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How to cook Hungarian garlic bread| garlic bread.

Published 24 December2020
In this video, we will see how to cook Hungarian garlic bread. Very easy recipe, great fun to eat for kids and adults as snacks you pack it for school lunch box.
Our recipe is made of basic ingredients available at home. Very healthy and various sweet and savory can be made, basically, kids will get attracted to this dish. Very famous in the south part of India, very good for the health and digestive system.
Viewers please do try at home and share it with your friends and family, also please do share your feedback, about the recipe in the comment below, good luck and happy cooking.
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Thank you for the video shooting by Mr. Guru Subramanian.
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i am very thankful for apple iMovie for editing the video.

These are a cooking channel we provide fusion cuisine recipe. I promote my mom and my friend in these channels to give wide variety of recipes in one channel.

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