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Homemade Brioche | Bread Baking for Beginners

Here is a step-by-step video following the Brioche Recipe from Bread Baking for Beginners by Bonnie Ohara! As the first enriched bread recipe in this book, you’ll be introduced to adding butter, eggs, milk, and sugar into your dough. The result…a delicious, soft, buttery, slightly sweet bread that is very different from the other breads in this book.

I highly encourage anyone who is looking to start making homemade bread to buy this book, and follow along with me, as I bake my way through this cookbook! 🙂


For the exact recipe I’m using, you can find it in the cookbook. Here’s a link:

Purchase “Bread Baking for Beginners” by Bonnie Ohara


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Directed by: Braxton Burrows

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Paige welcome back to my kitchenyou’re watching the next episode ofdoing it with Petey today we will bemaking our very first enriched bread andwe will be making the brioche recipefrom the cookbook bread baking forbeginners by Bonnie O’Haranow enriched breads incorporatedifferent ingredients than the standardflour water salt and yeast today we’regoing to be adding ingredients that havea higher fat content so we’ll be addingin butter milk and sugar now since I’vebeen baking the recipes in order fromthe beginning of this book to this pointI really can tell this time around thatthe recipes have really helped youprepare for this type of dough thetexture of brioche is going to be a lotdifferent than what we’re used tohowever this is going to be very similarto the oatmeal bread that we made lastweek and I really feel like that’s areally great prep recipe for you to trybefore you jump headfirst into briochewith all that being said I’m reallyexcited to try this recipe so let’s goahead and start weighing out ouringredients in a large bowl while wehelp my sugar and some very softroom-temperature butter I usually set mybutter out on the counter the nightbefore I bake to ensure it will be verysoft I’ll then add in my home milk andeggs now weighing out your eggs can bekind of trickyI usually cracks them into a bowl on myscale I’ll then whisk them up and pourout any excess into a separate Bowl I’lldo that until I get the correctmeasurements for my dough in separatebowls all way out my all-purpose floursalt and yeast I’ll then add my yeast ontop of the ingredients in the largerbowl and start whisking until everythingis well combined now don’t be alarmed ifthe consistency is a little bit chunkythat is pretty standard just because ofthat butter but just keep whisking it upuntil you can get it as smooth aspossible you’ll then want to add theflour on top of thisand the salt on top of the flower nowyou’ll just want to jump right in andstart mixing your ingredients untileverything is well combined and feelingpretty smooth the author of this bookhas developed this recipe so that theingredients can be mixed by handbrioche recipes usually call for a standmixer to mix all of the ingredientstogether if you have an aversion togetting sticky and you do have a standmixer I don’t see why that wouldn’t workfor this recipe however I like to mix byhand it really allows me to feel whenall of the ingredients are well combinednow if your dough is feeling reallyrelaxed and hydrated don’t panic this isthe standard consistency of briochenow that our ingredients are well mixedI’m going to let this set and rest forabout 30 minutes so that the flour canabsorb those wet ingredients re ourdough has been resting for about 30minutes so we’re gonna go ahead andstart kneading it I’m gonna start off byturning our dough out of the bowl onto afloured countertop now I like to add alittle bit of flour to my dough justbecause this dough is a little bitstickier and then we’re just going tostart by pressing forward with the heelof our hands folding it back giving it aquarter turn and doing the same thing soagain that’s pushing forward with theheel of your hand pulling it backquarter turn now if your dough starts toget too sticky on your hands or on thecountertop just add a little bit moreflour and continue to knead your doughwe’re gonna do this for about five toten minutes until the dough hastightened up I do like to keep my doughscraper nearby in case it does get toosticky just release it from the counteragain add a little bit more flour andjust continue working with the dough[Music][Music][Music][Applause]so you might be able to tell our doughhas definitely firmed it is not a slackas it was when we first started meetingit so I’m gonna go ahead and place thisback into the bowl cover it up with theflour kitchen towel we will let thisrise for about an hour and