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How to cook bread at home? Traditional Turkish recipe

Hello, my dear friends 😊 i miss you too much 😭😔

The whole world is closed and, unfortunately, you can’t visit Istanbul and enjoy amazing Turkish dishes.

That’s why i decided to come to you by myself 😉 directly to your kitchen ☺️😄👌

Lets cook together and enjoy unusual and so delicious Turkish cuisine 🇹🇷🌍

And i would like to start from the most common dish – homemade bread.

Very simple recipe and undesirable aromatic result 😊😊😊

To cook bread at your home you will need only:

✓olive oil
For decoration:
✓some corns

Enjoy your meal 😊 Affiyet olsun

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello from Istanbul my name is DJ DimasI am really happy to see you all of theworld is closednobody cannot visit anywhere but I’mvery happy to meet with you in our firstlesson what we cook in our first lessonthe nice Turkish bread to cook breadwhat we need ingredients of course watera little olive oil some semolina somemallet salt cracked wheat is sugar ofcourse Stach first we melt our list wehave a water here and I’m mixing it Ikeep just a hundred gram small pieceokay I keep it for next breath we mix itit makes it nice it’s all melt nice sowe keep it here for some minutes andafter we are such we need help one okaythis is 500 this is one kilogram we need500 grams I think it is enough okay weopened it up and we check our yeast isit not or not yeah because it’s not veryquick very quick because it is a warmwater so we are gonna start the cookwe’re gonna start to make our bread sostart slowly at your home you can makeit in in a cup but I I make it on thefloor because it’s nice on the video andthen now we have some sugarof course some saltand our olive oil somebody[Music][Music]it is really nice to me like a chewingyou it’s really nice you can understandhow soft and it’s really nice smelllet’s another let’s smell we are comingat the end so I don’t make too breadwith this so I will make it aroundone of thisand all of this our bread is ready okayyou see it is ready so we keep it in aroom temperature how far now if you havea done you can keep four to four to fiveminutes it will be much more better Iwill keep it in 30 minutes okaywe take it in in this cup and the closedlike this like thisso just we need some timeokay my bread is ready bread feels greatokay okay now I will add some semolinaunder flat okay sosecond one and I would like to have somewheat on itwhat would present a for goodpresentation and of course for tastingjust add just a little water for mywheat okay now it is ready to go intoownwe are here our own our own is 180degrees time is 20 minutes so when youhave when you cook at your home justremember thisfew animals are ready for fly our breadis ready curves you have to fly becauseit’s really nice smell again it’s reallynice you should try at your homeyouyou

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