Bread Recipes


-Flour 1050g
-Milk 400g
-Sugar 120g
-Yeast 42g or dry Yeast 2 pk
-Butter/Margarine 150g
-Eggs 100g
-Salt 10g
-Zitrone flavour 1 pk or flavour of your choice
-Vanilla flavour 1 pk or flavour of your choice

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Video Transcription

hello guys come along with me and let’sbake brioche bread[Music][Music][Music]the milk has to be lukewarm[Music]you can as well add or subtract thesugar in case you don’t like too muchsweetness oh you like a sweetness it alldepends on you you can as well use dryyeast in this case it should be 14 grams[Music]you can as well substitute the Bata withmy jury in this case I was using butterbecause it gives another taste[Music]the X before used in baking should bekept at room temperature[Music]you can as well use your hands to mixthe dough[Music]dough mixture must be soft as you cansee on the video so as to ensure goodresults 6 minutes kneading the dough isvery good for optimal results[Music]sprinkle a bit of flour on your surfaceto ensure that the dough does not stick[Music]keep the door to rest for about 30minutes in a warm area to ensure thatthe size is doubledI always keep mine in the oven for about30 minutes on 50 degrees centigrade[Music]after the dough has doubled its size forabout 30 minutes in a warm area removethe dough and knead again for about 5minutes[Music]cut into sizes of your choice and putinto your baking form well covered andkeep again for about 15 minutes[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]one extra egg plus 100 Mille liter ofmilk will be mixed together after mixingthe egg and the milk you can then brushthe top of the finished prepared doughbefore baking pre-heat your oven andthen sprinkle about 100 milliliter ofwater in the oven under the tree inwhich your baking pan has to stand bigarticulating a oven with 170 degreescentigrade for about 20 to 25 minutes[Music]you can see the result for yourselfplease try this recipe[Music]


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