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Easy Homemade 100% Whole Wheat Bread | Cook with Me

Hello friends, my name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! Today we are cooking up 100% whole wheat bread, starting with grinding our own wheat and then mixing up FIVE loaves. Don’t worry, the recipe here will only make 2-3 loaves. You are welcome to double it like me if you want.

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Video Transcription

hello friends my name is Christine andwelcome to my channel in today’s videoI’ve been sharing with you guys manydifferent bread recipes while we are athome and I realized that sometimes itcan be hard to find flour and yeastalthough I have started seeing thosethings pop back up in my stores butunfortunately the price of yeast hasgone up I have been able to find out onAmazon it’s a lot more expensive than itused to be if you cannot find it in yourarea I will link one of my favorite onesthat I like to use down below in thedescription box along with basically allof the tools that I’ll be using todayand where you can purchase whole wheatberries which is what we are using todaywhat I like about whole wheat berries isyou can buy them and they last for ever30 plus years at your house if you storethem correctly so for those looking fora food storage I don’t I think wheat isa really good one to use obviously ifyou lose an issues maybe this video isnot for you but today I’m going to showyou how I like to grind my wheat andmake 100% whole wheat bread before Ijump into it I do want to tell you thatthe recipe that I am using I will leavelinks down below for you the recipebelow is going to yield two to threeloaves of bread depending on the size ofyour loaf pans I’m going to double therecipe I’m giving you so I’m gonna bemaking four because if I’m gonna gothrough the trouble of doing it I wantmy family to be able to eat bread forfour or five days or so this is my weekright here that I have it’s a nutri millI’ve had it for a very long time I askedfor it for Christmas in 2005 thisthing’s amazing and before I got thisone I would borrow one from a friendI’ll put a picture of it right here andof course I will leave all of theselinks down below for you there arecheaper options for sure but if you youknow have a birthday or a holiday comingup where you might want to ask for aninvestment piece for your kitchen thiscould be one of those items there’s alsohand-cranked one so i’ve never reallyused those before I’ve only used theelectric ones I have my whole wheatberries in this one and my soapyou just dump it all in and I can grindan entire number ten can all at one timeso since I have this out I’m actuallygoing to grind both of these cans so I’mgoing to do this whole one and then inmy container kind of dump it into maybea ziploc bag or something else and thenI will grind this one because gettingthis out and cleaning it after it’s kindof a chore so I just like to do as muchas possible as quickly as possible theonly tricky part with mine is gettingthis rubber seal to twist on can be hardso I’m actually just rubbing some flouralong the outside of it to make itslippery so I’ll spin just don’t youdon’t want to grind anything that’s oilyand a weak render like flax you don’twant to do that they’re supposed to befor dry dry grain there we go okay[Music][Music]I have all of my weak ground into flourand now we’re going to start the breadmaking process so today I’m using mygosh mixer because it can hold thequantity of bread that I would like tocook today I ended up with one two threelarge containers of flour I’m only goingto need about half of this to make mybread today I need approximately 12 cups12 to 14 cups and like I’ve said beforein my other bread making videos it’s notso much about the measurement but morewhat it looks like and how it actsbecause if you live in a dry climate orhigh elevation like I do you typicallyneed more water than if you live at sealevel in a humid climate or if it’sraining outside that could change yourbread as well it does a couple ofingredients in here mainly oil mysweetener my yeast and water just tolike kind of wake up the yeast afterabout five minutes of that we’re gonnaadd maybe half of our flour amount andthen we’re gonna walk away and let itsit for ten minutes and that is a reallyimportant step when using a coarserwhole wheat flour like this because ittakes longer to absorb the waters I’llbe able to use less flour if I just giveit 10 minutes to start soaking up all ofthe moisture I’m starting with 6 cups ofwater remember doing 4 loaves of breadand just want to make sure it’s warm tothe touch but doesn’t burn your hand andthat’s great2/3 cup of oil I just have a vegetableoil here you can use it ever all youwant you could use butter if you want tothat tastes really good and for mysweetener I’m gonna use honey whoathat’s hot and I’d crystallized so Ijust put it on the stove for a while toD crystallize and now I can’t touch itbecause it’s too hotok good oh my goodness so I get my honeylocally from localoh my gosh oh so hotbefore it’s processed so it doescrystallize fairly quickly I’m actuallygoing to put it another order here justa little bitplease don’t make a mess oh okay yeahyou just warm it on your stove slowlyit’ll kind of get back to portableconsistency holy moly that’s pretty warmtwo-thirds cup of honey you could usebrown sugar if you want I just reallylike honey with whole wheat it tastesreally good and three tablespoons ofyeast actually don’t have enough in thiscontainer someone go homeif you buy it in bulk like I do you cankeep your yeast in the refrigerator orfreezer either ones fine