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How to bake Banana Bread | Not my hands challenge | VLOG 003

How to bake Banana Bread with not using my own hands.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]all right guys so with theingredients parasa banana bread2 ripe bananas1 teaspoon of vanilla essence2 eggs 3 4 cup cooking oilhalf a teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoonof baking soda3 4 cups of sugar1 and 1 4 cups of vlogger[Music]hi guys welcome again to our channelhi welcome to team jennaall right so guys uh for today whatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna be bakingbanana bread as you can see butt witha twist so we challenge ourselvesum the challenge for today is bakingwithouthands or without my handsso basically um it will be her handswho will do the baking all righti’ve already shown the descriptionand we’ll include it on the video sookay let’s begin[Music]hi guys welcome back to our channelteam jenna so we’re going to startbaking but if you have noticed me andjeffreyum decided to switch her hands heri think my arms is just short solet’s see we have our two ripe bananasin front of meand we’re going to smash it all right soi’m going to grab the forkin front of me umbut before that um before we startto smash the banana i have alreadyswitched on the oven for 170 degreesred in a shot after this so let’s starti’m gonna take the fork and startsmashing thebanana yeahthere you go[Music]smash it smash itand a half hours later sowe have to mix all the wet ingredientsfirstlet me grab the bowl where i’m going toputthe banana in the egg it’s onmy right i’m gonnagrab the the bowl with the whisklet me grab the bowl into thishere you go okay so i’m gonna puton this bowl the the smashed bananasand okay let’s put itfirstokay yeah yeah that’s right that’s rightput it all in put it all ina few more[Music]that’s good all right[Music]okay not bad let me put this on the sideoops on the left nice push itforward i’m gonna push it there and thenlet me grabtwo pieces of medium eggslet me put it on the bowl[Music]yep and let me start mixinglet me grab the whisk and let me startmixing you need to incorporate these twofirst here we go mix them mix them mixthemnice[Music]and then afterwards we’re going toget the oil on the leftyep that’s rightokay put it ingood mix some moreso after mixing this i’m gonna grabthe strainer because we’re going to puttheflour in so we have to sift itafterwardsokay let me grablet me grab the[Music]and then let me get the floornope not that one isyeah that’s right this is the floor guysthis is the floor[Music]let me put it in[Music][Music]okay maybe i will grab the bowland the sift and just carry them both[Music][Music]just put it there on the sidethat’s fine let me grab the whiskand let me mix them bothand then i’m gonna put in the sugaron my left yup[Music]sugar[Music][Music]so we are left with one ingredient withwhich is the vanilla essencelater nowokay so let me grab the essencelasso and yeah that’s rightoh careful youyeah and so we’re almost donemix and then we’re gonna transfer itin the tray[Music]one hour later hi guyswelcome back so we’re donebaking this for 15 minutes and here’sthe finished productchopping board a little bit[Music][Music]one inch soit’s a street then kopasa yeah[Music]ohlet me see[Music]oh[Music]foreign[Music][Music]um here you go enjoy guysso next timeso guys don’t forget to like comment andsubscribe to our channelhit the bell buttonnotifications of our new videos okayso enjoy guys bye

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