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How to bake Spanish Bread

So delicious and soft

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Video Transcription

hi i’m chef deborahyou know every day i was thinkingwhat will be the next recipe that i’mgoing to share to youbecause i know most of us only stayingat homeand this is the very difficult times foruswhat we are facing right now because ofthis pandemicsat least if someone is watching my videoshe can learn something or he can learnsomething from methat he can use for his businessor he can use to make a foodfor his familyi’m a chef right now but maybenobody knows who i am[Music]i’m a nursing graduate and if i’m not achefmaybe i’m one of the front liners rightnow in the hospitali’m also a teacher a college instructorand a trainer that’s why i always loveto teachi always love that someone has learnedfrom me you have more time nowto learn follow all the steps that i wasteachingto you it’s very easy to follow all myvideosbecause step by step i was giving youeverything so today i’m going to teachyouhow to bake a spanish bread orspanish roll ok we can start nowfor the ingredients 500 gram of flour[Music]90 gram of white sugar100 gram of butter300 ml of water200 grams of bread crumbs7 grams of salt10 grams of instant yeastfor the procedure put all together theingredientsexcept the bread crumbsmix with the hook attachment or you canalso heat the dough untilit becomes a smooth texture[Music]rest the dough for 40 minutes andprepare the peelingfor peelings we need 2 3 cup of brownsugar[Music]80 gram of butterone half cup of bread crumbs1 3 cup of milk1 4 cup of flourand now we can start to cook thepeelings[Music]put and melt the butterand then add the flour[Music]add the bread crumbsadd the brown sugar and thenadd the milkcontinue stirring until it become thickand like a paste[Music][Applause][Music]and now the peeling is ready[Music]after 40 minutes pass down the doughnow you can divide the dough spin thedoughso that we can get the unicorn size[Music]and now let’s start to shape and rollthe doughflatten the dough and like a triangleshapeadd the peelings and all going upand then threads to the breadcrumbslet’s continue this procedure until wefinishall the doughrest again for another 40 minutes beforebakingit’s ready for bakingleave at 180 degrees for 25to 30 minutesand now our spanish bread is redtake a look closer seeit’s very nice andit’s very softlet’s cut them up and lookwhat’s insideso yummy i cannot wait to eat it nowi hope you enjoy watching this videoand you’ll learn something from me nowyou can subscribe to my youtube channeland follow me in instagram and facebookthank you so much and have a good day

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