okay three yesI know it’s a lot of geeks but it’sgonna be a lot of bread our five minutesare up and it’s nice and foamy so we’regonna add the rest of our ingredientsand there’s really only three left sosalt no I’m now going to use a cup ofsalt salt I like to use vital wheatgluten when I make whole wheat breadbecause it makes the texture reallyreally soft this is not necessary but ifyou find your texture to be quite coarsethis is a dough conditioner it helps theprotein develop a little bit better so Ilike to use it you can get online I canalso find it in my local grocery storelike a little wheat flourmy kids are spraying my door with thehose if you hear random water noises mykids are at least they’re outside rightplease throw outside so we’re gonna gosix cups of flour to the start to threeand are even cooking with me if youdon’t fling flour all over for six nowmy Bosch is actually fairly full rightnow but I guarantee you it’ll all fitI’ve done this many many times I’ve gottwo tablespoons of salt remember it’sfor loadsbread’s it’s actually not that much andyou know half a cup lutein and I shouldprobably put this on my shopping listbecause I’m getting money usually when Irun out of something I’d like to keep inthe pantry like this and I’m like wowI’m really low on this I just like addit to my ongoing shopping list forpantry staples so we’re gonna mix itjust a minute see how way today superwet really really wet okay I’m gonna goanother two cups of flour so that’ll putme at 8 cups of flour mix againhey definitely very very wet it kind oflooks like wet concrete a little bit andnow is the time that I’m just gonna letit sit for ten minutesso my flour my course flour can soak upas much moisture as possible while yousignificantly less flour this way so tenminutes I’m coming right back here atthe top of my bowl that way I know ithas soaked up as much as it can and it’stime to add the remaining flour so I canget it to need correctly and turn itinto bread dough to number one which isthe lotto need speedand it’s already starting to bring thevegetables so I know I’m not going toneed to add more flour to the four cupsand what I’m guessing[Music]you just watch it until it cleans andfights the bowl andfor 810 minutesokay I will see you guys in today whenI’m working with whole wheat thread Ilike to use oil for my hands for thebowl and even when I roll it out intothe loaves because it tends to leandrier anyway I find it gives a betterend product so drizzle oil with thebottom of that and put some oil on myhands for transfer process even if it’sa little sticky now that’s okay becauseafter this first rise it will be wayless sticky I remember the first time Imade this bread with my mom using thebosch and she was like no it’s toosticky it’s not gonna work you know andmy mom’s made bread way longer than Ihave at that point and I’m like mom I’mfamiliar with the bosch trust me andshe’s like no it’s too sticky it won’twork and I’m like no mom I got it liketrust me and so we did it and she waslike oh my gosh you were right are thereany sweeter words on the planet then youwere right that was a good day the day Itaught my mom something because that’sthat’s not out and often this is a 13quart mixing bowl so it’s really reallybig and I’m just gonna coat this withthe oil okay get your towel she’s gonnacover this and it’s gonna rise for Idon’t know 30 to 40 minutes it reallydepends on how warm your house is wellcrap I cut off my head anyone sometimesI feel like it would be easier to doYouTube it was a lot shorter cuz then myhead would be like here is it here Jenhow do you do itJen’s taller than me I’m five six todayI am using a combo of bread pansI might launch skinny ones that I love Igot these from Ikea but if you want tofind some similar on Amazon I will linkthem down below and I just have yourtraditional regular loaf pan peoplethink that these are bigger than thesebut they’re actually notthis one’s a lot wider than this one buteither is fine you can use whatever oneso I’m gonna try and get my dough intofour loaves they’ll be fairly large sobefore I get my hands messy I’m going tospray all of my loaf pans so they’reready to go good for you right I betthat causes cancer doesn’t it you don’thave to use a spray but it’s so easy andI’m kind of lazy okay I’m pretty sure mymom never used this growing up ever shewas always like rub the shortening andready it’s big okay so I’m going to useoil as like instead of flour on thecounter and on my hands to keepeverything moist do you guys like thatbird or do you hate that word it doesn’tbother me that much it’s not likethere’s some other words that bother meway more then uh then moist you wantyour bread to be moist how many timesgonna say it before we get into thatI’ll just take a little drink don’tforget to hydrate while you’re stuck athome guys and I have my dough cutterI’ve heard you can get a really solidone at Dollar Tree or you can get thisone that I have also linked down belowso if you’re angry at somebody or likethe whole staying at home situation orwhatever just imagine who’s ever spacethat you’re angry at right and just likejust like get it out you know saying Iwiped my counter before restarting don’tyou worry and now there’s no turningback like oil all over my hand so I hopeI don’t am i recording okay good becauseI’m not touching the camera anytime soonnow this recipe I used to make withoutdoing that first rise in the in the bowlI used to just put itright into the loaf pans what you can dobut your texture is gonna be so muchbetter this way like so much better I’vebeen working with this recipe for aboutthe last two weeks trying to get it assoft as