a half andwe’ll come back and check it then allrightour dough’s been rising for about twohours and here is what it looks like nowyou will notice with enriched breadsthey definitely aren’t going to rise asmuch as the previous breads that we havemade in this book however this has beenraising for about two hours I know thatit’s done so let’s go ahead and get thisshaped we’re gonna start off by turningour dough out of the bowl so we’re justgonna give this a couple sets of letterfolds so I like to get this into a niceneat kind of round shape and we’re gonnastart from the far side and pull thisdown to meet the middle will then comeup from the side closest to us and foldthis to meet the middle as well willcome in from the left and do the exactsame thing and from the rightnow I have a greased loaf pan here andwhat I’m gonna do is I’m going to turnthis over and place this into the loafpan face this into the loaf pan seamside down all right we’re gonna let thisproof in the loaf pan for about an hourand a half to two hours until it startsto kind of bubble up or mushroom overthe top so we’ll come back and check itthen while our dough is proofing I wannavery briefly at talk about proofingenriched breads I can say from personalexperience every enriched bread that Ihave made from this book I’ve had anissue with proofing I don’t know ifthat’s a factor of the cold milk andeggs in the dough if it just kind oflowers the temperature and it just hasdifficulty rising in that step or ifit’s just the consistency of this doughthat makes it not proof if you’rerunning into the same issue at home I dowant to note that you can turn yourmicrowave into a proofing box all youwould need to do is to put your doughinside of the microwave with a mug or acup of hot or boiling water and just letit sit in there and create that steamfor your bread to rise while I have runinto those issues when proofing mybrioche or other enriched breads fromthis book it is never affected the tasteor the quality I’ve never had anunedible loaf of bread from it beingunder proof so our dough’s been proofingfor about two and a half hours and Ijust want to show you guys what it lookslike now again this was supposed tomushroom or bubble over the top of thepan and as you can see it didn’t reallydo that I took the temperature of thedough it’s right around 77 degrees itstill hasn’t bubbled over at the top Ican’t imagine proofing this any longerso I’m gonna go ahead and get it readyto put in the oven we’re going to goahead and prepare an egg wash for thisloaf now I am just using one egg and acouple of tablespoons of water we’lljust brush this over the loaf with apastry brush this is going to give it anice browcolor in the oven I’m gonna go ahead andpop this in the oven at 375 for about 30minutes I’ll check it see how it looksif it’s ready we’ll take it out if notI’ll give it about five more minutesall right so our bread has been coolingon a wire rack for about 30 minutes I’mgonna show you guys a close-up of thebread just so you can see how I knowthat this is under proofed as you cansee here it really just cracked alongthe side of the bread on one side theother side looks fine the book doesindicate in the FAQ section after thisrecipe that if your bread cracks alongthe side or on the top of the loaf thatit is under proofed so next week we’reactually making a different variation ofthis exact same recipe so I think nextweek I’m gonna try to maybe it warm mymilk up to the appropriate temperatureand maybe leave my eggs out at room tempjust so I can see if that yields adifferent result for you guys but let’sgo ahead and do a taste test okay it’sreally soft it’s almost like a caketexture very buttery bread is reallygood it’s almost the texture of likepre-sliced sandwich bread that you wouldget from the store like that’s how softit is and it just has this reallybuttery flavor and it’s not too sweet Ithink this would be really good withfrench toast which is what we plan onmaking with this loaf of bread we’regonna go ahead and give my dog a tastetest because she’s been anxiouslyawaiting me she loves breadso like I said next week we’ll be makinga very similar variation of the samerecipe will be doing a orange blossom ofbrioche and I’m really excited to trythat recipe with you guys if you likethis video be sure to give it a thumbsup be sure to subscribe and thanks againfor watching it don’t it with page I’llsee you guys next timethe color of the bread it’s like goldenwhat I don’t really know how to like saythat okayturn out I’m sorry I don’t know what I’mtalking aboutOh what does that make sense oh okay Ididn’t even do the show do right nowtoday will be today today I thought howwe usually say thatyou

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