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Hi friends. I hope you are staying safe wherever you are during these times of quarantine. Here in our quarantine kitchen, I believe we should all know how to make bread. This came to light in a post I made on Instagram recently.

There is nothing more meaningful than the fact that bread is an answer to hunger. And why has it become such a visceral reaction to the current times of #covid19? The sexy kitchen has gone out the window for bread. Why is it so comforting?

Our daily bread.

Without it, many go hungry. With it, one is sustained for a day if needs be. Nothing comforts much more than a freshly baked piece of bread with butter, perhaps a little marmalade or jam if you are lucky, and a nice hot and milky cup of tea. And it comes in hundreds of varieties. Hot cross buns, sourdough bread, dinner rolls, foccacia, ciabatta, baguette… In Lagos, #Agege bread is one such example. At a cost of less than N150 (currently $0.40) a loaf, light and fluffy and full of air, it is a food within reach for so many families. Everyone should know how the make bread.

Bread is fundamentally a mixture of flour, water and yeast; perhaps enriched with a little fat, milk, eggs, sugar, spices, salt. It does not need to be complicated, it just needs to nourish. And the importance of this couldn’t be emphasized more than in these current times. And the following prayer has never been more pertinent.

Dear Lord, give us this day, our daily bread… You are all in my thoughts as I dedicate a prayer for all of you, my friends and loved ones.

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done,
on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the Kingdom,
the power and the glory,
For ever and ever.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]right now if you want to stuff at homethe quarantine kitchen and I believe weshould all know read what you’re goingto need today is 600 grams of plainflour 50 grams of sugar one and a halfteaspoons of salt one tablespoon ofinstant yeast or three teaspoons it’sthe same thing300 milliliters of water it’s best ifit’s warm because it accelerates theyeast development process one tablespoonof butter or 15 grams of melted butter75 grams or 1/3 a cup of vegetable oilso definitely feel free to double ortriple or half this recipe although whywould you go through all that work for alittle bit of bread the recipe of God isgoing to make 12 to 15 dinner rolls orthree about three three small loaves ofbread we eat in great her mouth so andI’m going also going to gift some breadto my neighbor so I am making a wholelot of bread let’s grow with it beforewe get started let’s talk aboutequipment now you don’t need a machineto make bread but because I pay bread insuch huge quantities I’ve got me one oftheseit changed my life this is not a salespitch this is just a machine we aregoing to use the dough hook so I’m goingto set it up ah do I want to need no Idon’t want to need so if you’re going tobake bread if you don’t have a machineif you’re thinking about getting amachine just get one it makes life somuch easier alright so I like to startby activating the yeast now if you’reusing instant yeast there’s no need forthis you can just throw it in altogetherbut if you’re anything like me and youmake once this year and not next yearthen you want to do this because thisway after five minutes you can seewhether you’re used to still alive ornotso to 300 milliliters of water add threeteaspoons of yeast or 1 tablespoon addyour sugar and leave that to work itsway together for about five to tenminutes you may want to give yourmixture a little stir I find that itdepends on the brand of yeast sometimesthe yeast clumps up so much so just giveit a gentle agitation so that it breaksup there you have it just after a fewminutes we’re ready to roll and now weadd the rest of the ingredients so I’mgonna throw in oil buttergoing to sprinkle in the salt the saltis really important when it comes toflavoring breads and now for a wholeheap of flour put on the hook and theway we go with mixing very low speedthere we go one tip with long braidscover your hair when baking and it’scoming together beautifully and I cansmell the yeast it’s actually a reallypleasant smell all right so I’ve beenmeeting for a few minutes and we’re justgoing to do a short little check I liketo do this to check for moisture okayit’s not ready yet but I’m just showingyou a test it is a bit stretchy whichshows me that we have a good amount ofmoisture in the dough but it’s notsmooth so we’re going to keep keeprunning and as a guide for machines fiveminutes is more than enough five minutesof meeting because a machine can veryeasily over work the dough and whenthose overworked it becomes it startsfighting back if you punch it or punchyou back almost yeah I’m quite happywith the moisture but usually at thispoint this is when if it’s really dryI’ll add just a tiny bit of water butI’m really happy with this right nowand here we have it guys look at that Ilove the way this is lookingit looks almost sticking at the bottombut trust me this is what you want thisis how you know you’re gonna get a nicesoft dough which will make a lovelyfluffy bread all right let’s have a lookat that that’s beautiful guysbeautiful beautiful beautifuland it’s not sticky at all they’re softbut not sticky so and this is why I lovemy DOS scraper to scrape it all off andremember you can do all this by hand I’mjust making a whole big batch so I’musing a machine satisfyingI love scraping every last bit of mydough hook so the next thing we’re goingto do is put this into a glass bowl orany Bowl to riseusing my dough scraper get to do thisbitch the bulb has been oiled so thatour dough has doubled in size it’s readyfor shaping I’m gonna take it over to mysurface simply punch out the air andtake your dough out of the bowl onto aclean surface and all you’re going to dois gently knead it and then bring it upinto a shape where you can divide itequally into two parts we don’t have tobe exactjust eyeball it remember that I madetwice the amount of dough as in therecipe I gave you so I’m just going todivide it into two and keep on aside nowwe’re going to work to this recipe justtake your dough divide it into two thendivide it into two more pieces so you’regoing to divide it into four pieces andthis dough will make approximatelytwelve big rolls and there are a reallynice sizeif you want to portion control go aheadand make them into maybe 18 those 15 to18 dough balls then you know that you’reeating just a little bit less with eachservingnext shape each dough ball I’m going totry and demonstrate how I do this whatyou’re going to do is pretty much pullthe edge of the dome over and bring itto the center so use your left palm themiddle of your neck palm to create asmooth outer surface for the dough andthen bring in the edges and bring theminto the center let’s see if we can slowit down a bit for you of courseprofessionals will use the mediancounter to do this but I’ve always foundthis easierone day soon I hope I will try anddemonstrate the other method and thereyou have it we are pinching it togetherinto a nice tight and neat dough balland now cover them and leave them asidein a warm face for the final proof thiswill be about an hour an hour and a halfand guys that time is worth it becausewhen it’s done look at the result it’salmost ready to eat they look sobeautiful and now bake the bread in apreheated oven the temperature you wantis about 200 220 degrees for 25 to 30minutes or until golden brown like theseand nowyou can utterly enjoy your freshly bakedbread buns with oodles and oodles ofbutter and jam guys my guilty pleasureis red with jam and butter and a cup oftea if you’re serving why not brush themwith some melted butter to allow them tolisten a bit enjoy

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