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First Time Making Bread Part 3!

This is my first time making bread from scratch, did I make to much… click to find out!! If you like this video check out our others and stick around to see how my bread turns out!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

but it is definitely getting there itsays to put it in those little loaf pansabout like this I’m pretty sure that’sgonna be too much all right break itdown into three and take a chance maybeeventually I’ll figure out a betterplace to put the camera but until thenand I didn’t let it sit but maybe aboutfive more minutes till after doublechecking their recipe yessupposed to put these and loaf pan nineby fiveand two of themand then I’m supposed to let it riseanother hour and a half fish so we’regonna grease these I picked these up atthe Dollar Tree they’re a dollar apieceI forgot what I originally got them forI think I was making zucchini bread lastyear we had a ton of zucchini it wasridiculous the kitchen floor behind mewas all zucchini a little bit of squashand a lot of tomatoes we’ll see whathappens this year there okay it sayspunch dough down turn onto a lightlyfloured surface I don’t know whatthey’re deciding is light but I don’tlike it when the dough sticks to thecounter I don’t have the patience forall thatit says to punch the dough down bringher off so if I to punch the dough downdoes that mean like just literally getall the air out of it I guessthat hurt pop my knuckle so don’t do itlike thatokayturn it out onto a lightly flouredsurfaceHeyit doesn’t say to need okaythat might work that’s way smaller thanwhat I thought was gonna end up being[Applause]please don’t Ohover hereand I don’t know if that’s in the shotso put the call and then I put the lidand I’ll be back in an hour hour and ahalf we’ll see if they doubled in sizeif you could see where you were this iswhat they look like

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