possible so you guys would havea good experience if you try to do ityourself and so I think this is like thewinner I think you’re really gonna likeitwhen I cook this one it actually doesn’tBrown very much on top not like a lot ofother breads I’ve noticed I wonder ifthat’s because I used honey and notsugar any experts baking expert weigh inon that that’d be greatso while I form these into loaf sizedblobs of dough like there’s nothingspecial I’m just kind of like rolling itinto an oblong shape like that likereally nothing fancy let me tell youabout the show Dave and I just startedwatching so we’ve been trying to find ashow to watch in the evenings before bedwhich I know you know supposed to watchTV before bed cuz it doesn’t help yousleep very well but sometimes I don’t dothe things that are best for me clearlybecause I’m drinking caffeine again whatare you gonna do I told you that we wereusing good angel to edit out thelanguage and stuff out of Breaking Badbut we only got some episodes in andsend you you want to tell them why arewe get to stop watching Breaking Bad I’mtelling you what TV shows right now yourmind you’re not even in the show thatyou want okay so the end of the secondepisode they accidentally kill a guynote and they have to dispose the bodythey try to disintegrate it in acid andit goes wrong and it’s very gross likeway worse than anything I’ve seen onDexter by the way it’s really you Iwould have kept going but you’re like Ihave enough drama in my life I needsomething fun we need Everybody LovesRaymond it is what we need but we cantruth where is that available onstreaming or home-improvement browsingNetflix and we saw the 100 there’s likesix seasons so we were like okaythe pilot was good the pilot was good Ithink we’re three episodes in yeah andI’m like super interested yeah yeah Ithink we’re gonna keep going it’s it’sweird cuz it’s like still a little bitof drama but it’s not as dark dark rightas the other one so I obviously have towipe all of my oil up but I have myloaves and my loaf pans there you go andthere you go these are actually very Icould probably take those two and divvythat up into one more hmm let me thinkon that for just a secondyou look really big I’m gonna go onemore one more loaf pan just because mytwo over here look super full likethey’re gonna rise right out of therefor those that watch some of my othervideos you might know that for Christmasfor our kids we got lemon cruise and itgot canceled because we’re supposed tobe on it the day I’m filming this videobut today I rebooked like they gave us acredit I know today so fingers crossedthat actually happens we’re gonna dofive lows today rise for the second timeand then we will bake my timer justbeeped for my bread so let’s get it outoh it’s so beautifulfirst thing I like to do is kind of rubsome butter on it a little kitchen hackfor you don’t rip the paper I ended upbaking these in a convection for rightat 30 minutes I gave them a little spina rude at 25 minutes and I do like tolet it sit for at least 20 minutes tomake it easier to cut because my drinkof it now it’s just gonna smoosh it soit’ll be a lot easier to slice thelonger you let it sit ideally you wouldlet it sit till it’s totally cool butI’ve never had that kind of willpowerwarm homemade bread right out of theoven a little bit of butter littledrizzle of homemade jam that’s it Idon’t even make dinner this is all weneed this is all I need I need this tellme what movie that came from I will pinyour comment to the top because it’s anold movie I don’t I think it came out inthe 70s Alexa when didcome out 1979 you swatch I’m gonna beall the time that’s all I need I needbad a lot of weird babies in my days nowthat I think about it yes so I will saysince I didn’t spend a lot of timetrying to make him look pretty thatwoman looks a little wonky it’ll tastefine so if I were to give these away tofriends I’d give them that one becauseit’s the prettiest but since I have nofriends I’m gonna eat them all myself Iwant all the bread to myself okay ifthis is like the first video ever thatsomeone’s watching my channel they’regonna think I’m serious about that wholething I would highly recommend you gowatch some of my other videos andrealize I’d like to joke around a lotwith a straight face and pretend it’sserious but it isn’t this one’s superpretty I’m like this is gonna be thethumbnail load this is gonna be the loafI feed to the kids the ugly love thelast few songs I made this I ended upwith four loaves one two three four fiveit’s the exact same recipe what happenedto freakin yours this one’s mine youshould go wait wait there’s six of usanyway I do want to cut them a slice sothey can see what it looks like on theinside but I’m scared to cut a slicebecause I’m gonna mush it I’ll cut theother one even though I’m going to slicea slice right now so I can show you thetexture of the inside don’t slice itthis soon after you take it out you’llregret it so do as I say and not as I dolook at the steam you see the steam sothat’s the texture it’s super soft veryconsistent holes on the inside and eventhough this is a hundred percent wholewheat flour this recipe and cooking itthis way will yield a very soft andlight whole-wheat bread I’ve tried someother recipes and they’re just a littleheavy maybe for what you want I mean Ilike a rustic bread but nobut he does I think this is a totalwinner of course everything I used todaywill be links down below for you if youliked the video give it a thumbs up soother people can find it easier and inyour bread making endeavors at yourhouse may be odds be ever in your favor

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