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How to make a Bread and Butter Pudding quickly in a microwave

Want a satisfying feel-good pudding NOW? Paddy shows you how to make a microwaved bread and butter pudding in less than 10 minutes! This is great for using up leftovers and avoiding food waste.
Bread, butter, egg, milk/milk powder or milk substitue.
Sweet options: fruit or dried fruit, oats, nuts, spices, chocolate spread, chocolate pieces…
or Savoury options: cheese, nuts, sosmix, garlic, sweetcorn, peppers, chillies, mushrooms, peas, tinned veg, tinned fish or meat, bacon, cubed chicken, etc etc.

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Video Transcription

hello I’m patty from creative media atUK and today I’m going to show you howto make bread and butter pudding cookiebread and margarine if you don’t eatbutter but you need the bread right nowwe’re in the midst of the coronaviruslockdown so I thought people might liketo be able to make a pudding to cheerthemselves up without having to go tothe supermarket and if you’re watchingthis in the future just be grateful thatyou can go anytime you want and buythings right so let’s start with a sliceof breadthis is a quick pudding there’s recipesonline to take ages but this uses themicrowave and my five so all you’regonna even have your first course matejust waiting and have it for puddingjust like that without really waitingaround until so that’s my slice of breadif you’re making a bigger pudding nextmore slices of bread so first apply thebutter[Music]doesn’t really matter if it’s in lumpsbecause it’s gonna get hotso it’ll note[Music]and more butter is nicer okay[Music]so boring if you like more or less on ifyou don’t want a so much fat in your[Music]okay so now we need to chop this up intobits I got that bread you use isentirely up to you this is often a goodway to use up bread that’s gone a bitdry if you’re tired of making it intotoast chop it up instead[Music]I’m using my favorite pirates bowlbecause this is gonna get hot it’s verylate in there here’s a useful tip if yougot some kitchen scissors you can chopit up smaller using those busses rathercoming off but we’re gonna mix it upanyway so don’t worry that’s itif you never tried this with agluten-free bread it might workI’m not sure if you try it withgluten-free in it it works or if itworks badly let me know in the commentsdo okay we’re ready for ingredients aclassic for reading by putting hisraisins but you can pretty much putanything you fancy in you could do asavory one even if you could she usingor something or Marmite you spread thebread with Marmite that would be quitenice I think with garlic in or some kindof vegetables maybe I’m gonna spice itup a bit as well I’m gonna add a bit ofnutmeg nutmeg is a really goodingredients to add to it[Music]and a little bit of ginger ginger I’vegot another thing with asafoetida inwhich would tastea lot different than thisit looks very similar Awesomenauts I gotsome walnuts a little cheese almostmight be interesting in here likescrunch them up a bit make him a bitsmaller I usually put flaked almonds inthis but this is nope I think I hadgreat endowments but this stuff is thesauce mix for making vegetarian burgersso I’m not gonna put any of that in ifyou’re doing a savory one suspects wouldbe really nice in here I think anythingelse I fancy got some cinnamon so itwould be nice not too much here we goand some sugar I’m using brown sugar butnormal white sugar is fine[Music]click brain sugar has more minerals in Idon’t know what the minerals are verysugar they’ve got more stuff in thatdoes use a little bit of good that goesto sugar the easylots of good itself really far from weall need sugar don’t waste it for yourhealth but just too much of itit’s a bit of a shame right I’m gonnaget some milk powder you can use milkwith this or rice milk or eat milk orsomethingI just haven’t got paid her in the houserather than rather than actual milk andlastly a nice fat egg[Music]got ideas for a vegan version of thislet me know right so now it needs to goa bit mushy so because I’ve not put inliquid milk and put a milk powder I’mgoing to add a bit of water don’t ask mehow much I just put in a bit small haveI did my more so now so this milk powderso that will give you some kind of ideahow much liquid there is in here theplace will start to soak it up as wemush it around mix it mix it all aroundeverything all mushrooms if you’re doinga savory one do a mushroom one with eggsand mushrooms and one aged the big youdo it see the more eggs in need and itdoesn’t really matter particularly ifit’s more mush evenness or a bit lessmushy as long as you get all the breadstotal didn’t eat egg and milk mixturethere none however have a recovery oneyou could do like it’s got a hot onewith chilies that might be good as wellfor a savory one I think I’m gonna do asavory one day too much fun right that’swell and truly mushed up don’t see anyof the yellow of the egg yolk so nowit’s time to give this a bit of amicrowavehere we are I’ve given it about sixminutes in my particular microwave it’squite a powerful microwave so it wasmight move it take a bit longer thisseems pretty cooked you’ve got a lot ofleeway with this pudding really the moreyou cook it the more sort of solid itgets you can see this is sort of holdingitself together and then it’s got nogood you can feel a bit of a kind ofthump sound from the top there it’s nolonger squelching so that’s a good signyou could probably cut slices of this ifyou want to make it really nice then putit under a grill would get a nicecrunchy top that’s really nice serve itwith custard or ice cream or if youreally fancy treat Bombay[Music]happy eating enjoy your pudding[Music]

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