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Homemade Baked Chili Cheese Spaghetti & Garlic Butter Bread Twists!! 💋

Hey Everyone! Here Is Just One Of The Most Popular Votes That You All Asked For! My Husband”s Chili!! Hope You Enjoy! ❤

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I Have The Rights And Permission To Use “Fearless” As My Intro!
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Video Transcription

always say your prayers why are you
still hi you guys welcome back to my
channel everybody what is up my head is
cut off but that’s okay
I wanted to get this to raised up a
little higher but it didn’t happen okay
yeah sorry guys you’re not gonna be able
to see my head this is hotter than who
this on the menu today everybody is a
baked chili spaghetti so let me see okay
that’s better
yes you all voted thank you so much in
my community tab of really appreciate it
and I I took up the tally on that and
yeah two of the majority of you guys
said something with chili chili cheese
something burgers spaghetti hot dogs
that you guys just said chili cheese
something and crab legs with alfredo so
I’m doing chili cheese baked chili
cheese spaghetti and then my next video
is gonna be king crab with alfredo so I
will give you guys both of what you
wanted look at this okay and this is
like freaking really hot and don’t look
at my nails two of them or broke see
that yeah I’m ghetto style today that’s
okay yeah supposed to be I’m done so
long ago but I didn’t just didn’t okay
I’m sweating because I made my husband
just but did all this anyways I’m a pray
so we get into it
thank you Father for this food bless his
food and sanctify it by our word in
Jesus name I pray amen
and always say yo preyas I know I didn’t
say that the last couple of videos or
that you guys have let me know because
when someone else prays I like forgettin
I do y’all didn’t think I forgot to sour
cream did you come on now never I will
never forget sour cream oh um yeah I
just bought this like probably a week
ago I’m a sinner dirty rotten sinner
okay right there right there you know I
just may need well if I need that them
all get it I should put that right up
you okay
oh my goodness I can’t wait I can’t wait
mmm-hmm the raw onions with chili
spaghetti he’s just so good mmm
so hot yeah beyond I just took this out
of him I got water um these are garlic
bread twists boy and garlic on top I was
going to do it King Cavanaugh Fredo
first but I couldn’t make my way to
Costco today because I had um enrolling
issues with my daughter she’s playing
hooky on her first day of school they
wouldn’t let her enroll today
mm-hmm I’m inhaling this I’m so hungry
my nails are so terrible I’m sorry guys
oh but yeah and then um I was so
constantly doing crap all day today I
got four new tires on my car today thank
God because they were super bolt
and so yogurt to just help discount tire
me and husband and I’ve been needing new
tires forever
brownie tight we do it and then I um
took my kids to school this morning
oh and then my daughter Mia called me
immediately and she’s like me have to
come pick me up they’re not letting me
start school today I was like what I was
livid so apparently they’re on a waiting
list because there’s so many kids
enrolling or something like that
insane I’ve never heard of it
so I’ve been doing that all day today
near my stomach is growling that’s how
hungry I am
help me Junior
ooh so yeah like sweat is literally
coming right off of me I mean it’s cool
in here just cool my house we keep
market my house really cool but was I
put my hair up it’s just because I was
in the kitchen doing all this okay so
this is how I did this my husband he
made us chili of course and then
so I baked some spaghetti noodles and
then what am I chopped eight i boiled
spaghetti noodles cooked them and put
the noodles on the bottom let this pyrex
dish and then a layer of excuse me
sharp cheddar cheese and then the chili
and then more cheese and then I baked it
and then right when it came out I put
the onions and the syrup a month up and
it’s so damn good
oh lordy I almost didn’t film today I
almost did it but I was like no I have
to I promised everybody in the community
tab that I would so I have to and
because all that crap that’s happened to
me today
it’s probably I look like this and my
nails are so cute there’s no tragedy i
walking around with two completely
broken off fingernails all day long and
oh shit I know I’m in front of you guys
to bring it I’ll have a story time or
anything I was just wanting this so bad
and then I’m like I’m gonna do a quick
video with you guys
Oh God I just burned my mouth yeah I did
hmm I could knock out of Costco to get
the crab legs I could not go get my
nails done according to anything but I
still did it I’m still here doing a
video so right everybody’s proud right
and I need a fan in here she works hard
for the money so hard for it honey
good this song just came to mind cuz I’m
sweating mm-hmm I don’t even know why
I’m even like 80 songs but have you guys
ever had chili spaghetti you must it’s a
all right dumped it in the onion really
