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How to bake the perfect Sourdough bread at home(motorhome), Tips to bake bread from scratch

We have been enjoying our Rye Sourdough bread for many years.
We love this nutty savoury and healthy bread. Never go back to the supermarket bread.

There are many reasons that you need to spare some time to bake your own bread.
One of the reasons is it is cheaper to bake the artisan bread at home. You will be surprised how much you spent on your staple food.
And definitely much more nutritious than any other bread from commercially baked bread. Also, you know what is in your bread.
What I love about this bread, it is very versatile. It can be served with many different ways from basic butter and jam to Asian style curry, fish dishes, summer BBQ meat, you name it.

It took some time to get the tasty healthy bread at home. There were a few failures in the past.

Mr Sourdough on the video will tell you how he bakes his German sourdough bread. You can apply to your favourite bread ingredients.

Try to make your everyday food at home!!

Original of the video here

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