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How to Make Banana Bread French Toast | Noemi Cooks & Tells

Want to spruce up your breakfast? Here’s how to make Banana Bread French Toast! The sweet moist banana bread with a crispy cinnamony crust. You just gotta try this! Hope you enjoy watching and be sure to like this video if it entices you to try it out too. Comment below and subscribe!

Banana Bread:
3-4 bananas
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 melted butter
2 eggs
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup of your choice of nuts (optional)

Bake at 350 degrees for 45-55 min in a medium size loaf pan. You can sprinkle some cinnamon and extra nuts on top before putting into oven.
Let bread cool down. In a medium box mix 1-2 eggs, 1/4 cup of milk and a little bit of cinnamon. Cut loaf into about 1/2 inch slices and dip into egg mixture and cook on a pan at medium high. Cook and flip until each side is as crispy as desired.

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Video Transcription

hi welcome back to new me cooks Intel’sso I’ve been extra busy lately but heynow I’m back and I’ve made somethingespecially different so this is thefirst time I’ve made this and I’m veryhappy with how it turned out so Ithought I’d share how to make bananabread french toast yesa yummy combo that I thought would bedelicious proof and it is so let’s getto bakinthis is the delicious loaf that wereabout to make right now so I’ve alreadygone ahead and crack two eggs and meltedthe butter and we’re gonna go ahead andput that in together in a bowl and dothe vanilla vanilla extract and put inthe brown sugar I haven’t tried doingthis with regular white sugar I just Ijust really like how it comes out betterwith the dark brown sugar so go aheadand give it a nice mix and that will bethe wet ingredients peel the bananas andthen go ahead and mash them up with thefork and get them like this and thenwe’re gonna mix the dry ingredients sogo ahead and get a bigger bowl and we’llput the flour in in the baking soda andadd in the salt and mix it up I woulduse a sifter but I don’t have one so Ijust did it with a regular ol hand whiskso go ahead and put the wet ingredientsinto the dry ingredients and then we’lladd in the banana and give it a mix mixit up mix it up so mix it until all theflour and the bananas and sugar andeverything well incorporated and youwant it to look kind of like a pancakemix I guess yeah so this is totallyoptional you can add in some nuts ofyour choice so I have added here somesliced almonds to give it that nicelittle nuttiness and mix it in some morenow we’re gonna go ahead and pour itinto a loaf pan so preferably a nicemedium sized loaf pan and make sure yougot it sprayed down with butter sprayreal goodand to add some little extra crunch Iput some almonds on top try and be alittle fancy you know even though it’sjust for us at home and I like tosprinkle just a little bit of cinnamonon top so we’re gonna go ahead andpreheat the oven to 350 and we’re gonnabake this for about 45 – 15 minutes oruntil you do the toothpick test about anhour later we’ll have this nicebeautiful golden-brown banana nut breadloaf look at that oh my goodness it’s soyummy and it smells amazing mm-hmm sowe’re gonna go ahead and let this cooldown a bit and we’re gonna slice it upso we’re gonna go ahead and do finish itoff so making french toast so I like todo started off with one egg and a littlebit of vanilla extract sometimes I addanother egg if if I’m making you knowenough for me my husband and then I liketo sprinkle some cinnamon in as well andthen we’re gonna do the milk or half anda half if that’s all you have but I justlike to use milk or maybe even heavywhipping cream and then give it a nicemix and then we’ll go ahead and get thepan ready and melt some butter on itmake sure you have your pan nice and hotjust like when you do pancakes you wantto make sure your pan is nice and hot soyou get a nice crispy buttery edge ifthat’s what you’re gonna do because I amso go ahead and dip the bread into theegg mixture and you got to be a littlegentle and then go ahead and put them inthe pans cook on each side for maybeabout four to five minutes depending onhow crispy you like them and continue todo that until your egg mixture scar oruntil you’ve done the whole loaf oruntil you feel like you’re good andready to devour them you can’t wait anymoreso here they are nice yummy banana nutbread french toast and trust me youprobably won’t need syrup but just alittle bit warmmm-hmm it’ll taste so good it’s so niceand sweet and it’s just so soft but yetcrispy if you like I said if you do thepan nice and hot and get it with lots ofbutter and have yourself some banana nutbread french toast just like that bornwith some eggs and YUM mm-hmm whatImperatoso I hope I encouraged you to make this- and if I did give this video a thumbsup and if you do end up making it leaveme a comment below I’d love to know howit turned out if you also have a recipeidea that you’d like for me to show youhow to do or something you’d like for meto make leave me a comment below I’m allears or actually I’m all eyes becauseI’ll be reading your comment I guess Iwon’t be hearing you so I also hit thesubscribe button and the notificationbell so you get notified when I post anew video I try and post at least everyweek so I’ll be back on that and I’llsee you next week bye

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