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Gagan’s Channel: How to make Bread Pizza at your home. (Easy, Fast and Healthy)

Hello friends. In this video, I am going to tell you about bread pizza making at ease. I am sure, you will love to watch this.

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Video Transcription

hi friends I’m Garen very much Laineyfrom the Republic’s for Vijayawadawelcome to my channel Duggan’s healthyfood in this video I am going to showyou how to prepare bread pizza come onjoin with me now let’s start this downand let’s take the Kaabah and keep onthe stuff next we need the ingredientsfor cooking bread pizza are we needbutterwe need cheese we need a mix dessert weneed a milk bread we need pizza sauce weneed some onion and we need some bellpeppers now let’s start how to make thepizza now let’s take the butter and keepon the table[Applause]no now let’s take the brain and keep onthe creep on the dollar and now let’stake the enough turn the bread this sideletwe need to take the piece easier tophere and take this pour the sauce keepon the bread that’s the bread it need tospread on each sideand now let’s take the common now let’stake the onions and keep on the pita andthen let’s take the bell pepper and nextlet’s take the red bell pepper let’skeep on the beta next we will take theattire of mixed herbs and keep like thislet’s let’s take the cheese grater geekeep on the feetlike thisnow let’s take the cap and keep 5-minuteclosed and deep for five minutesroast with me cap we kept the piece ofcash no you you spend lots of moneygoing with your parents outside and IIinstead of going outside and eat we canmake the all food items and everythingin the house now it is time to see thepizza now we get the consistence likethis and we take the bread out let’stake it into a plate and now let’s takethe mix clubs and spray it like lightlyon the pizza yes thank you for watchingmy video if you like please subscribe[Music]

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