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How to bake bread at home during lockdown boredom

How to bake bread at home. The answer to lockdown boredom is baking and since baking bread at home is so easy, what are you waiting for ? This video shows step by step instructions on how anyone can bake a tasty loaf of crusty bread.

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Video Transcription

okay guys this is gonna be a super quickvideo on how to make bread so let’scrack on with it straight away rightthen guys I know I’ve made one of thesebread making videos before but this isgonna be a quicker version and mucheasier to follow so I’ll show you whatwe need guys easy to do this all youneed is 500 grams of strong white breadflour 7 grams of dry for fast actiondried yeast and they can get in packetslike that or you can buy in littlethings like this you’re gonna need oneand a half teaspoons of salt 1tablespoon of oil cooking oil and 300milliliters of warm water that’s all yougonna needlet’s crack on okay guys so that’s allin these 500 grams of one word breadflour wait outwhen it straight into the mixing bowlnearly there for nine hundred yourpacket of fast action dried yeastthere’s seven grammars in there overone-sided there and then one of the halfteaspoons of saltthis is half my juice time three enoughthat’s 1/2 teaspoons of salt 1tablespoon of cooking oilput that mixer slowlyI’m going to start out in the warm waterspread 2 milliliters of warm waterwe go stuff for this one wifey subscribejust want to see what’s happening inthere let’s get the light on all rightso we just slowly add the water and itwill bring the right go togethersee it’s not come together nowspeak up a little bitright now I’m gonnamix at boss for seven minutesand 27 minutes nowcause guys if you haven’t got a mixeryou could do this in a bowl we’ll do itby hand this is gonna take a lot longerso if you’ve got a mixer just speedthings up a bit you know I’m just timingthis now for seven minutes[Music]well guys that’s seven minutes in themixer I just need to get the stuff Ifeel we love like that’s what we end upwaving like that I’m just gonna makesure it’s nice and smooth just rightfeels lovely and smooth so I’m doing nowhe’s not gonna leave that there with abowl over it for 45 minutes that’s thefirst proof for 45 minute proof onceit’s done that I’ll come back to you forthe next stage right so we’ve got aboutanother seven or eight minutes on thefirst proof that’s doing that we’regonna grease the baking tin so I’ve gotour bread tin here it is a nonstick onebut what I like to do is so hard to getsome butter I just lightly grease on theedges and we’ll round the bottom youdon’t need to go too bad but just guessbut around there make sure we got it onthe bottom all around the edge like soonce you’ve done that you need to dustsome flour around the edge of the tinnow don’t have to be too fussy with thisbut what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna putthe flour in a sip just hold it over thesink savor the mass I’m just gonna sitaround the edge of the tin like that OOPtipped off bit down the sink that’s whywe’re doing over the sink so if we dothat and what you’ve done that just makesure you cover it all around the edgenow you can tip over and bang out theexcess now you’ve got theTinh who’s got a coating of butter andflour around the edge so that’s ready toput the dough in there for the secondproof one sirfirst previous finished they’ll comeback to you that without a second rightthen that’s 45 minutes for the firstproof guys and as you can see the doughas well must have at least doubled insize so just make sure that we can getthe air out we don’t want any massivegreat air pockets in there because ifthere is one it bakes we’ll end up withmassive great holes in the bread that’snot just not working too much we’re justmaking sure all the payers out reallygood nice and softwe’re gonna put that into our baking tinand we’re gonna leave that for another45 minutes this time we’re going to puta tea towel over the top then we comeback to it we see what it looks like in45 minutesthat’s now been 45 minutes for thesecond proof so we need to do now isshove that in a preheated oven for 30minutes the oven set at 200 degrees soin it goes we set it on 30 minutes tournow and then we’ll come back see what itlooks likeyou can do is keep an eye out this Timone lovely loaf so now we’re gonna leavethat to calm down on there for probablygood couple of hours us at least twoit’s cool and then I’m going to slice itup hope you’ve enjoyed that video if youhave please subscribe like comment andring the bellkeep safe everyoneyou

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