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How I Bake White Bread

Asked how I bake bread – so we filmed it. First attempt at a video…

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I’ve got these plastic bag that fitsover a bottle and I got mixing that’sgoing on – I’m gonna cover it in filmlaterI’ve got some flour yeast salt sugarolive oil I’ve got a last moment I’vegot some water this watery warm to thetouch the way I do this is I have ateaspoon I put sugar in – morning Iusually use a mode – of salt into mymixing bowl that sugar it done afoursome with my warm water there are480 mils of water in there warm watersome of it into there and I play someyeast I’ll take one and a little bit ofyeast and I mix itthe yeast in there is I’m using anordinary yeast you can use a fast-actingEaster if I’m using fast I can you stillput it in the water first make sure itgoes and it will start to froth that youcan see the amount of yeast wasapproximately seven middles if youbuying pocketed yeast it comes it’sepisode seven grounds it comes in sevenground sachets the flour now goes on topof the salt that’s 800 grams flourthis will make a 60% water tea flourratio which is a pretty standard one ifyou’re making things like for catcherit’s a much higher but anyway we’ve nowgot flour over the salts we take ourolive oil and we put 3 teaspoons inthere so that’s been one of sugar two ofsalt three of oil when that’s frothingnicely it can get a much higher frothfrom that I then just pour that into theflour rinse it out with warm watertogether[Music]then we get with the message either handit but hand I put a chlorine short thingI’m going to start mixing itI’m now getting the stage of just I’vejust been moving it around not reallyneeding he’s just mixing it all togetherto clean the bowl and put it onto theworktop telly can I just use the back ofmy fingers like that with a bit of dyeon it that cleans it tip it out now wecome to the kneading part as you can seesome people just meet need like this andif you do that you’ll see that combineit and you’ll feel grainy what you needto do is make it into a smooth dough andbasically you’re stretching the glutenmolecule so I do that roll it up turn itthrough 90 degrees and do it again thisis my meeting TonyI’ll prepare 5 or 10 minutes you’ll findthat though is nice and smooth now and Ijust took on the kneading put yourfingers at the back push it out roll itup push it forward turn it that’s mytechnique well it’s done enough so itdoesn’t feel completely different thenwe make make it into ball today somepeople put cling film over I don’tbotherand if you notice my hands are nowpretty cleanoh yes we’re not going to leave it torise probably for about 2 hoursthere’s about double in size similar toone enough to us put a timer onotherwise you’ll forget it now justleave doesn’t need to be warm just leaveit in the kitchen that’s fineI’ve got two small 1 pound loaf tins I’mjust going to a little bit of extra notolive oil and then I’m going to spreadit around in there’s just two sides ofthe collapse it down you can scrape downlike that or if you’ve got all of theseswitches it does come out nice andeasily just now we have the bread dogknock it back a bit make it square pushit down so I can using a bread knife cutit in half to shape the motos what I dois just again spread it out fold it inand then with my funnel particularlypushing into thereroll it up do that push it down theycame out fold it in and it will feeltighter already and then fold it inagain put it on the flour justjust coating the flower I like to intothe tin into the tin move Pudsey bagover them again leave them for about anhour to an hour[Music]for about two hours now and they are nowjust above the edge of the ting youslice it we rule Roberto and then 25minutes just about 1 7 5youeasilysometimes they do stick still eventhough you’ve done with an indigo skyjust to give them a quick tap like thaton the reason

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