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Holiday Baking Championship S07E02 Watch Free Online: Season 7 Episode 2 – Winter Hat Cakes

Holiday Baking Championship Season 7 Episode 2 – Winter Hat Cakes

Host Jesse Palmer asks the 11 remaining competitors to bake a cake inspired by a winter hat to impress judges Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman and Carla Hall. The baker that falls to the bottom of the naughty or nice list will be going home.
Spesial Episode: Sweet Secrets / Episode 1: Holiday Style / Episode 2: Winter Hat Cakes / Episode 3: Take Holiday Pies By Surprise / Episode 4: Hosting the Holidays / Episode 5: It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts / Episode 6: Topsy-Turvy Holidays / Episode 7: A Classic Christmas / Episode 8: Christmas Windows in Time

Holiday Baking Championship Show Summary

The Holiday Baking Championship is an American cooking competition series produced by Triage Entertainment and aired on Food Network. It airs from early November through late December, covering the U.S Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The first episode premiered on November 9, 2014, and it has become a yearly competition with several spin-off shows, including Spring Baking Championship, Halloween Baking Championship, Kids Baking Championship and Wedding Cake Championship.

Each episode has two rounds. The first round is the “Preliminary Heat” where the bakers must create small pastries centered around a holiday theme; usually cookies or small cakes. The themes could be as broad as Hanukkah or New Years to something specific like creating a Christmas cookie tree or baking desserts inspired by a Christmas song.

The person who wins the pre-heat gets an advantage going into the next round and aren’t told about it until the second round theme is announced. The advantage usually varies. (Ex: Getting to swap ingredients/flavors or getting ten minutes of help from a special guest baker).

The second round is the “Main Heat” where the contestants get more time than the first round to create a larger confection (in size or quantity) that sticks to the holiday theme of the episode. Partway through the main heat, there’s often a curveball thrown in that has the bakers adapt or change their plans. (Ex: In “Signs of the Season”, they were told to make cookies in addition to their festive bundt cakes.)

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