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How to make an Amazing and Easy Overnight Sourdough Bread

This is how you make an amazing and easy overnight sourdough. I’ll show you all the important steps to master this recipe.

While we have some time you can also join the stream and ask me some questions. To dial in please use:

I already fed my starter and autolysed my dough.

Recipe for the dough:
– 500 grams of bread flour
– 375 grams of water (75%)
– 50 grams of sourdough starter (10%)
– 10 grams of salt (2%)

– Prepare the starter
– Mix flour and water and wait for at least 4 hours

The rest is in the stream 🤓

Tools I am using:
Banneton Proofing basket (25cm length, 15cm width, 8.5cm height):
Bread T-shirts/hoodies:
Cooling racks:
Dough Scraper:
Dutch oven with handles (Challenger Bread Pan):
Dutch oven with glas lid:
Flour I am using:
Laser Thermometer:
Loaf Pan (30cm length x 12cm width x 9cm height):
Loaf Pan with Lid (34cm length, 13cm width, 12cm height):
Lodge Cast Iron round for Boules:
No stick spray (vegetable based):
pH Meter:
Weck starter jars:

0:00 Intro
3:09 The full process
11:40 Adding starter and salt
19:00 Q&A
33:40 Extracting a fermentation sample
43:00 How to make a round dough ball
50:00 Dough strength via bench kneading
70:00 How to laminate a sourdough
80:00 Next steps

#sourdough #sourdougbread

Original of the video here

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