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How to cook Cauliflower with butter and bread crumbs in California – good source of energy!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back today we’re gonnamake cauliflower and if you haven’t seenour previous videos please subscribe andlike how do you make cauliflower inCalifornia so you have to buycauliflower come to California and makeit right oh you can come to Californiaby cauliflower and make it is gonna bethe same rightactually now whenever you come toCalifornia if you drive there’s likealmost like a border and they ask youhey do you have any vegetables or fruitsor did you visit any farm lately so youprobably couldn’t come with cauliflowerto California by the way its CaliforniaCalifornia yes not California Californiaso the best way is to come here and ohyou know what now I’m talking too muchso let’s get to work you can docauliflower anywhere you want even ifyou live I don’t know on the moon so youcan take all the clouds to the moon andmake it there so let’s do it right I’mgonna cut itoh by the way what are we gonna need weneed of course cauliflower bread crumbsbutter about like I don’t know it’s like2 inches by 1 inch size and just saltand pepper I’m gonna cut thiscauliflower in halfyou know what it’s fine it’s not even weusually work this time but you know whatthis show it’s all about fun cooking youknow we we are not like trying to besuper professional so this is not thatChannel you know we just want to makecooking fun and show you that anybodycan cook and you don’t have to stressout yourself about cooking to somepeople they take the sleeves off theycut it outwe like to heat it it takes little bitlonger to cook that middle part ofcourse so instead of cooking six minuteswe’re gonna cook it for about tenminutes we want that most heat on thatpart right so that’s how I do it I’mjust gonna drop it in and what I alwaysdoI have ready water in my kettleso I can fill it up to the end and Idon’t have to wait until it’s gonna boilagain so I’m gonna make sure this wateris also hotokay I’m gonna fill it up to the topso now I’m gonna cover it more pressureit’s gonna get so fastand actually cauliflower is high infiber and also b12 and it’s good formemory and weight loss that’s what Ineed I keep forgetting things all thetime by the way did you notice last timewhen we have cauliflower I had moreenergy okaybecause this is gonna take about tenminutes from the time of the boiling soI’m gonna put it on this stove and I’mgonna show you how to to butter andbread crumbs for this one you just needa small pan and butter of coursewhen you do it on the stove you shouldput the butter is almost melted so wegonna add bread crumbs this you justhave to feel you know that it’s not toomuch of it because then you know it’sgonna be too fake you cook it until it’slike cold and color I think that’senough of bread crumbs so you see I Iused like touch of it by the way we bothlove vegetables we eat a lot ofcauliflower I’m trying to show you thisgolden color it’s like under under thisfall anyway you will see it on thecauliflower[Music]ten minutes test cauliflower inCalifornia is ready so that’s how itlooks the part I just removed water it’scan you see that steam I say anywaylet’s put it on the plate and on theplate I sprinkled panko whoever watchedour show where we made fried eggsI didn’t think all the time I usebreadcrumbs so they that’s exactly howthe panko looks like if you never usedpanko breadcrumbs of course is muchsmaller but this panko is lighter and Ilike it for different purposes so I liketo put cauliflower on it[Music]I didn’t cut it properly so my wife isgonna get the smaller piece the laststep is of course who support bottlehoneys so that’s nice I think it’sbeautifulcan you hear yeah I know it’s excitingfor us who is not when you are in therestaurant and you sit and you wait forthe food and then the food comes andeverything yeah especially when you haveto wait a long time[Music]I’m telling y’all my husband my husbandis such a great cook he’s okay oh onemore thing before we try itsalt and pepperI’m also using alliance of AllahHimalaya Himalaya okay so let’s try itit’s very hot so you have to be carefullet’s take small pieces by the way wealways do it at the endI can’t wait like it melts in your mouthit’s so soft the butter takes amazingwe’re so good I think I can show ya noit’s really good okay so we have to gobecause we are hungrysorry about the noise there is some guydoing construction I hope you liked ourshow right and of course you can if youdidn’t see other videos please subscribeand do like and yeah that’s itsee you guys[Music]

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  1. Never had cauliflower like that I have to try that next time .. where can I find the thing he added in the bottoms.. it looks yummy

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