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How to Cook Pizza Bread -JollyCooking

Hi guys, it’s Jolly here and today, I’ll be teaching you how to cook pizza bread with ease!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys it’s jelly here and what can youdo in your leisure time if you add along holiday right now you could do whatI’m going to show you it’s simple quickto make and delicious guys you can makepizza bedyou will need bread tomato sauce andcheese for topping I’m using salamisausagesI’m leftover chicken so first use thetomato sauce and spread it over thebread don’t add too much[Music]next I’m going to add some cheese ontothe bread like this if you want you canadd some toppings like I said before I’mgoing to be using some salami andsausages[Music]I’ve also cut up some Tomatoes to be agirl friendly I’ve shredded up someleftover chicken that we can also add toa pizza bread[Music]math let’s not leave I’ve gotten somegrated cheese that leaf could add to gayfriends[Music]after ten minutes our pizza bread isfinally done can you smell it it smellsso good[Music]

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