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Foods to Boost Your Immunity, How to Make Homemade Bread | California Live | NBCLA

The California Live hosts show you foods that will help boost your immunity and how to make homemade bread. As seen on California Live on Thursday, March 19, 2020.


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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone and welcome to Californialive ladies how are you I know it’s daytwo of good got my coffee I know Ialmost don’t know what to do I haven’tbeen home this long for a long time butit’s pretty crazy I think I was okayyesterday we’ll see how I’m holding uptoday but even their social distance youknow we are not live on television everyweekday but we still kind of want tostay connected to all of you guys outthere during these busy times right yeahyou noticeably yeah and the silverlining here is that we’re all connectedand we didn’t get to see each otherwhich really helps out yeah yeah I feellike I’ve talked to Billy more in thelast two days and I have it’s so trueand not only that I mean I think we allwant to empower all of you to do thesame thing you know stay connected withyour friends and family through virtualways whether it’s you know applicationsor your phone but when we startedCalifornia live our goal was really togive you something every day that wouldmake your life a little bit better and Ithink I can honestly say that we allneed that more yeah totally so you knowof course we’re gonna be showing yousome things that you can do to have somefun and then some things that you can doto protect yourself and your families sowhy don’t we just kick things off rightnow with our favorite nurse who’s got alist of goods in San Francisco and we’retalking about ways to help you boostyour immunity and nurse barb is here totell us all about that great to see youomma lou it’s great to be here all rightso what can you use what should you dowell we all know that zinc works to helpboost your immunity but I don’t know ifyou’ve been out to any of the stores youcan’t find iteverything’s out that’s right and zincis found in animal products like milkand eggs about what if you’re avegetarian what are you gonna do yeahexactly what are you gonna do but beforewe get to what if you’re a vegetarianhow much milk should you have in howmany eggs should you have well I’d likeyou to get three glasses of milk a dayit helps with your bones and it’s fullof protein and about two eggs per weekis probably safe for most people butcheck with your own health care providerif you’re not sureall right so for vegetarians what canthey do well guess what pumpkin seedsare loaded with zinc as our almonds andcashews and I bought these all we’re notselling out so this is a great way foryou to boost your immunity and getplenty of protein and getting plenty ofprotein is also important for yourimmune system all right what’s with thehoney here well a lot of people thinkthat honey is an antibacterial but it’snot honey helps quiet Yorke off at nightand it’s really great for kids but itdoes not kill bacteriaall right so other ways to stay healthyand to boost your immunity you have todo some other things and get rid of someother things too right that’s right so Ihave a glass of chardonnay here now isnot the time to drown your sorrows withChardonnay or a lot of alcohol becauseit really reduces your immune system’sability to fight off infectionyeah what about smoking oh don’t smokeespecially now with the corona virus andother viruses smoking is not a good ideaand a lot of people are social smokersthat means they’re out with a friend andmaybe they have a half a cigarette orone cigarette now is the time to stopit’s not good for your lungs in any casebut especially now exercise too oh yeahyou want to get outside get some freshair and exercise and when you’re outsideexercising you have social distanceright so that’s a good idea for yourimmune system all right some other foodsthat are high in zinc oh so other foodsthat are high in zinc are meat chickenand pork okay all right so all theproteins all the protein all right andgarlic is good too Oh garlic is greatyou know a lot of Italians I’m Italianand so we know that garlic is a greatantioxidant and I know my grandmotherused to wear it around her neck and thatkept people away that was the socialdistance yeah ginger is good too oh mygosh I love carrot ginger soup now isthe time to make that because it’s anantioxidant and antioxidants help yourimmune system as does tumeric I think alot of people are familiar with this allright so who should be wearing the masksoh gosh you know the only people whoshould wear a mask are people who arealready sick right because it keeps thegerms inside the mask the problem is alot of people think that the massprotects them against other people butwhen they take them off they’re touchingit they’re getting contaminatedplease don’t wear a mask unless youyourself are sick all right nurse barbthank you very much and as always justkeep remembering to wash your handsright wash your hands wash your hands 20full seconds every single surface thanksBaloo for reminding me thank you shejust brings this joyful happy vibe toevery situation you know just I see thatyou’re going to teach us all how yougonna have a little bit of fun in thekitchen some bread at home oh well Malouthe way things are going at the