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Easy way to make Bread at home,

4cups of All purpose flower,2tea spoons of grinded chia seeds,2table spoons of brown sugar,2spoons of yeast, one tea spoons of salt 1 and half cup of water.

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Video Transcription

good morning everyoneokay we’re gonna make bread yes the mosteasiest and simplest bread you can makefor your family so I’m gonna cook I havefour cups four cups of all-purpose flourand I’m gonna put some I’m gonna putjust a teaspoon of salt okayand also I’ve never tried this beforebut I just wanna give it a try today soI’m gonna mix a teaspoon of chia seedyeah I’m gonna make a teaspoon or twoteaspoons of chia seed there well let mehave the brown sugar okay two teaspoonsof chia seeds and I’m gonna make this upand I have to mix my brown sugar yeah soI’m gonna make two tablespoons of brownsugar because usually and my kids tohave a bread with peanut butterwe have weights strawberry jam blueberryjam can let me just make it how so Idon’t like sometimes we use butter okayso after we mix this one I’m gonna closeit back I have my yeast here I have twoteaspoons of yeast so I’m gonna add justa teaspoon of sugar yes to developagainst the bacteria to fit the batterin the yeastget this and then this brain will mixingwe’re gonna use you know we have herealready right we have the flourall-purpose flour we have the brownsugar two tablespoons we have oneteaspoon of saltwe have the chia seed two spoons gradedchia seeds okay all right so now I’mgonna make some warm water I have warmwater here I’m gonna be some warm waterhere yes so you mix this one I’ll giveit some to mix it directly but I justwant to mix my this way because I feelmore comfortable in it this way I’llkeep it aside then here comes the breadmix the bread so in mixing the breadsoaked up this cup I’m gonna use one cupfirstit’s not really one water yeah if yourhand can not burn in the water if youdon’t feel that sensation that burningsensation into the water in your handthen what is good to go not too hot notto want so we will make thisthey will mix our yeasts here then I’mgonna add 1/2 cup of warm water again1/2 cup have to get all the yeast out onthe top ok that’s it guys they will mixupI don’t like to miss the bride with myhand time very stressful yeah very verystressful I don’t have a mixer yesso this is the best way i leaves mybride so in this one i mix thisbrightest way so therefore I can use myhand I don’t want my hands all getmessed up so but this way is thesimplest way you can do the bread oryour family I hope you can see howfluffy and soft this this is all-purposeflourI usually use the bread flour but todayI said I’m gonna use the Hoppus flourjust a city difference so you mix verywell and that’s it you don’t need tostress yourself to eat bread andmoreover the home bread the homemadebread to me I find it very yummy becauseyou have idea of where you’re eating youknow what I mean rightalright so that’s it for now I’m gonnacover this with a plastic wrapI’m gonna come at this with a plasticbag so then I turn off my walk mymicrowave I turn off my microwave[Music]it’s my microwave it’s off turn it offand I keep this please don’t turn it onif you’re not to show off yourselfplease unplug it keep it aside so I’mgonna leave this here for say to us thenI’ll get back to you guysokay hello everyone welcome back againin continuance of our bread makingactually we forgot totally forgot aboutthe bread and we had lunch after havinglines we just went by different placeslike chatting on phone and doing stopsso this is the bread as you can see thegluten in this flour has really reallyreally really really developed so thisis how I like it I didn’t use my handnow all I need to do known is to putthem in the pan I don’t really have abread pan I only have cake pan so I’mgonna use this because I’ve used it onceor twice so I will be using this to makeit into like so as you guys watch me I’mgonna divide this bread in soon[Music][Music]okay already before I start doing thiswhen I brought out the bread from themicrowave I actually turn on my oven andnow I’m doing – no I don’t need to keepthis bread – proof more because alreadyI left this bread in my microwave forabout five hours can you beat thatcertainly forget about it I justremember the night asked my daughter Isaid how about the brave friends so guysso right now I’m going to take thisbread like so then put them in the ovenmy oven is right here[Music][Music]okay so I said this oventhis is Emmanuel one for 30 minutesthe table and temperature 180 Celsiusokay 30 minutes we’ll have to wait andnow and I have to go take care of thisthen I keep this in the kitchen and Ineed to make dinner for my kids and fordinner we’re having noodles onion andtomatoes so I’ll catch you guys up after30 minutes okayI just brought out my right now I’d liketo say hi[Music]okay okay I just brought this out makesure you use this because sorry hugs sothis is the bridge this is the outcome Ihope you guys enjoy the simple stressstress less bread making and you andyour kids your household can just enjoyactually you can I’ve never tried thechair seat with the flour so this is thefirst time and I know it’s gonna comeout perfect I mean the taste so when youlook at the bread you see how bouncy isand half milk because the weather isquite very cold in Hong Kong and I can’twait to have this lovely bread and somejam or butter and peanut butter you knowit for nowso you give try the recipe and tell mehow it come out remember I didn’t use myhands to knead the bread I only mixedthe bread in a bowl and this is theoutcome so thank you very much pleaselike my video share and subscribe thankyou bye

19 Replies to “Easy way to make Bread at home,

  1. We love this bread, we’ve been making it for years. For those who don’t have a dutch oven, you can use two cake pans to create a dome and it works just as well!

  2. I’ve been making this bread weekly for months! It’s my absolute favorite method! I will say, you can use any oven proof dish that is deep enough and put some aluminum foil on it. Also, you don’t need to proof the dough for two hours; thirty minutes is plenty! I just set it on my counter while the Dutch oven is preheating. I always make a double batch of dough that way I have one to bake right away and one to store in the fridge for mid-week. Super simple and super delicious!

  3. A while back I tried without success to make sourdough bread. I’ll try this recipe if you’ll guarantee me success lol

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