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hi welcome to Scott Family TV welcomeback to Scott Family TV today we’regonna do I’m not doing a homemade banananut bread we’re just gonna make a banananut bread it’s a very simple recipe yeahquick easy recipe you got to start withyour bananaI had these bananas if you eat bananasand you don’t eat it all right away youcan see but I put it in the freezer peelit and freeze it and just once the theystart to ah right yes and you just pourit in your bowl and my speeder that waythen we have one extra it’s the samesame thing just put it in it’s aboutthree to four bananas if you like itbigger or you do it bigger but that’smainly three to four three to dosometimes so and now you just take itand pretty much mash it down you couldyou can get it any any way you want ithome if you want banana chunks in yourbread you do it anyway however you wantto mash it down use it if you want touse a small mixer you can but the fourcould do just fine and as you can seeit’s getting all fair a downI don’t know if my wife like no bigbanana chunks hey welcome back and westill on this banana this ingredientscall for three bananas we had four so weuse for but it it calls for three threeeggs 1/2 a cup of vegetable oil if youwant to use it and this will be gonnause right here mix yellow kidney andhe’s gonna use walnuts we like walnutsin it so I mean you use whatever one youlike but walnut to me is real good youknow put pecans in there yesthey say this is a very quick easyrecipemy wife said I’m not a baker but I tryto bake stuff I try anyway and I have myown three eggs see what the whole meatyou have to have all kind of other stufflike baking powder soda and all that butjust wet hereyes just gonna do all that I’ll put allyour weight mix together go to oil in ithave a while wet ingredients in the cakemix and we gonna put it mix it togetherso you’re just gonna do all by hand youcould use them you could use a mixer ifyou want to but this is funI mean this is pretty much ain’t gonnabe that hard you don’t want to over mixit yeah you don’t wanna baking breadright yes I see now yeah like if you hadsome bread door mm-hmm you just mix youjust pull all that together and you cansee you go to the full of governessand this happened before you pulled abanana in and which I’m gonna do rightnow hold a banana in and then continueyour mixing I have my oven preheating to375 350 which one is 375 350 all rightyou just want to mix banana oil mix itin there you can use a butter I have aspray this free you can on me a pan downyou can use anything you use to usgrease your pan real good I like to takethe easy way up Si and as you can seeit’s all mixed together now what we wantto do I’m just gonna chop up some of thewalnuts I didn’t buy the chopped onesyou can buy the chopped ones to save yousome time and you just chop it up muchbetter when it’s you eating a bananabread to have chopped easier on youreating make it easier if you buy in halfthe nuts put it in the food processorlike I say anything to save you timelike I say this is a quick recipe isdon’t don’t make it a long recipe isvery quick and after you have chopped innuts up just take itand we can put some more in there if youwant I’m gonna save some because I’mgonna sprinkle some on the top of itlike I said I have greased the pan andthis might need to pan so I’m not surebut you want to get then you just wantto pull it in well and if it’s not evenyou want to even it out like I said nutsfine 18 1984 this is gonna cook bake inthe oven for 60 minutes 60 to 75 minutesall depends on the brownness you wantyour break then just make sure you dothe toothpick all the fork tests in themiddle go fast there are no harder youknow much afraid to burn try not towaste this[Music]come back with the finished product ftheseto get out the pan Wow beautiful andnice just like breads taste amazingyes I mean it’s a quick simple make mesay it’s did it beforequick simple recipe give it a try andmake it your own and don’t forget hitthe subscribe and like button so we canget more videos to come thanks and havea blessed day

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