grocerystores I mean I was just there the otherday maybe three days ago and there wasno bread anywhere and of course that inthat particular moment I wanted asandwich really bad you know when youcan’t have it you know took it uponmyself to make bread at home because Isaid if I can’t buy it I’m gonna make itso I’m going to show you a simple recipetake some time but it’s delicioustoday I’m gonna show you how to makefresh bread from scratch that’s rightyou don’t need a bread machine all youneed is your stove and all theingredients now I know you’ve been goingto the grocery store lately and ifyou’re panicking because everyone is outof bread have no fear I’m gonna show youhow to make your own bread so I’m goingto show you how to make brioche breadwhich happens to be one of my favoritetypes of breads because it’s sweeterit’s softer and it makes the best frenchtoast plus you can use it for sweetdishes or non sweet dishes all right sowe have our ingredients eggs vanillayeast unsalted butter salt sugar flourand milk or you can use water if youwant now the most important thing thatyou need is a skill trust me you don’twant to scoop out your flour because italways yields different results so justmeasure out your ingredients so let’sget started[Music]all right so after you need it for 20minutes you’re then going to incorporatethe butter in the salt and knead itagain for another 20 minutes so thewhole process probably takes about 45minutes to an hour it can get painfulyou got to put some muscle into it so ifyou happen to have a bread machine evenbetter you can start it in the breadmachine so that the bread machine canknead it and then you can finish it offin the stove all right so after you aredone kneading you’re gonna let it risefor one hour so you want to put it intoyour greased Bowl cover it put it in awarm spot in the kitchen maybe in yourstove with the lights on or somewhere inthe corner you’re gonna let it rise foran hour and then after that you’re goingto shape it and then put it into therefrigerator and let it refrigerate forup to 24 hours i refrigerated itovernight if you are in a pinch and youdon’t want to refrigerate you cancompletely skip that step and put itinto your greased loaf pan and then bakeit so we took it out of the fridge we’regoing to shape it you want to greaseyour hands because this bread or thisdough can get really sticky and thenyou’re going to shape it put it in yourloaf pan that’s already been greased andthen you’re going to stick it in yourpreheated oven at 350 degrees for 20minutes and you’re gonna bake it alrightso after the 20 minutes or until younotice that it’s golden brown on topthen you want to take it out and makesure that the internal temperature is185 because you want to make sure thatthe dough is actually fully cooked itented it with foil so that i made surethat it didn’t burn about halfwaythrough and then you want to let it sitfor about 10 to 15 minutes before youslice it and then you can enjoy it sothis is such a great way to incorporateyour kids into making the bread they canmeasure the ingredients or stir or helpyou make the bread and then you all getto enjoy it together and it’s you get toreap the benefits of making bread athome so are you ready to enjoy itOh hundreds all right we’re gonna eat ita hundred times so enjoy I’m waiting formy delivery we’re gonna be waiting Dannybecause I think there’s maybe one sliceleft so good so I’m gonna have to makeanother loaf and I’ll send you guys oneyeah that’s nice all right so I knowthat we’ve taken everyone out to a lotof great places over the past yearunfortunately you’re not able to go outas much but amber says many of them areopen for some grub to go everyone so ifyou’re stuck in the house and we need alittle bit of a break I encourage you togo out in your neighborhood and see whatrestaurants have takeout and deliverythink about that is it gives you somereally good exercise but it also reallysupports your local restaurants thatreally need it right now now a few ofthe restaurants that we featured onCalifornia live that also have taken ondelivery our first no Valley Bakery thisis up in San Francisco they have somegreat pastries and treats but keep inmind they are only takeout for now so gocheck them out if you’re down in LosAngeles we feature trios tacos and theyhave every option you can imagine shrimptacos carne asada tacos burritos theyhave everything now if you’re lookingfor some pizza we featured Lucifer’spizza and this place is so amazingthey’re doing take on as well they havelike a prosciutto and pumpkin pizza howcool is that and last but not least Iwant you to check out tocayo organic axthey have great options as wellincluding some really healthy optionslike a salad bowl which I plan ongetting because they’re right here onthe west side and they’re also down inSan Diego so let’s go yupany ideas about anything that’s funanything to take the stress awayanything to make your days a littleeasier let us know we want to hear fromyou exactly and you know like Danny saidjust send us your videos to our websiteat NBC CA remember we are allin this together and we’ll come out ofit much stronger I think so strongerthan ever actually so um have a greatday everyoneladies have a great day dunker crazy wehave lots of fun tips and tricks andideas for you so we’ll see you alltomorrow

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