really turns it up and flavor I’m
telling you guys it does and then I
already slobber over that spoon so I’m
gonna have to use this one look Jesus
bring the fall let the ball come boys
I’m gonna get like
oh look at that guys I wants a bite of
that I didn’t even get a quarter that my
mouth that was so stupid
the onions are so sweet and just
delicious I’ve never come on YouTube
with broken nails before ever first time
guys see you my husband’s like are you
really gonna do a video with your nails
like that look ugly it looks I said yeah
I am I am because I’m sick of
disappointing you guys so I am he’s like
wow you really are dedicated hmm he’s
like you would never do that no never
mmm I had salad to go with this – salad
and breadsticks right there but looks
like ain’t got room for the I don’t have
room for the salad right now I just want
this um did I say that I have to why I
do not have a story time or anything or
I um have a topic to talk about because
this was another random upload not
random I planned it but um I planned it
but I I was gonna cancel and not do it
because yeah
I had to tell me I couldn’t go to school
today right it took her like two hours
to get up and get ready and like you
know first day of school then when she
called me and she goes you have to come
pick me up they won’t let me start today
I’ll still live it but so I went to go
get her and in a car she goes how she
was I’m so furious have to get ready all
over again tomorrow and I was laughing
so hard cuz she’d really spent like her
makeup her hair everything and I was
like well my board excuse me I said yeah
that’s that’s how the cookie crumbles
look I’m like somebody like my hair’s
away I was gonna change to UM put a
short shirt sleeve on how about it
shorts short sleeve shirt yes but I
wanted to get this on tools huh
hmm it’s just too damn good it’s just
like help me somebody wanna help me stop
bringing steaming you guys see that are
going to see it
oh I mean so fast when I eat fast a good
full really quickly that’s weird it’s
supposed to be the other way around
right not for me
why a fast heart like I get so full and
I was really hungry for this and this is
a boring-ass video people but that’s
okay I can’t always be funny right and
entertaining where’s my cabana boy I
supposed to be Fanning me
No mm-hmm
there’s a humongo humongous pot of chili
in there I put so much chili in here
it didn’t even put a dent in that
portion of that my husband made so I
know it looks like more noodles in Chile
but that’s okay because if we want more
chili but on this there’s so much in
there I’m like why you cooking so much
chili excuse me we’re naturally for next
yes our kids here our kids here in the
El Paso area they all started school
today their first day of school
I guess Dallas Fort Worth area
you guys don’t start to like next week
or something I think that’s what you
I love back to school guys your grocery
bill goes down when schools in session
uh really tremendously goes now your
grocery bill gets cut in half wouldn’t
schools in session
oh you get peace and quiet and when
school’s intersession and our children
learn and yeah it’s a it’s a win-win for
everybody holidays when schools in that
means it’s holiday season but who the
guys I ate a lot
holy moly I only had one of those bread
things I can’t do it I think it has to
do it because I’m hot too and it’s like
affecting my appetite
a yelling I come over here and finish
this for me yeah yeah but it’s so good
like you know when you’re full but
something’s so good you can’t stop
eating it
that’s perfect right there
that’s what I’m tapped I’m so full I’m
so hot I need to go take off this top I
bought something cooler on and put this
up and go see my kids are about to be
home from school any minute anyways
that’s so weird because I can’t believe
school’s already back in session it’s so
crazy that summer a flew by I don’t know
if it did for you guys but it flew by
like what the heck anyways yeah I hope
you enjoyed this I ate a lot look at
this it’s just so hot now excuse me that
was full to the top all right I’m gonna
go upload this video for you guys I hope
you enjoyed and please get some chili
cheese spaghetti it’s fabulous it’s not
a cookie mother it’s fruit and cake so I
also got a surprise coming up for you
guys I’m not gonna tell you what it is I
think when I rip off my top right now so
that’s why I gotta go okay I love you
all I’ll see you the next video and it’s
gonna be king crab and Alfredo but
what’s something you know it’s not just
gonna be king crab and Alfredo I’ll have
like some sides of some sort or
something whatever we’ll figure it out
alright I’m gonna try and go live
tonight you guys I don’t know if I’m
gonna make that happen
so we’ll see anyways I love you all I’ve
seen the next video
stay safe blessed wherever you’re at in
the world and thank you for watching and
loving me and somebody take this cuz I’m
done although my husband never hears me
he’s deaf
I yell and yell and yell for him and he
never comes apparently didn’t train him
right ok bye

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