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How to Bake Bread at Home || Homemade Bread

Easy Homemade Bread for Beginners. The process is easy, and the results are terrific. If you are new to bread baking or want to give it a try, this is the recipe for you. Hope you enjoy.

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Video Transcription

this bread recipe is really simple thatis amazing guys if you want to see how Iachieve this goal and wrong deliciousbread stay tunedI used 2 cups of warm waterkeep that in mind like warm water andyou don’t have to use 2 cups if you wantyou can use 1 and a half just depends onhow much bread I want to make I don’tknow me make a lot of bread but yes so Iwent in with the it instant yeast and Iwent in with a whole pack and what I doi I leave it for like two minutes beforeI add the other ingredients to it[Music][Music]like is the beginning in the end yourpictures gonna bring it home to me again[Music]I want to take this part I did notmeasure how much flour I added all I didwas add on mix I don’t mix until you geta consistency where you can startkneading with your hand so that’s why Idid so just continue to add flour don’tadd a lot just a little bit by a littlebityou wanna cover your door right afterand just leave it till it double in size[Music][Music]right tomorrow feels a year away likethe seconds the beginning in the end butif in time its yesterday you picturesgonna bring it home[Music][Music]after you finish placing your bread inJapan what you want to do you just wantto cover this and leave it late riseagain until it double in size and that’sabout it I wanted double in size it isready to go in the oven guys all rightguys this is how it’s looking you wantto pre-heat your oven at 400 and thenafter they want to reduce the heat towrong 250 and then place a bread in theoven for approximately 25 to 30 minutesI went ahead and I added some butter onmy bread as soon as it come out the ovenit is aadi butter on it to give it thatlittle character[Music]this is he finished look guys this is itI am finished with this bread itI tell me to just eat this you can do ituntil I normally just meet somesandwiches with this I remember to likesubscribe and share this video

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