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How Make Communion Bread

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Video Transcription

[Music]good afternoon everyone this is how I’mgonna make Mississauga SDA communionbread first we need all purpose flourfull meat you’re shortening crystalit’s nice until you get a rolling pinpeople this is a flour and water alsotonight we’ll hit this of room for yourflourit’s just 1/2 1/4 of the shortening 1cup of flour shortening Crisco andyou’re gonna mix it up well[Music]then after that you had your water warmwater and this is how it’s supposed tolook okay so you’re gonna put your warmwaterone third of water slowly[Music]and you bake this at 325 and your ovenokay but before that roll bar on willfinish making result I’ll just try tomake that perfect rollwe’ll use a small piece of shorteningjust to base it on your pleasure[Music]leave that there for ten minutes so risea little bit okay after you finishrolling make the dough put it on yourpaper you gonna roll you gonna try tostretch as far as you can they getpersonwe’re getting there almost therenobody doesn’t have a choice square trimoff all the edges[Music]we’re gonna stir it out there you haveitokay I’ve sweet 25 for 10 minutes andnow this is how the finished cornerslook wonderful

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