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How To Make Almond Butter-Banana Bread Granola Parfait by The Kitchen Twins

The Kitchen Twins’ easy homemade granola made from almond butter & banana is the base for these delicious “banana bread” parfaits.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Hey Rachael, it’s your favorite sister duo,The Kitchen Twins.I’m Emily.And I’m Lila.So we just turned our sweet 16and we wanted to do a sweet takeon one of our favorite breakfasts.Berry parfait with almonds,butter, bananas, fried granola.I mean, how good does that sound?The nice thing about this is,all those bananas that you really don’t want to eatbecause they’re brown, just throw them in here.We have a cup and a half of old fashioned rolled oats.Then we’re going to adda half a cup of unsweetened, raw, toasted coconut.Half a cup of chopped pecans.A quarter cup of hemp heartsand these add a nice nutty flavorplus protein and nutrition.Super good for you.A tablespoon of cinnamon,nutmeg to add that little nutty, spicy flavor,salt just to bring the other flavors out.So I’ve mashed up these bananasand we’re going to adda half a cup of creamy delicious almond butter,a tablespoon of maple syrup,and then I just added a tablespoon of canola oil.We’re gonna whip this up nice and quickly,the faster we can get into the oven,the faster we can eat it.(laughter)It smells so good.Now we’re going to go bake it at 325 degrees for 15 minutes.It’s so worth it.This is granola perfection.Mm.You just keep building these up,so we’re gonna go yogurt,granola, fruit, chocolate chia, and berries.Cheers.Mm.Mm.(audience applause)Yum!We love you Emily and Lila.That looks absolutely deliciousas does everything you create together.Nice to see you girls.Come see us here when you have time.We’ll see you when you see you, everybody.Bye-bye.(audience applause)(upbeat music)

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