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How To: Cook Cornmeal Porridge And Bread with Omelette|Liberian Breakfast

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Video Transcription

hello guys welcome back to my youtubechannel today i’m gonna be showing youguys how to make my favorite breakfastI’m gonna be making cornmeal and I’m notbread for breakfast it’s like really myfavorite breakfast that’s the con meal[Music]that’s my cheese my boy and my seasonsI’m gonna be using when I tell you thisbreakfast is d Bob it’s really reallyreally really goodthis is something I recommend for everysingle person to try and love to eatbreakfast I’m a breakfast kind of personso niceeverything you see here is what I’mgonna be using to make this um breakfastso over here I have my pot bread fourslices of bread my egg already mixedtogether mm-hmmlooking so good mm-hmm so I’m gonna takemy brain tose checked out milk and putit in the pot right there you see thepot right there with dirt right thereand I can’t when you do it like thatso now I have the pot but I take the oiland put the koi into my pot and get thisonon why my mouth is like thatoh my gosh oh yeah you’ll need so muchor just a little bit or and just spreadit all around the pan you see just I’mdoing both on my ownguess you need a little bit oil you justshake the oil around the pan some morenext I’m gonna add the milk in the potand then I have my old mill man thisprofit is so good so I just keep addinguntil you feel like it’s enough for youand then you stare just like I’m doingstare dimensional other than that is notin it and I put my brain the egg flip itover look at her look at it look at itlook at me look at it the birds sayinglook at me like thatlook look look at my thumb you lookingso good I gotta burn it you know Ididn’t say man in the bread and the eggoh look so good and a flip over mmmlook at that how good I look yeah askGod look at thatmmm just flipping it and after cornmealjust keep staring until all the night isout of itI’m gonna add a butter about 2 spoon ofbutter and then you just go ahead andstir it until all the butter smelt likeI’m doing you guys should try this forbreakfast is so it’s so good Marythought she’d definitely try this forbreakfastso yeah I’m still staring it making sureall the butter it’s not gonna show justgonna melt and then I added my settingman in my camellia now just tear itit’s time for my nutmeg so like you cansee like I’m doingtook one look man and just crying cryingme granny forgotten luck man in theCarmel I’m adding sugar now you canaware where sugar you wantI’m how much sugar sugar you want in itit all depends on youI love sweet so I didn’t like I thinkabout 3 3 TSP sugar that’s my breadsitting with him that’s my cornmeal andI’m just mixing it yes it up yesterdaybecause that is not a pig it’s a bit upit’s gonna be a mess up a he and youstarted stairs so good so yeah that’s mycombo and after finish finish work lookgood my sandwich love toasted oh jeez amelted mmm my egg is all crispy mmmthe bread looks like crispy don’t lookat my cornmeal it’s all yellowish lookso delicious it looks so goodso yes God is the end of my video thankyou for watching don’t forget to Likeshare subscribe to your friends yourcousin cause your brothers and sisterseverybody about life of RAM is gonna bepopping over here thank you for watchinghave a good one

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