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Homemade Banana Bread | My Grandma’s Easy & Delicious Recipe

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Video Transcription

hello lovelies I hope you’re happyhealthy and if at all possible you arestaying safe and sound at home if youare not at home it is likely because youare one of the incredible essentialservice workers out there facing thispandemic on the frontlines day after dayafter day and if that is the case firstof all I want to thank you so much foryour amazing contribution I can’t tellyou how grateful we are for all of thehard work you’re doing now my family andI have been practicing our socialdistancing for several weeks now and Ihave to say that I don’t think I’ve everdone so much baking in my life and it’skind of strange because the truth is Idon’t really fancy myself much of abaker if you guys have watched thechannel for any length of time youprobably know I don’t do a ton of bakingon the channel I’m much more of a cook Isort of love the fluidity and theflexibility of cooking it’s more artthan science which I really like but forsome reason I have just felt compelledto bake during this pandemic and so Ithought it would be fun to share withyou guys one of my very favorite recipeis this is actually my grandmother’sbanana bread recipe it’s a total classicin my family and it’s also one of thefirst recipes I ever made as a kidmyself so it’s very very close to myheart and it’s really simple to make nowI will admit the whole catalyst formaking this recipe for you guys or theseguys I found some bananas that had gonesuper ripe and have almost seen theirday and I thought what better way to usethem than by making some banana bread sohere we are now this recipe starts asmany baking recipes do by mixing up ourdry ingredients so to do that I’m justcombining some all-purpose flour withsome baking soda this is how we get thatnice sort of fluffy texture in ourbanana bread and I’m gonna use my whiskto really get it well incorporated guysI almost forgot the salt with your dryingredients do you want to mix in yoursalt as well about half a teaspoon I’llgive that a good whisk until they’revery well combined and then I could justset my dry ingredients aside my nextstep is going to be mashing up mybananasand I am super jazzed because thesebananas are really really ripe which asyou may or may not know always result inthe absolute best banana bread the rightfor your bananas are the sweeter theyare and the more delicious your bananabread will be so these are actuallyperfect if you ever find yourself withreally ripe bananas and you’re not quiteready to make your banana bread you canalso store your bananas in the freezerand they could just hang out in thereuntil you are ready to bake with themreally really handy I often do thisbecause I find myself with ripe bananasquite a bit I guess I always buy toomany now at this point our job is justgoing to be to run our potato masherthrough our bananas pretty easy whenthey’re this ripe because they’re supersoft and squishy if you have kids in thehouse now is a great time to get theminvolved why should you do all the hardwork there you go so two large bananaswill usually make about a cup of mashedbanana if your bananas are a littlesmaller go ahead and use three you’rebasically looking for a measured cup ournext step is to mix up our wetingredients starting with some roomtemperature butter I’m just going to beusing a hand mixer to get in there andget that butter nice and light andfluffy then I’ll get my sugar into thebowl and continue to beat that foranother thirty Seconds to a minutenow it’s time to add our eggs to this soI’m going to go ahead and crack one egginto my bowl and I’ll get my second eggin here as well I’m also going to beadding some milk and not to worry aboutthe exact measurements here they are alllinked below I’m also going to be addinga nice splash of vanilla extract to thiscause vanilla extract makes everythingtaste so darn good then we’re just goingto start to beat this on lowreally well combined and then it’s timeto bring everything together so first upI want to add my mashed bananas into mywet ingredients I’m gonna give that areally quick mix and then I’ll add mydry ingredients to the bowl and mix themup until they’re just incorporated soI’ve got my loaf pan already preparedyou can see I have greased it liberallywith some butter really important togrease your loaf pan liberally becauseof course you do not want your loafsticking inside and now it’s just amatter of transferring all of my batterinto the loaf pan I should mention thatif at this point you wanted to add somechocolate chips or some walnuts or evensome blueberries that would be superincredible the base recipe is reallyreally simple and you can kind of addwhatever you want to it so the sky issort of the limit now that my batter hasbeen transferred into my loaf pan I justwant to give it a couple quick tapswe’ll get this into the oven at 350degrees Fahrenheit for between 50 and 60minutes you really want to see a nicegolden color on top and when you stick atoothpick in the center it should comeout completely clean that’s how you knowit is ready now I always recommendallowing it to cool for five or tenminutes before serving which guys I knowis kind of challenging at this pointbecause it smells so delicious but trustme it is worth the wait I like slicingit and then serving it with some butteroh my gosh guys what could be betterthan homemade banana bread your wholefamily is going to absolutely adore youfor being so thoughtful and everyonegets to enjoy it it is a win win win Ihope you guys will give this deliciousrecipe a try and if you do be sure totweet me Instagram me or Facebook me aphoto because you all know how much Ilove seeing your kitchen creationsremember the full recipe is linked inthe description box below you can findit there and finally if you haven’talready be sure to subscribe becausethere is lots more deliciousness wherethis came from

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