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How to make ‘Baked Fried Oreo’… The Soft and Delicious Bread… Muhammad Bisri Mustofa / L6 / 16

Name : Muhammad Bisri Mustofa
Class : L6
Number: 16

This video was made to meet the English practice exam, SMA Negeri 5 Malang

Description :
I give this bread the name “Baked
Fried Oreo”, I got the name from
the manufacturing process which
can be done by baking and frying,
while the last word is obtained
from the filling of the bread in the
form of oreo. Making this bread is
quite easy with easily available
tools and ingredients, here is
below how to make it and a list of
tools and ingredients.

Materials :
– 1 pack Oreo
– 1 cup Milk
– 125 ml Warm Milk
– 225 grams Wheat Flour
– 1 tsp Instant Yeast
– 25 grams Sugar
– 1 piece Egg
– 30 grams Butter
– ½ tsp Salt
– Honey to taste

Tools :
– Scales
– Measuring Cup
– Container
– Baking Tray
– Glass
– Rubber
– Spoon
– Plastic width
– Spatula
– Oven
– Plate

Steps :
1. Activate one tea spoon of yeast by brewing it with 50 ml of warm milk
(note : as much as possible for the milk to be really warm, if hot milk is
put int o the y e a s t then the yeast will die) add one tea spoon of sugar then
stir. Leave it for 5 – 8 minutes until it is bubbly.

2 . In a large bowl, add the flour, sugar, and salt and stir until evenly
distributed. (note : may use tools may use hands).

3 . After considered flat, add the butter and stir ahain until smooth and
intocoarse lumps.

4 . Add the beaten egg then add liquid yeast, stir again until it is
considered evenly distributed.

5 . Add the remaining milk to the mixture little by little while stirring.

6 . When the dough is quite unified and resembles a typical bread dough,
stop adding milk.

7 . Cover the dough using a wide plastic , do not forget to add a rubber so
that it does not come off and is airtight. Leave it at room temperature
warm to expand quickly.

8 . After doubling the size and non- stickly texture, stir again with a spatula
until the fluffy volume decreases.

9 . Cover again with plastic and rubberised for 20 minutes , after 20
minutes stir again 2 – 3 times.

10. Hold the plastic that was to cover the dough in a flat place, add a little flour on top.

11. Remove the dough from the container and place on the plastic, pat the
dough with flour so it does not stick.

12 . Divide the dough into sections according to the desired size.

13 . At this time the stove can be turned on so that
the oven is a little hot and when the dough is put
in the oven is hot and ready.

14 . Loosen each grain oreo by dipping it in milk
and drain in another place.

15 . Take one piece of dough and flatten it, place
one loose oreo in the middle of the dough that has
been flatt ened.

16 . Wrap the Oreos in the dough by folding them
until one limp Oreo is covered with dough.

17 . Do this until the dough runs out, while
arrang ing it on a baking sheet.

18 . After the dough is ready on the baking sheet,
put the pan into the hot oven, bake the dough for. 15 – 20 minutes.

19 . During the ba k ing pr o c e s s , ma k e a dough to
spread the bread, the dough consists of 1 tea spoon
honey and 1 tsp butter, stir then setaside.

20. After 15 – 20 minutes , remove the bread from
the oven, before removing it from the pan, spread
the bread first with the butter and honey mix ture,
let its it for a while.

21. After that, put the cold bread into the pack .

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