the right path when you have thiskind of like a handful this what I dowith my fingers like that try and keepit tight and this goes right there thenthe same thing for all of these guysyeah I keep either an assistant or apack of flour muna buy for anyadditional needs you may have little bunfinger thing inside you close it likethat that’s gonna be giving a way ofopening up then it makes an interestingshape pattern or a kind of some sortlots of flour on the outside I want tohave any sticky stuff they’re closing itlike so same thing here this might endup tiny see how that works outsame thing here lots of flourclosing this one toothere and same thing there okay yeahdidn’t work out well let’s try it againI’ve owned that yeah that’s a little bitbetter so these go right here spreadthem out because they tend to open upquite a bit so make room for all of themman do I suck at cooking but somehowmagically I always end up on top ofthese things guys somehow I always endup with something decent once it’s allsaid and done so there has to be somecredit to that once you have this mylittle trick is turning the oven on forabout one minute one minute and thenturning it off again that leaves it justa little bit warm just just enough justfor this to go right so one minute turnit off again and then cover this with aa bit of our wet rag even the same ragyou’ve been using to clean your handswhile cooking that’s okay no problem youjust cover it like this and you let letit rest in the other so just one minuteturn it off again and then open thisthing and let it rest in there[Music]for about 30 minutes so let’s see howthat’s looking should be okay okay nottoo badnow we’re gonna be putting it in theoven for about 15 minutes just keep aneye in case anything is your your ovenit’s all bit too hot but 15 minutes giveor take about 230 kind of hot and let’ssee how that goes outokay so 15 minutes later it’s lookinggood kind of ballpark it that colorlooks quite nice so these are good to gookay not bad not bad at allme we go close up you see that kind ofhard texture you want that sound of likehollow that’s a good sign so let’s getthese see you didn’t have much faith inme look out that so no not so bad rightlet’s let them cool just a little bitand give them a try see if they tastegood toookay and these actually taste as good asthey look guys couldn’t be any easierjust give it a try if you want to learnsimilar cool recipe such as makingbanana pancakes or lentil stew you canfind that in my books sweet survivalskills available in Amazon following thelink below

14 Replies to “How to Make Bread: Fast, Easy and actually Good

  1. I was just experimenting with this all last week! I mean a lot of experimenting. I made some good pizza crust in the end

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  4. Thank you sir! You have done so much to help people live better life and prepare for the unknown. You have earned my gratitude.

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  6. Check out no-knead bread, as long as you dont need it right away its the easiest bread to make ever. You mix the water flour salt and yeast let it sit 12-18 hrs and the yeast does all your kneading in that time, after that all you have to do is bake it. It comes out great every time.

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