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How to Bake Barbary Bread

In a few minutes you can learn how to bake Barbary bread at home. A delicious Iranian bread which anybody would crave.

Ingredients for 4 bread:
3 cups of warm water
3 spoons of sugar
2 packages of bread yeast
3 spoons of salt
2 spoons of oil
5 cups of flour
1 cup of whole-meal flour

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome to the show cooking athome sometimes in the morning you cravea hot and fresh barbary for breakfast[Music]imagine you put cream on your bread andthe honey which is flowing on it YUM[Music]wake up you are not in Iran and thereisn’t any chance you can find it in anybakeries around you but don’t worrytoday I’m going to teach you how to bakeBarbary at home first of all for 3 cupsof warm water 3 spoons of sugar stir itnow add 2 packages of bread yeast stirit a little bit again after 10 minutesthe yeast is fermented add 3 spoons ofsalt and 1 spoon of oil let’s shape itby adding 5 cups of flour and making adough[Music]knead the dough as long as you can youmay add one spoon of oil and knead itagainto be sure the dough is ready push yourfinger into it if it doesn’t stick it’sperfect now grease your bowl so that thedough won’t stick to it our dough shouldrest about an hour to rise divide yourdough into four partsand cover it with a cloth again whilethe dough is resting pour a half cup ofwater and 1 spoon of wholemeal flourinto your pot stir it on high heat untilit glazes at this moment heat up theoven to 450 degrees on the board spreadthe whole meal flour flatten the doughinto a rectangular shape spread thesauce on the bread[Music]with a fork hook some holes in yourbread you may sprinkle sesame seeds onthe surface put it on the oven rack waituntil the top of the bread turns goldenin color there you go your Barbary isready[Music]

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