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Harry Potter sorting hat pita bread kinda fail | Bake with me | VEDIM 25

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Video Transcription

and we are hi guys my name is Breannait’s name here’s my brother lightOh my other brother Aiden and todaywe’re going to be making the HarryPotter sorting hat pita bread so let’sget right into the video okay so we’renot actually doing too much today mostof it is going to be tomorrow but umlet’s just get started so the first stepis to make sugar with warm water in alarge bowl so you can get the ball wellfirst we’re gonna have to warm up somewater those are done there first we’regonna have to warm up some water so geta pot I’m gonna give it the water okayso we’re gonna handle this water it’staller than me so then while that’sheating we’re gonna get a bowl andmeasure out the stuff we’re gonna mixwith the water so let’s do thatokay so while the waters warming we’regonna put the other stuff in here soemulate one blog and data relax I didn’teven say what it is yet it’s oneteaspoon of yeast and 1 teaspoon ofsugar hold it over the bowl okay okaygood now you can pour that in okay nowyou do a scoop of that sugar I’m justturning a full scoop I’m not a chef sothen laterthat’s it yep somewhat of a look okayput them so now two and a half cups ofthe waterI can read so I’m gonna do this it’swarm so you know that’s that’s hothere here breathe what want me to get itin on there do whatever you wantcameraman yes whatever I want with thecamera so here’s a water cup of warmwater[Music]two cups of warm water and then 1/2 cupof warm water okay now I need to get awhisk and whisk it okay and now we’regonna leave it for ten minutes and we’llbe back so now it’s been sitting herefor ten minutes we have to mix in threecups of it yeah I know where to standhere know anyone by the way why I’m stopthe camera over okay you didn’t mix it abit why your hardships mixed up a littlebit too and once we have it on thisI’ll get the size of everything off thewall we’ll be back yeah once we have itall mixed that’s it for today and thenI’m gonna back tomorrow with you have aclose one so don’t think it’s weirdso it’s gonna have to be left here formany many hours so we’re gonna leave itovernight you’re gonna go over this acouple more times and I can get allthose extra good ones that are stillthere because there’s quite a bit ofclumps you just wentso all right why I could do it now gofine yeah he’s in his pajamas now that’swhat they did during the 10 minutes yeahall right I think it’s anymore so I’mgonna cover the bowl of saran wrap butI’m gonna do the off-camera and we’llsee you guys tomorrowokay it’s the next day and now we havejust one step to do the bread and thenwe have to let it sit for three hours sothis is very segmented video okay weneed a tablespoon of salt sweet yeahmake a tablespoon Oh for itwhy I’ll be boring it it said that oncewe add this stuff we’re gonna have toknead it but it’s good it’s not you’retoo much no that’s not too much boythat’s just a random arrow and we needone tablespoon of olive oil that’s goodthat’s over two months it says at thispoint I should be able to need it but Ican’tit’s just let me show them oh I shalljust Wahbyit should be like no but it’s not likedough so I think I’m just gonna sit hereand mix it around for 10 minutes and seeif maybe after the three hours it willbe comes out you come down because rightout this isn’t reallyI’m just gonna so I’m just gonna standhere and mix the dough for 10 minutesand and after the 10 minutes I will wrapit up again and we’ll come back in 3hours and see if it’s bankable I don’tknow but I guess we’ll just see you guysthen okay we’re back again why are youwearing different clothes weird okay sonext is to bring you the oven two threeyeah you shall oh I forgot okay nowwe’re gonna make a large cone out ofaluminum foil and that’s we’re gonna putit in I thought the dog was gonna goinside of the beak insideapparently it’s gonna go on the outsidewell two sheep the Hat yeah I guess whynot that’s why we have enough jokes tomake it wider I think it’s goodme too let me see what is let’s go on toa birthday party no okay now the onlything is to go riding around I’m soconfusedit says there’s 7000 it’s just to setthe oven to 350 but then it says to bakethe Hat 425 degrees quick confusing sonow we just make it on here and thenbake it for 20 minutesthis is so good it has to bake in orderthey don’t know it has to be done beforeit but on there or it’s not gonna stayon top of it or else it’ll look likeyeah right now it’s liquid how are wesupposed to put on top it’ll just fallto the bottomyes to what look it’s gonna fall rightoff like it’s falling off of my fingershow would you put it on top of them Ithink we failed we did it’s not gonna bea hat but we can still try to bake itit could still maybe be burnt it comesout moving you can’t eat bread we’regonna try and just make a regular loafof bread out of itI put are not really dough more likeliquid stuffing here and one up andbeeps and then put it in for 20 minutesand then you’ll find out if it failed ornot there’s our bread it rose a littlebit but now we’re gonna try and take itout and stuff and see if it works ifit’s edible yeah Rose let me give them aclose-up so let me get a knife nothingeat it it’s bread you’re supposed to eatit not yet I can’t get this brotherwhy does everyone here there’s nothingelse going on you want to try and getthis bread out here right after does cutslices out of here it smells good that’sjust gonna make cracks yeah it’s stuckto the bottom you can see that it’sstuck to the bottom the bottom you getsprayed yes the whole thing you gotsprayed I had the same problem with thecake I don’t know if he’s doing okay youshould cut it no I’m gonna wreck it Ohpumpkin pie yeah I don’t think it’sedible yeah it’s justsomeone can try it come on no folks ascary cat don’t hide in them all rightlet’s each splitting birds probably notuh-huh cross is probably the only cookedpork yeah is it edibleI’m tasting it yeah so excitable alsoonly ate the crunchy parts so far I’mabout to eat this part that has a globon it it’s hot I kind of like it if youreally miss you yeah like it’s saltyI’m sayin um bread tastes like pretzelsalt which is my Brussels consciousexpresses it’s another kind of mail whata sort of has it completely oh no ittastes like pretzels so I don’t wellthat was kind of a fail but it tastesgood so yeah but all right guys at 6today’s video thank you guys forwatching I hope you enjoyed happybedroom and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

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