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Independent Catering Chef Daryl assisted by his daughter Nel show you how to make easy bread rolls at home.
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500 grams strong white flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp dried yeast
30 grams butter, softened
225 ml warm water
75 ml milk

Cooking time approx 12 min

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hi I’m Dowell and I friend dependcountry and who are you and who do youwork for no mind how old are youfantastic what I’m making today we’rebrotherswhat’s in the bread rolls now and 500grams of flourmm-hmm 1 teaspoon of salt 2 teaspoons no330 grams of butter mm-hmm 225millimeters of warm water and 75millimetres of lip oh let’s do thislet’s measure out 500 rounds of strongwhite flour to start just turn thescales on make sure they go to zerowe’ve washed our hands and wait coolwhat you tell me will you get to 500when I put one ground between friendswhoa geez boom let me fetch a teaspoonof salt too much salt is little bad foryou now dad that’s right there you goone of those can I help you okay it goesperfect put a little tiny bit more inbecause that was a bit shortyeah the sea saltsure that’s it perfect what’s next nokeep your spoon okay one look at thecamera smile another oneperfect you’ll get a job doing this oneday right 30 grams oh say hello to thosepeopleOh put this in there for them wash yourhands again and again and again rightthat’s seven now we can open rub youwanna do some rubbing yeah right sowe’re gonna do a pinch in here and wecan pinch and wrap all the battery untilthe flower looks like what right craw solet’s pinch and you wouldn’t do it Ishould have helped all right okay okaypinch it pinch of rub I just don’t washmy hands you’re carrying a picture buddythat’s it do the rest keep goingfantastic jobI think you get a handshake fromHollywood no record of baking favorite Ifeel like like you’re thewell it’s been said once or twice I’msending over eyes that come on in todaycome on I’ll give you a death stare momgive her the test thank you give it toheryeah no laughing in the kitchen we’renot here to have fun we’re here to makebread and rolls well right well come onkeep rubbing baby can I check them comeon but don’t wash your hands over there[Laughter][Applause][Music]you know what we do I kinda cheatedcause you measured out the milk and thewater beforehand and it is warmno it’s important this warm yes if it’snot known you’ll be waiting forever foryour right so now can you please pourthat slowly into the middle of the flowup look at the camera say hello nowstand like that and then smile at thecamerashe’s poor need what Fork just stareslowly try not to make a messtell us off and that’s it we’re bringingit so we bring them the drawing the wetingredients together keep going can Igive you a handI’m independentyes sure well he were in the fieldworking for the right company that’sindependent that’s what we callindependent catering territory whenyou’re bigger are you gonna cook forschools or even yes can I help you todayfresh bread into your primary schoolyeah we make fresh bread at our schoolsevery day and we have a listen this ismoving this together I’m going to showyou and then you’re gonna copy me okay[Music]try in the bottom there alright let’sjust bring it together and then couldput a little bit on outside this isclean as well everything was cleaned andsterilized before we started[Applause]oh stop it from stop it from yes I needto push pull push oh you can do anythingyou likeokay keep pushing it pushing it pullingit pulling it and I’m gonna hope youkeep doing thata little bit of flair into your handslike thatbefore you start that’s it funny off yougo okay I’m gonna wash the bowl here[Music]okay so I think that’s it what do youthink let’s go so we gonnapoint out why we won the valve duty tostop no wrong so it’s smooth smooth it’sall coming together there’s plenty ofkneading will be done and it’s as smoothas a baby’s bottomyeah and now we’re going to cover itwith a damp tea towel while it provesfor about an hour till it’s doubled insize and the tea towel that’s he tellstop it and dry now voilawhat should we go and do now no he getsour jump on the trampolineyes okay so the those approved andhelping is up beautifier mahashiv doublethe size it’s been about now I’m justtalking the lady we had a bit of fun onthe trampoline all right so we’re justgonna tip it out okay they’re just goingto knock it out gently just flatten itout a bit yeah yeah you do it there yougo that’s enough that’s enough whateverthat’s now just tea yeswe just get it smooth again smooth ballbut now you’ve cut it into eight youcare if you want to exact the exact samesize buns you can measure them weighthem make sure they’re all exactly thesameI don’t mind one bond that’s slightlybigger than the other do you yeah aslong as you get the big one right can Ihave eight almost the same size piecesso I basically cut it into quarters andthen cut again and there we should havehow many fair count them please twothree four five six seven eight perfecteight bones right now if you pick one ofthese up you can have a go as well whatwe’re gonna do we’re gonna flatten it abit see this side look look what we’redoing watch me first before you startwatch me I’m going to pull this and putpinching the edges underneath and then Iturn it and I’m making it to a ballhow’s that you do thator kind of their can I helpno I’m fine okay I’ll do this rightwatch what you’re doing listenunderneath underneath suck it inpinch pinch pinch pinch pinch iseverybody watching look at thatbeautiful smooth ball help you with yourterrible no you’re not terrible let mehelp you look it’s all smooth the handsare quite small let’s be honest maybe wehave to make really mini rolls yes quitedry again anyway so it’s I’m spreadingit out like that and then I’m going totap all the edges in your clothes that’sit you’re getting closer now turn it andpinch look pinch this bit at the bottomand I’m going to tuck it under andthat’s it what do you think you’reclosed again let me finish your one eyeto your wife you see this bit herethat’ll show up as a messy I practiceonce or twice I must know Hey but you’redoing pretty well let’s say yeah lookwe’ve got a circle you’ve got trianglethere’s a circle now try and do thatyeah and then we squeeze in the bottomand turn it as well that looks prettygood downcan I just finish it for you cuz no it’sfine but they won’t put it there you’vegot the biggest one limit outsorry numberoushello peeps I do not Camille started acircle I’m just helping you I’m notdoing it for a monk you are independentcaterer[Music]I feel like a sprinter about go rightnow we’re just gonna push it down alittle bit don’t push me down notcompletely flat a bit more than thatcome on give it some welly that’s it andthat one and that one and that one andthat one right now unfortunately we haveto prove the became okay so there aredifferent sizes but they’ll be beautifulwhen they’re finished yeah yeah whatshould we do whilst these are provingokay so the roles have been proven foranother hour if you’ve got to unveilthem and have a lookWow so they’ve doubled in size again nowwhat we need to do so these are oh lookjust tap tap tap tap on tap tap tappingperfect Wow it might be a little bit toomuch okay now just need to put them inthe oven so this is our oven to the fanum it’s not the best other than theworld it’s we’ve got it on to ten on afan I mean should be 200 for maybe tento twelve minutes this one might be alittle bit longer and we’ll see you whenthey come outoh no don’t test trance very hot happywell we can tear them apart that’s thebeauty of these rolls right let’s justuh put them onto this board and I’ll getrid of the hugs ready how’s that andthat now look at the camera why are theythey smell good thanks I’m gonna havethem should we have them warm in alittle while with some butter well donelittle chef say goodbye to everybody andwe’re gonna go and eat these thank youvery much thank you for a[Music]Oh


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