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Easy Indian Cooking- How to make Naan bread at home

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Welcome to my channel, and my Easy Indian cooking series, today we are going to learn how to make Naan bread at home!
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ever wondered How to make naan bread at home?

well, you’re in luck because that is today’s recipe!

by now am sure I don’t need to explain my love affair with carbs. And in my own personal diet which is aimed at weightlifting, carbs can be an essential part of your diet.

Ok, so normally it’s not in the form of white flour, but with portion control and amazing flavour, you can work this into your treat days with ease!

Naan although highly associated with Indian cuisine is utilised in many Asian cuisines. The name Naan can be traced to old Persia. Literally translating to bread. It was first mentioned in the notes of an Indo-Persian poet in around 1300ad But it is highly likely to be much much older then this, more around the time Yeast was discovered in ancient Egypt.

so valued was Naan in India, it was served at the imperial court in Delhi as naan-e-tanuri which means cooked in a tandoor oven.

So over the many hundreds of years, obviously naan has changed with the times. New fillings have been incorporated and new spins have elevated this humble flatbread to once of the most well known and well-loved dishes in the world.

fillings now can range from,

kulcha-spiced onions (and absolutely gorgeous).
Peshwari- Dried fruit and nuts.
Keema- traditionally minced meat such as lamb or goat but now vegetarian versions are more readily available.
Pudina- refreshing light mint.
gobi- Cauliflower.
and many many more which I am sure I will cover in my blog, but today we are going to focus on garlic, chilli and coriander Naan

Because they are my favourite things ever tucked up in a carb pillow. And I like it.

Why not? It’s a gorgeous bread that tastes beautiful straight off the Tawa (which is my darling chapatti pan).

You get to make it for a 1/4 of the price of shop-bought and you are in control of what flavours you put in them.


I am still working on my husband to let me install a tandoori oven in my tiny kitchen, but he still isn’t budging on it!

So no scorching hot fire pit for me.

I guess I may as well tell you how to make Naan bread at home without the tandoor oven! so today I am giving you three cooking options!
tawa/ frying pan, oven and grill

As always I love seeing what you have been cooking at home so don’t forget to tag me on your social media food pics so I can see what you’ve been up to in the kitchen as well!

I hope you enjoy the recipe and if you want to learn more about Indian cooking please check out my other recipes

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